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1. Fall Delorean Get-together ...
From: "Nick Kemp" <>


3. Re: Can You Already Buy A New D? ]was: ( DeLorean model)

4. WaxOil from the UK

5. Re: Can You Already Buy A New D? ]was: ( DeLorean model)
From: Richard Strecker <>

6. Wire next to fuel filler neck...
From: "Gus Schlachter" <>

7. RE: 18k or 14k
From: "Gus Schlachter" <>

8. RE: Another strange occurance
From: "Gus Schlachter" <>

9. Re: weird factory writings
From: "Robert Rooney" <>

10. Responding to a judging question

Message: 1
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 16:37:36 -0500
From: "Nick Kemp" <>
Subject: Fall Delorean Get-together ...

You are invited to the first, and next year to be annual, Fall Delorean
get-together at Deer Lake Orchard (an apple orchard).  This is an informal
get together and the purposes are simple:
- Have fun
- Meet other Delorean owners
- Share experiences
- Enjoy a country ride in your Delorean
- Enjoy the Fall
- Have fun

If you don't have a Delorean ... come anyway and visit with other Delorean

For your entertainment, we'll have Bill the Juggler on hand; he's always a
hit with the kids.  Bring a picnic lunch or take advantage of the brats
(boiled in apple cider before grilling), hotdogs, pop and other items
available.  There will be hayrides and of course ... APPLES.

Date:	September 17th, Sunday
Time:	11:00 - 5:00
Location: Deer Lake Orchard, Buffalo MN  (about 1/2 hour West of the
Minneapolis area)

Email me directly to RSVP and for directions.  If you have ideas on how to
make this a better event, drop me a note.  My email address is  (Delete the ~)


Q: Will JZD any of the Delorean family be present?
A: An ever popular question!  They are invited, and I'd love to see them
here but at this point the answer is probably not:-)

Q: Will there be any tech presentations?
A: None planned for this year but maybe next.  Some of the more experienced
owners are encouraged to share their experiences.

Q: Is this meant to compete or emulate any of the other Delorean events?
A: No!  This is simply an excuse for Delorean enthusiasts to get together,
have a drive in the country and have some fun.  The fall is a beautiful time
to get out and for many it will be one of the last rides of the season.

Q: Are there any fees or costs?
A: No! There are no fees and no need to purchase anything.  You can bring
your own food or purchase food items on site.  The location, entertainment
and hayrides are provided by Deer Lake Orchard.

I look forward to seeing you at the orchard.

Nick Kemp
Deer Lake Orchard


Message: 2
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 17:17:25 -0500
Subject: Re: THANK YOU


I've held off writtting because I knew your email box would be flooded.
Cleveland was the best DeLorean event I've attended in the 19 years I've
owned my car. You, your family, and your fellow Ohio owners, Mike and Patty
in particular, did a wonderful job. Please let me know when you'll be back
in Minnesota so we can have you over some evening.

Bruce Benson


Message: 3
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 21:59:09 EDT
Subject: Re: Can You Already Buy A New D? ]was: ( DeLorean model)

Dear DML,

    If someone wanted to buy the New DeLorean Watch, how in the event of 
repair or service, could we get the watched serviced. I checked the jewelry 
store and they said that they can only repair authorized watches from their 
manufactures i.e. Rolex etc.



Message: 4
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 22:13:03 EDT
Subject: WaxOil from the UK

Dear DML,

    This posting applies to all of the DeLorean Owners, especially those in 
the UK. I have started a subscription to all of the UK classic car magazines. 
These magazines include Classic and Sports Car, Practical Classics. After 
lreading through, there are a number of specialists and suppliers to the 
DeLorean both directly and indirectly. These magazines have a plethora of 
information for classic British car enthusiasts and owners. Much more than 
the American periodicals since the USA magazines tend to focus on Hot Rodding 
Mustangs and Corvettes etc.  "American Muscle"

    For example there is a Renault PRV-V6 Engine specialist from France with 
a huge add for upgrades for PRV engines. In addition there is an add from a 
company that supplies the upper and lower Speedo cables and lambda counter 
repair (Smith Industries). 
    My question to the UK owners is, Have you tried or contacted any of these 
    It would seem very fortunate for those of you there, to investigate these 
specialist and advertisers to see if they in some way or another can help to 
contribute to the DeLorean. 


Message: 5
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 22:36:07 -0400
From: Richard Strecker <>
Subject: Re: Can You Already Buy A New D? ]was: ( DeLorean model)

Yes and No.....In order to reserve a production number you have to buy
the watch.

The offer that was made at the Cleveland show was that you could fill
out the paper (a non binding contract) and at a later date you would be
given the opportunity to pay the $3K.  At that time you would confirm
your production slot and would receive the watch.  When the actual
vehicle was produced I believe that some portion of the $3K was to be
applied to the cost (I'm not absolutely sure about this point).

Kathryn DeLorean is planning to publish the details of the plan in the
very near future.  At the moment, I don't know where you could get the
form or where you would send it. (

The intent of the offer is to raise money for the initial production of
the lower priced car, target price is in the $20K range.  I think that
this is a trial balloon to see what interest there is in another
DeLorean vehicle.  One would have to be blind to not recognize that
there is a risk involved, I would hate to end up with a $3,000.00 wrist
watch. The other side is that nothing will happen without the risk.  As
fans and owners of the present day DeLorean I'd say that we are risk
takers and dreamers and that's what it is going to take to make this

And that's my $ .05 worth...

As for the 2002 DeLorean Car Show, I've talked to Ken & he has nearly
everything planned already.  Wow, talk about a dreamer and a risk
taker..he's been to Memphis already & is making deposits on various
facilities (out of his own pocket).  He's so enthusiastic about the next
show I don't know how he'll last the next 2 years.

Now you have my $ .07 worth, thanks for listening.


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Message: 6
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 23:46:40 -0500
From: "Gus Schlachter" <>
Subject: Wire next to fuel filler neck...

You know, I have never heard of a Delorean (or any other car for that
matter) exploding for lack of a good ground, but there was a rash of gas-can
explosions a few years back.  A plastic bed-liner in a pickup can isolate
the gas can from ground, allowing a static charge to build, and BOOM.  I
think the bedliners now come with a warning about setting gas cans on the
ground to fill them.

In any case, please do keep the filler neck grounded.  I plan to
double-check mine now that the subject has come up.

Gus Schlachter
Austin, TX
VIN# 4695

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> From: Vin#5462 []
> Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 4:31 PM
> Subject: [DML] RE Help! Wire next to fuel filler neck! DMC Joe?
> It is probably an earth strap to stop static build up around the
> filler neck


Message: 7
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 23:19:26 -0500
From: "Gus Schlachter" <>
Subject: RE: 18k or 14k

There is an abundance of low-milage Deloreans.  I'm not even sure that 9000
miles counts!

But the low-miles one will almost certainly have storage issues, if not be
missing a few updates.


Gus Schlachter
Austin, TX
VIN# 4695

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> From: []
> Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 10:46 PM
> Subject: [DML] 18k or 14k
> I'm not sure if I should buy a 9,000 mile car and drive
> it alot when it probably should be preserved as it is...


Message: 8
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 23:36:31 -0500
From: "Gus Schlachter" <>
Subject: RE: Another strange occurance


The only time I've had all accessories in a car die at the same time was due
to a faulty ignition switch.  Frequent use and/or a heavy set of keys can
eventually lead to failure.  In my case, the contact for the
starter/ignition was still good, but the contact for the accessories was
shot.  I could get temporary if not intermittent service from jiggling the

It may not be your ignition switch, but it's probably something along those
lines.  I don't think there's a single fuse controlling the radio, windows,
AND blower, but they are all controlled by the key.

Gus Schlachter
Austin, TX
VIN# 4695

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> From: Scott Cagle []
> Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 4:33 PM
> Subject: [DML] Another strange occurance
> ...I had something terribly strange happen to me today.   Today I
> picked up the DMC from storage and having a few minor tweaks done
> to it.  It drove fine, idled fine, best I've ever had it.  I
> filled it up with gas, then when I came back out to start it, the
> ac,the radio, and the power windows didn't work.  No power...


Message: 9
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 05:19:48 -0000
From: "Robert Rooney" <>
Subject: Re: weird factory writings

Haven't taken off my fenders yet to check for "cave paintings" yet. 
But on thing that I have noticed is on the doors. When Removing my 
headinliners for a cleaning, someone wrote "METAL MICK" in block 
letters, along with various employee #'s, the VIN #, plus a couple of 
dates & times. I've seen pictures of other cars with their passenger 
headliners off, and it says the same thing! Either "METAL MICK" in 
big block letters, or "Metal Mickey" in handwriting. Does "mick" 
refer to the car beeing Irish, or was "Metal Mickey" an overactive 
employee who inspected the doors and got a little carried away in the 
process? Ideas? Employee records?

VIN 6585

p.s. I didn't realize that there were markings on other places of the 

--- In, Delorean17_at_dml_a... wrote:
> Hello,
>     I just removed my passenger side front fender because I was 
going to see 
> if I could have a small ding removed.  I found some very strange 
writings on 
> the back.  heres what it says.
> "dead-ant" "dead-ant" "dead-ant" "dead ant" "dead-ant" and then "a 
picture of 
> an ant=(a picture of fire)" Then off to the side there is a LARGE 
picture of 
> another and and maybe some stick people.  on the top there is a 
picture of a 
> 6 inch flag that says "3".  I will be taking the other fender off 
soon just 
> to see what it says.
> I wonder what that was all about.......... any ideas....LOL
> later
> Dave
> #2496


Message: 10
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:40:10 EDT
Subject: Responding to a judging question

I had a good question asked me by one of the owners of the cars judged.
He noticed the judges writing down all the modifications on the daily drivers 
and felt he had points taken off for them.  

As stated the Daily drivers are judged on Cleanliness and Functionality.  
While a stock DeLorean is great, one that is kept functional is what they 
looked for .  Example: If you had an original set of door struts but they did 
not work well you got credit for originals but deducted fairly heavily for 
poor function.  If the replacements worked but were not original you received 
a lesser deduction for non original since the function of the car was what 
was being evaluated.  An effort was needed to maintain the itegrety of the 

Replacement parts even if not original were not deducted heavily if at all 
but for example, put in a Craig stereo system with Huge rear speakers and we 
did take off.  That belonged in a modified catagory.

If you had bald tires they would have a deduction even if they were original. 
A car in the daily driver catagory with a turbo would have been deducted for 
because it is not maintained as an original daily dirver and the car belonged 
in the modified catagory.  Lots of points were deducted for just dirt.  Not 
detailing but hoseable dirt.  Brake dust was not heavily deducted for on 
daily drivers. 

We also are using this show to try to even out the catagories.  These judges 
are ISCA registered judges and judge mostly indoor events and are used to 
looking for the best car in each catagory.   The judges are hired and are 
independent and are also not associated with anyone in the DeLorean arena.  

We have decided to go with 4 judges next time and have trained two more 
individuals at this show to help in the next show so the judging will go 
faster.  Both judges on the cars judged the whole car not just sections then 
conferred with each other for a final score.

Hope that clears up the judging.  I will do a better job describing the 
judging next time.  You guys are really critical LOL  Most car shows I enter 
I have no idea what they are looking for and go just for the fun.  It means 
you take your care seriously and so do we.  Your cars were all looked at 
closely no exceptions.

By the way I did talk to the judges today and they stated that the cars at 
the Cleveland show were far cleaner and in better condition than at 
Cincinnati.  So keep up the good work and see you in Memphis.

Judging is difficult and hard to be consistant on cars that have a lot of 
sublte differences but are all basically the same.  I feel the judges I am 
using are some of the best and would like to take this opportunity to thank 
Dave and Lou for a job well done.