Much interest has been expressed recently in painting
the stainless steel body panels of the De Lorean auto-
mobile.  In an effort to assist our dealers, De Lorean
Motor Company has obtained the paint procedures, including
materials specifications, recommended by three major sup-
pliers of automotive paints.  These processes, according
to the paint suppliers, have been tested and found acceptable
by the companies involved.  We will supply you with test
data when available.  Dealers are strongly advised to contact
the local distributor or representative of the specific
paint brand to be utilized before proceeding with any paint
work.  The local agents may be able to provide assistance,
answer questions, and clarify what warranty, if any, may
be available from each specific supplier.

While De Lorean Motor Company has test painted three vehicles
which are very attractive, we have not yet completed adhesion
or durability tests.  De Lorean Motor Company therefore
makes no specific recommendation with regard to the advis-
ability of painting the stainless steel, or to the process
and materials for such painting.  In addition, De Lorean
Motor Company does not offer a paint warranty, except as
contained in the published new car warranty applying to
those painted components which are standard on production
vehicles.  Consequential damage to dealer supplied paint
resulting from the failure of a warranted component is not
covered under the De Lorean warranty.

The attachments to this bulletin are the painting processes
as described above.

                                     Continued . . . . .

                                      Issued 2/1/82

Road Wheels

Since the road wheels have a color coating that is impreg-
nated into the surface as part of the heat treatment used
to temper the alloy, with an epoxy clear coat applied over
that, the adhesion of another color coat will be difficult
to achieve even with careful preparation.  Again, it is
suggested that you consult with your local paint distributor
before proceeding.

Front and Rear Facias

Facias may be refinished to match body colors applied.  See
our Service Bulletin ST-13-9/81, or consult your local paint

William A. Charles
Director, Service/Parts



                                                            Bulletin ST-02-2/82
                                                            Attachment - Page 1

The Sherwin-Williams Company
1550 So. Anaheim Blvd.                               January 19, 1982
Anaheim, Calif.   92805

Dear Mr. Charles:

     Per your request you will find our recommendations for Delorean-Stainless.

          1.  Detergent wash with QUICK SLICK Detergent solution, W4 K 290.

          2.  Solvent wipe with SHER-WILL-CLEAN, R7 K 156.

          3.  Apply 2 wet coats of Wash Primer, E2 G 973, per instructions.

          4.  Apply 2 or more medium coats of Ultra Fill Primer Surfacer.

          5.  Topcoat with Acrylic Lacquer.

     If you have any questions or would like any assistance regarding this

matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


                                                        W. A. Patterson

                                                            Bulletin ST-02-2/82
                                                            Attachment - Page 2


                                                 Andrew R. Cooper, Technical Manager
                                                         Ditzler Automotive Finishes
                                                        Coatings and Resins Division
January 5, 1982

Doyle Potter
Technical Training Manager
2055 South East Main Street
Ervine, California  92714

In response to our phone conversation, I have outlined below the
Ditzler painting system that will be presented to Mr. DeLorean.
Panels representing the performance properties of this system
are also being submitted.

1.   Thoroughly clean surface to be painted with DX200 Wax and
     Grease Remover and Scotch-Brite pads.

2.   Apply 2 full wet coats of DP40 Epoxy Chromate primer mixed
     with equal parts of DP401 Primer Catalyst.  A flash time of
     20-30 minutes between coats of primer is recommended.

3.   After primer has air dried for 2 hours, apply 2 or 3 double
     coats of Deltron Acrylic Urethane color catalyzed and reduced
     per label instructions.

4.   If desired the color coat can then be clear coated using DAU82
     Deigio Acrylic Urethane clear.  Follow label instructions and
     necessary dry times.  The use of the clear will provide the
     ultimate in gloss and long term durability.

For further information on the individual products please contact our
area representative Mr. Ramiro Fernandez or me.

A.R. Cooper
Technical Manager


                                                            Bulletin ST-02-2/82
                                                            Attachment - Page 3

                              DuPont Refinish System
                            For DeLorean Motor Company 

     Following are the recommended procedures for refinishing with DuPont's
Imron® polyurethane enamel.  As certain components of the products represent
a health hazard,  included are safety precautions and procedures.  Equipment
chosen should meet OSHA, NIOSH and MESA standards.

                        5717-S Metal Conditioner (Safety)

     WARNING! CAUSES IRRITATION.  Contains phosphoric acid.  Avoid contact
     with skin and eyes.  Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor.
     Wash thoroughly after handling.  In case of contact, immediately flush
     eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; call a physician.
     Flush skin with water.  To avoid skin contact, the use of rubber gloves
     is suggested.

                         224-S Steel Conversion Coating (Safety)

     HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED.  CAUSES IRRITATION.  Contains phosphoric acid
     and bromates.  Keep from contact with clothing and other combustible
     materials.  Do not store near combustible materials.  Avoid breathing
     mist and contact with skin and eyes.  Wash thoroughly after handling.
     Keep container closed.  In case of contact, immediately flush eyes
     with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; call a physician.
     Flush skin with water.  If swallowed, dilute by giving several glasses
     of water or milk.  If vomiting occurs spontaneously, repeat several
     times.  Call a physician.  USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. KEEP OUT

                                 824-S Light Gray
                          Corlar® Epoxy Primer (Safety)

     glycol ether solvents.  Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame.
     Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor or spray mist.  Avoid
     contact with eyes and skin.  Keep container closed when not in use.


     FIRST AID:  In case of skin contact, flush with plenty of water; for
     eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes and get
     medical attention.  If affected by inhalation of vapor, remove to
     fresh air.  If swallowed, CALL A PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY.  DO NOT
     induce vomiting.

                                                            Bulletin ST-02-2/82
                                                            Attachment - Page 4

                         Imron® Polyurethane Enamel (Safety)

     WARNING! FLAMMABLE.  Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame.
     Avoid breathing vapor of spray mist and prolonged contact with skin.
     Wash thoroughly after handling.  Keep container closed.  Use with
     adequate ventilation.  IMPORTANT: When mixing with 192-S mixture
     will have hazards of both components.  Observe all applicable label

     WARNING! CONTAINS LEAD.  Dried films of this paint may be harmful if
     eaten or chewed.

Imron® Polyurethane Enamel System - Procedures

3812-S Enamel Reducer

     Clean the metal to remove oil, grease and other contaminants.  Using
     a clean cloth apply 3812-S Reducer to the surface.  While the surface
     is still wet, fold a second clean cloth and wipe dry.  Work small areas
     two to three square feet, wetting the surface liberally.

5717-S Metal Conditioner

     Metal treatment dissolves rust & corrosion and etches the metal for
     better adhesion of finishing materials.  Mix the cleaner with two
     parts of water in a plastic bucket.  Wearing rubber gloves apply with
     a cloth or sponge.  Work the area with a "Scotch-Brite" or similar
     abrasive pad.  While the surface is still wet wipe it dry with a
     clean cloth.

224-S Conversion Coating

     Steel Conversion Coating produces a high degree of corrosion resistance
     & optimum adhesion of paint system.  Pour the material in a plastic
     bucket.  Wearing rubber gloves use a "Scotch-Brite" or similar adhesive
     pad to apply the undiluted material to the treated metal surface.

     Leave the conditioner on the surface two to five minutes.  Work only
     as much area as can be coated and rinsed before the solution dries.
     Reapply if the surface dries before the rinsing.  Flush the coating
     from the surface with cold water or mop with a damp sponge or cloth
     rinsed occasionally in clean water.  Wipe dry with a clean cloth &
     allow to air dry.  224-S will impart a gray color to the steel.

824-S Light Gray Corlar® Epoxy Primer (Two-package product)

     Offers excellent adhesion and flexibility over various substrates.
     Mix two parts of Corlar® with one part of 826-S activator.  Allow to
     stand for an induction period of one hour if temperature is between
     70°F and 90°F or two hours if temperature is between 55°F and 70°F
     Do not use Corlar® if shop temperature is below 55°F.  Reduce activated
     material up to 15% with 3602-S thinner.  Spray one full wet coat to give
     a dry film thickness of 0.7 to 1 mil.  Allow to dry 2-6 hours or
     overnight before topcoat application.
                                                            Bulletin ST-02-2/82
                                                            Attachment - Page 5

Imron® Polyurethane Enamel

     A high-gloss, extremely durable, chemical & solvent resistant, air-dry
     material both in solid and metallic colors.

     Mix three parts Imron® Polyurethane Enamel with 1 part 192-S Activator,
     189-S Accelerator can be added (4 oz/gal) to increase drying rate.  For
     spraying large areas material may be reduced further with 8485-S Imron®
     Reducer or 3979-S Retarder.  259-S Imron® Additive may be added (1 to 2
     oz/gal) only if fish-eyes occur.  Do not mix more material than will be
     used in a eight-hour period.  Pot life of mixture is eight hours at 70°F.

Application of Solid Colors

     With siphon equipment, use 50 pounds pressure at the gun.  Spray a
     medium first coat.  Allow to tack up and follow with a second coat.

     With pressure  pot, use 60-75 pounds of pressure at the gun and
     a fluid delivery rate of 12-20 ounces per minute.

Application of Metallics

     With siphon equipment, use 65 pounds pressure and apply a light medium
     coat as a tack coat.  Allow to set up 20 minutes, then apply a second
     light medium coat.  Reduce remaining material 15% with 8485-S (17-18
     seconds DuPont Viscosity Cup or #2 Zahn Cup) and apply a third light
     medium coat.  If desired, another light medium coat of a reduced material
     may be used.  Metallics can be clear coated with 500-S Clear following
     label directions.

     With pressure pot equipment, use 65-75 pounds at the gun and a fluid
     delivery rate of 8-14 ounces per minute.

     Both solid and metallic colors can be clear coated with Imron® 500-S Clear.

500-S Imron® Clear (Optional)

     Offers high gloss, chemical resistance and durability of Imron®

     Mix 3 parts of clear with one part of 192-S activator.  Mix thoroughly
     and, if faster tape-free time is desired, add 189-S Accelerator at rate
     of four oz. per gallon.  Mix no more material than will be used in an
     eight-hour period.  Pot life of mixture is eight hours at 70°F.  Following
     mixing, strain material.  No further reduction is necessary for application.
     If desired, material may be further reduced with DuPont 3979-S Retarder.
     Check viscosity every four hours and reduce if necessary.  Spray
     viscosity should be 18-22 seconds (#2 Zahn cup).

     Allow Imron® color to dry overnight.  Spray one medium coat.  Allow to
     tack up and follow with a full second coat.  A third coat may be applied
     if desired.

     All information and recommendations are based on data which DuPont
believes to be reliable.  However, such information and recommendations
are implemented and used by persons at their own discretion and risk.