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Updated 04/04/08

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a type of file that allows the user to view a document either online (with a capable browser and plug-in) or offline (if downloaded). DMC-News, the 'zine and the DeLorean Mailing List uses Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files for the DeLorean community.
The appropriate reader for your operating system (Macintosh, Windows, DOS, Unix) can be downloaded from the Adobe Systems website.

Parts Manual, Section 1 Engine

Parts Manual, Section 2 Emission/Fuel Systems

Parts Manual, Section 3 Electrical Systems

Parts Manual, Section 4 Transmission

Parts Manual, Section 5 Suspension/Steering

Parts Manual, Section 6 Brakes/Wheels

Parts Manual, Section 7 Heating/Air Conditioning

Parts Manual, Sections 8, Frame/Body and Section 9, Accessories One file for both sections, as Section 9 is very short.

The Complete Set of Tech Bulletins  in both PDF and HTML forms. In the HTML version clicking on small images will get to the large one. 

DeLorean Owners Handbook as published by DeLorean Motor Company and distributed with each new DeLorean sports car. For an unlocked (printable) version send a note to products(AT) I'll send you an address to send the $10 fee.

OEM Lighted Key Assembly  Instructions.  Courtesy DeLorean Motor Company Houston

Recommended Repair Facilities as collected from DeLorean Mailing List members and compiled by DML'er Bruce Battles. ***Updated 4/25/00***

DeLorean Window Sticker, one blank and one completed with sample information. Create a reproduction for your car!

Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection Manual, Learn all about the theory of operation of the Bosch K-Jetronic system employed in the DeLorean.

Tankzilla Install Instructions, How to install Tankzilla in a DeLorean.

Lockzilla Remote Series 2 Install Instructions, How to install Lockzilla Remote in a DeLorean.

Lockzilla Series 3 Install Instructions, How to install Lockzilla in a DeLorean.

Take a ride around the test track at the former DeLorean Motor Company factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Special thanks to list member Chris Rabalais for providing the video used to create this QuickTime movie. Note that this is an 8MB download, in a ZIP archive. Mac users should use "ZipIt" or a similar utility to decompress, Windows users should use "PKUnZip". This has been tested on both the Mac and Windows95 OS.

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