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1. Re: Re: delorean pricing, first time driver
From: "Gabe W." <>

2. Re: Bricklin
From: "Gabe W." <>

3. Re: Delorean Overheating (almost)

4. Re: Delorean Worth
From: "Gabe W." <>

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 18:47:29 -0700
From: "Gabe W." <>
Subject: Re: Re: delorean pricing, first time driver

Thanks for a change of opinion. What do you need to know, look for and ask
when looking at a 10,000 dollar delorean to make sure it will be
mechanically sound? Originally that was my plan, to get a mechanically sound
delorean with some dents, door etc. problems, and a fairly bad looking
interior, yet I really have no car mechanical knowledge so would need help
examining a D.

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Subject: [DML] Re: delorean pricing, first time driver

> I feel that I am qualified to talk about $10,000 daily driving deloreans.
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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 19:20:32 -0700
From: "Gabe W." <>
Subject: Re: Bricklin

I've been looking at the bricklin market and have found ones advertised as
perfect mechanically for around 10,000(1975). What makes the delorean much
more expenisve? The bricklin performs better and much less of them were
produced. Was it back to the future? Please help with some explanation. Also
are they any Bricklin/Delorean owners on this list?


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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 22:47:13 EDT
Subject: Re: Delorean Overheating (almost)

   De Loreans have a small habit of over heating if several things haven't 
been done to up date the cars cooling system.
#1. Has the fan fail relay been replaced with a jumper.
#2. Has all the air been bled out of the water system.
#3. Has the temperture switch ever been replaced.
#4. Has any electrical device been added to make the fans come on and work 
#5. What about the radiator, has it been checked lately.
The short list goes on for some of the modifications that need to be made if 
you have a virgin car. 

The Fan Fix, 
New relay's, 
New circut breakers

Go to & Sell/ De Lorean parts for sale. Then look for 
John Hervey/electrical parts. I have several  items reasonably priced for the 
updates you may need to have a better running De Lorean.

If I can help you with any parts or questions, Email me at 
and you can call and discuss the problems. I don't have all the answers, but 
maby the ones you need. The DML list is full of helpfull people to make your 
De Lorean driving experience more enjoyable.


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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 19:53:17 -0700
From: "Gabe W." <>
Subject: Re: Delorean Worth

I read an old article from 1993 where members of the delorean owners
association said that in 5 years(1998) the car would be worth 50,000.
Obviously this hasn't happened. Has the car been going up in value or down
in value since then and today. In the article it said they were going for
about 25,000.