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1. Re: Tripin' Cooling Fans and Fanzilla

2. cool ideas was hot wheels delorean
From: efren hicks <>

3. Intro/Thanks...
From: "2Lt Nathan E. Green" <>

Message: 1
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 22:57:04 EDT
Subject: Re: Tripin' Cooling Fans and Fanzilla

The Fan Fix,,, that I designed uses mininal parts, one special relay and 
allows the fans and compressor to operate the way they were designed to do, 
but not thru the main relay as to draw the voltage down on the whole car. 
They go on and off as the compressor desires. Plus I have addressed the low 
voltage problem at the same time, and the light comes on as power goes to the 
fans just reverse of the way the light was designed. $55.00 With the light 
fix included. This design is simple, no overheating and should last a 
lifetime. I would replace the circut breaker with a self healing breaker 40 
amp if it's not already. That is $4.50. If your fans are old and have been 
use a lot then they will draw more current. I can normally replace the 
brushes and clean the armature to lessen the current draw.


Message: 2
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 20:08:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: efren hicks <>
Subject: cool ideas was hot wheels delorean

when i was younger i use to go to a bakery to buy
breath and stuff. any ways one day i looked trew there
cake book and i saw a cake of a delorean and it had
that little delorean (and the back to the future
logo)on it.  my mom got the cake for me i played with
that little car for months. until the driver side door
fell off and i just lost interest in it maybe u should
make this cake for your bakery, i bet it would sell


i actually had a question for the list. if i was to
start a pizza place, and we delivered the pizza in
deloreans and we use the whole back to the futute/
delorean thing as theme could we get suewed by any

--- wrote:
> Awhile ago someone gave me a little DeLorean toy car
> when I bought some D 
> manuals off e-bay.  It's metal, 2  3/4 inches long,
> the doors open, stock 
> DeLorean.  The bottom says "DE LOREAN     P374  and
> has a Z in a circle 
> emblem.  My wife put it out in the display case at
> our business, and kids 
> keep asking if it's for sale!  I always say, "No,
> but you can take a look at 
> the real thing in the parking lot out back."  So,
> does anybody know where I 
> can buy little toy cars like this?  What a bizarre
> thing to sell in a bakery, 
> eh?
> -Wayne
> "Living the dream!"
> 11174  (big enough to drive)
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Message: 3
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 20:17:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: "2Lt Nathan E. Green" <>
Subject: Intro/Thanks...

Hey folks--
  First off, thanks to all those who helped out with the insurance. Latest
news--State Farm said NO to insurance on the "D". Despite my plea, they
would create a new policy for me. So, I went down the street to Allstate. I
now have full coverage on my D, plus liability on my second car for $1200
for 6 months. Agent says he can probably get me down to $800 b/c I have a
decent driving record but he needs to get driving records, etc. Anyways I
know that's not great, but it will at least get the car in my garage from
PA. I plan to hire a broker when I get back next week to find some decent
  The trip...I needed the insurance so I could pick up the car in PA Friday
morning. I will fly to PA tomorrow night, then drive back Fri/Sat to Scott
AFB, IL. Iam a little worried about driving 700 miles in a D. Any
  The car...1982,VIN#10188, stainless, flat hood, WIDE black dealer stripe
on sides. Grey Interior. 5 speed. From photos looks like car is in real good
shape(i.e. no dents, cracks, tears, etc). The bad news...a/c needs I'm gonna sweat like crazy on the way home. Older gentleman
got car from bank after co signing a loan. Wants the value he put into
loan...$8500. Car looks like it will be a little work, but well worth the
price. Mileage--odometer broken, shows 36k but owner thinks it is around
50-60k. Had mechanic go over it and could't find any probs. He drives it
twice a week to work just to keep it broken in. No prblems.
  Ok, well that's about it. I have read the advice on what to look for in a
Delorean on the website. Is there anything else I need to look at? What
about the journey home? Anyone enroute would like to meet for food,
talk?(Could anyone help if I have trouble <sigh>) I plan to stop in Dayton,
OH for the night as I take I-70 W.
  That's about it. Next challenge will be finding AFFORDABLE insurance,
licensing, titling, etc. in IL. But I'll woryy about that when I get back.
Sorry to waste so much text. Talk to everyone soon.


Nathan E. Green,2Lt,USAF
15OWS Lead Forecaster
Scott AFB, IL

"The depth of your stuidity sometimes frightens me"

                   -Homicide:Life on the Street

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