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1. Re: rear speaker removal

2. Field Trip Report: Mark DeLorean Fundraiser
From: Mike Substelny <>

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 17:43:54 EDT
Subject: Re: rear speaker removal

Hey Dan,

      I just did this procedure last night on my car.  What you have to do to 
remove the interior panels is cut along the top edge where the inner door 
seal goes on to, this is how the inner panels are connected.  Then you lift 
up on what you cut and use a hair dryer to get the panels off.  The cut you 
made won't show because the door seal will cover it.  Hope that helps some.



Message: 2
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 18:04:06 -0400
From: Mike Substelny <>
Subject: Field Trip Report: Mark DeLorean Fundraiser

Last night DMLers Ken Koncelik, David Levey, Josh Haldeman, and myself
attended the political fundraiser of Mark DeLorean, candidate for
Cuyahoga County Commissioner.  My wife Patti, though not a DMLer, was
there as well.

As advertised, the keynote speaker was John Z. DeLorean.  The speech he
gave could have put Ronald Reagan to shame.  He was witty, highly
intelligent, polished, and straightforward in his opinions.  It was a
pleasure to be in the audience.

Many other members of the DeLorean family were in attendance as well.
All of the DeLoreans were charming (the people, not the cars).  Ken,
David and Josh got to talk with them more than I did, so perhaps they
can fill in here.

Oh yes, there were five DeLorean automobiles parked outside the Country
Club.  When he saw them, John DeLorean's eyes seemed to light up for a

During the course of the evening, I spoke with the service manager of
DeLorean Cadillac.  He had some amusing stories to tell.  Just when I
though my crazy friends on the DML had tried everything you could do to
a DeLorean, he told me about a customer who has installed an aircraft
turbocharger!  The surprises never end.

Many thanks to David Levey for arranging this.

- Mike Substelny
VIN 1280, 7 years