A modified new baffle Part No. 110135 for the fuel tank has been
introduced as of V.I.N. 4782.

Only the new baffle will be supplied as a spare part from now

The following instructions describe the installation steps of the
new baffle.

Please inform all personnel concerned.

Lutz Feuerabendt
Warranty Manager

Attachment:  Instructions

                                                  Issued 12/4/81
                                                          Service Bulletin ST-30-12/81
                                                          Fuel Tank Baffle
                                                          Page 1


The following new part is needed for installation:

                      Fuel Baffle - Part No. 110155

Remove fuel pump and existing fuel baffle assembly.  Discard baffle assembly.

           Pre-Assembly of New Fuel Baffle Before Installation

Figure 1   Fit grommet A to baffle B.

Figure 2 Assemble fuel supply hose C through grommet in baffle. Sleeve hose clip D onto hose and assemble hose to filter E ensuring maximum penetration and orientate as illustrated.
                                                        Service Bulletin ST-30-12/81
                                                        Fuel Tank Baffle
                                                        Page 2

Figure 3

Fit baffle retainer spring inner F to baffle, ensuring
spring legs are routed under the fuel feed hose.

Figure 4 Fit hose clamp G to fuel return hose H and position hose clamp approximately 80mm from hose end. Assemble baffle base J through stem of baffle through slot in base.
Figure 5 Installation of New Baffle into Fuel Tank 1. Slide baffle base close to end of baffle stem. 2. Squeeze baffle body as necessary to achieve entry of baffle into tank. Then squeeze baffle base to achieve entry into tank. 3. With baffle/base assembly suspended vertically, slide the slotted base along the stem until the rear edge of the baffle rim snaps into the location groove surrounding the corrugated ribs on the base. 4. Locate the baffle stem and retainer spring (inner) to the stud on the base of the tank.
                                                      Service Bulletin ST-30-12/81
                                                      Fuel Tank Baffle
                                                      Page 3

Installation of New Baffle into Fuel Tank (Continued)

5.  Fit and position outer spring K under fuel flex feed hose (on baffle)
    and onto stud on base of fuel tank.  (Do not locate spring on baffle
    edge at this stage.)

6.  Loosely fasten baffle and (2) two baffle retainer springs to stud in fuel
    tank base.

7.  Locate hooked legs of retainer spring outer to rim of baffle.

8.  Finally tighten M6 nut to secure baffle and retainer springs to fuel tank
    stud L (Do not over-tighten.)

9.  Connect fuel feed pipe to pump and fit pump assembly to tank.
Labor Operation No. 21009 Time - .7 Please update the Suggested Repair Times Manual with the new time.