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The Rest 0f The Story on the DMC Body Dies


Created 6/11/00 David Swingle


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This is from the second email that I received:

Hi Dave!

...There are eight (photos) all together, and they show the moulds being pushed overboard from the ship that we are now restoring, to act as fish farm anchors.  What a way to treat beautifully made - and extremely expensive - castings. . . 

According to Capt. O'Donnell, who was skipper of the Severn Princess at the time, he took "load after load" of these moulds and tipped them overboard in designated positions for the "Braden Mara Fish Farm" in Ards Bay, Connemara.  He also said that during the operation there were some American visitors who wanted to buy them, but no more was heard.

It appears that the "fields" in which the captive salmon are reared are "fenced" by walls of netting to keep them in, and the netting is held in place by heavy anchors - in this case DeLorean press moulds.

I don't think the fish farm ever prospered, and there is no news of it today.  And that's where all those beautiful moulds are, under the sea and quite lost for ever.  What a waste.

I had assumed that the moulds had come from the Northern Ireland DeLorean plant which, like the fish farm, had eventually collapsed, to the embarrassment of the British Government.   .  . 

How wonderful that two such diverse groups of enthusiasts such as ours, for two such totally different activities, should have this strange common bond!

Long may it continue!

Let me know what the reactions are - I'm fascinated!



In this photo you can clearly see the die for the (B) Left Front Fender(!!)  and (A) a couple of the ship's crew pushing the dies off the deck of the ferry into the bay. All of the photos were apparently taken on the same trip, from different angles, because the same dies keep showing up. 


This is another shot from the same angle, as the die to the right moves farther off the deck. (B) is the door die seen earlier. 

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