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Updated 1/26/07

Who's running the DeLorean Mailing List/Web Page? Where did it come from? And how is it paid for? A little history lesson.


James Espey, formerly of Phoenix Arizona, started the mailing list in August of 1995 as a moderated replacement for a DeLorean Newsgroup. The list itself has grown from an initial ten subscribers in the first two days to the over 1900 as of January 2007.  The DeLorean Mailing List has list changed servers several times as it has grown, and is currently hosted  at Yahoo! Groups, a commercial mailing list site.  Hosting for the list itself is free.  The DMCNews website is hosted by CI Host.  We pay a fee for this hosting service.


In May of 1999, James' dream-come-true offer of a job working as the Marketing Director for the DeLorean Motor Company in Houston, Texas came through. Read the announcements sent to the mailing list. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, James asked several long-time associates and members of the DML community to take over the responsibility for moderating the mailing list and keeping up the web pages. The DML/DMCNews will remain independent of any commercial organization.  Dave Swingle took over management of the list as the Moderator of Moderators from James, as well as ownership of the DMCNews website and domain name until November of 2006, when Dave became a vendor and started a DeLorean service center in the Chicago area.  Mike Griese picked up ownership of the list and website at that time and is the current owner.


Web Page

The DMCNews web page at is the "home base" for the DeLorean Mailing List. The intent is for it to be the "beacon" on the internet to attract people interested in the DeLorean, and a place to store the complete archives of the list as well as valuable resource information.  The DMCNews domain name and hosting services for the DMCNews website are paid for privately. 


This web page is maintained primarily by Mike Griese, with subsections and projects maintained by others as noted. 

Email sent to Moderators will be sent to all co-moderators at once. Other addresses are as noted. 


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