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1. Re: Lexan or Plexiglass windshields
From: James Espey <>

From: Mark Noeltner <>

3. Engine Cover Spring
From: "Sean Howley" <>

4. Walt: spacers...
From: "Danrc30" <>

5. Re: Lee's Model Kit

6. Re: Re: Powder coated wheels "Gassing Out"
From: "Don Ekhoff" <>

7. Re: Cruise Control
From: " " <>

8. Re: Lexan or Plexiglas windshields
From: "John Schwab" <>

9. Delorean for sale, Toronto
From: Shannon Larratt <>

10. Car Show In Raleigh, North Carolina
From: "Michael C. Babb, MCSE, MCT, MCP-I, CNA" <>

11. Re: Lexan or Plexiglas Windshields
From: "Dave Stragand" <>

12. Transmission leak

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 18:03:02 -0600
From: James Espey <>
Subject: Re: Lexan or Plexiglass windshields

Since Claude knew what I was going to say already :) I'll say it to 
everyone else.

There is some company selling aftermarket windshields for the 
DeLorean - I've seen their ad in Hemmings. The Esprit windshield will 
NOT fit a DeLorean.

While many of the NOS windshields DO have problems with delamination, 
MANY also do not. A NOS DeLorean windshield costs less than $400 
(plus shipping).

James Espey
DeLorean Motor Company
Houston, Texas


>From what I understand most of the remaining NOS windshields have a
>problem with delimanation(TRUE FACT) and as such,can a windshield be
>made from Lexan or plexiglass to fit a Delorean,as the Delorean
>windshield has no bends as far as I know,(maybe I may be wrong on
>that,I maybe thinking Bricklin windshields)Would it be a legal
>issue,I just need to do it to get the car thru safety inspection,and
>then I would buy a new aftermarket windshield ie:expensive.I was
>thinking two sheets of plexiglass joined together,cut to the specs of
>a Delorean windshield
>and fitted in place of the orignal windshield,once installed it would
>be almost impossible to tell from a real windshield,My MAIN concern
>is wind pressure,I know in the past GM(General Motors)and other car
>makers had/has used plastic windshields,so that this is not a far
>fetched idea,I know the big three "D" centers will say "NO",but I
>want to hear from Delorean owners about this.Is it possible?The car I
>need to put it on is a painted car,so that I am not worried about it
>not being original.


Message: 2
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 19:05:22 -0500
From: Mark Noeltner <>
Subject: Re: AUTOFEST

The My Classic Car Autofest Nationals are in Evansville, IN, October 13,
14, and 15th. The actual car show is only on Saturday and Sunday. It is at
Roberts Stadium on Lloyds Expressway. For more details and maps, go to our
club web site and follow the links to the Autofest site. They have full
schedules and maps. The club site is at:

Mark Noeltner
VIN 6820
Mid-State DeLorean Club Webmaster

At 05:50 PM 10/2/00 EDT, you wrote:
>One more thing about autofest, can anyone give me the directions to the
>in evansville?? Street names and the like? Thank you


Message: 3
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:17:25 -0400
From: "Sean Howley" <>
Subject: Engine Cover Spring

I have received a few e-mails asking where the spring pictures are located.
They are in e-groups under files.  I hope this answers that issue.

Sean Howley


Message: 4
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:44:14 -0400
From: "Danrc30" <>
Subject: Walt: spacers...

The DeLorean came with factory installed spacers on each rear wheel hum. They are held in place by a single screw and are only 1/8" thick. I took my rear ones off so there would be more centerhub for my new adapters to grab onto. I put mine on the front to help with the wheel offset (two on each side). The fit perfectly on the front.

Did you check to make sure that your front wheel is mating with the hub? If your wheels are anything like mine, I bet they aren't up against the hub. I bet they are tightened against the flare in the studs. Take a close look and reach ujp from behind to see if they are or not.

Keep me posted.


By the way, I'm currently looking to split a room for the Fall Foliage tour. So far, I'm going it alone. Anyone interested?

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Message: 5
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 21:28:20 EDT
Subject: Re: Lee's Model Kit

In a message dated 10/02/2000 6:53:34 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<< >Subject: Re: Lee's Model Kit
 I, too have not received a kit and have had limited success in getting a 
 response from Lee.  Last July, when he posted a note about some edition 
 owners falling through the cracks, I e-mailed and asked him to check on my 
 status.  I received a curt reply:
 <You need to give me your edition number!>
Sounds like Lee and Delorean One should consider a merger. "Artist" should 
not equate to rude or ill mannered or is it an acceptable excuse? I think not.
VIN 1606


Message: 6
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 19:06:36 -0700
From: "Don Ekhoff" <>
Subject: Re: Re: Powder coated wheels "Gassing Out"

With all the talk about powdercoating I thought I would share my experience
with Chrome Plating of DeLorean rims.

My first attempt was with polish and paint only.  This looked really great
but was a hassle.  These wheels are on my daily driver and polishing them is
the one job I hate.  The polish gets onto the black paint that is between
the spokes.  By the way, the polished parts are the outer bead, the radial
spokes and the inner hub area.  I paint the little section in the middle of
the spoke. There is some porosity in the castings and it varies by vintage.
These rims cost me ~$600.00 to polish and paint and they said they went thru
a fortune in buffing wheels. I guess all the spoke edges cut the buffing
wheels to shreds.

My next three experiences were with CICC Company in Pomona, Calif. (909
595-0144).  The first try several years ago showed some of the same porosity
thru the chrome.  I felt this was unavoidable and otherwise the quality was
quite decent. After all NO MORE POLISHING.

Recently I had the other two sets done and they are fabulous!  I can not
believe the over all quality.  The paint is flawless and the buffing
precise.  At the risk of being wordy the quality of the buffing work was the
best I have ever seen.  The only real stress the plating has taken was the
tire mounting but I see no pealing or flaking. This was not true of some
rims I recently had Victoria Wheel do at their chrome shop.

All this comes with a price but I (obviously) thought it was worth it:  The
DeLorean looks GREAT with the chromes.  Looking at one of my unchromed cars
by comparison was motivation to get them "finished ASAP".  Anyway a set of
four including Calif. tax and shipping back to No. Calif. was $489.00.
The only odd thing was they insisted on a cashiers check of money order
before starting the work.

I have just ordered a new digital camera so may be able to post pictures

Don,  #1325 etc.

By the way I put aftermarket rims on my fifth car just to get the rim
diameter to current tastes.  They also look great but I feel like a bit of a
traitor.  With the chromes I do not have this problem.

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Subject: [DML] Re: Powder coated wheels "Gassing Out"

> In a message dated 10/1/00 9:43:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << the owner mentioned he thought the  wheels were "Gassing Out". Being
> to powder coating I played it cool and  decided to listen instead of
> what that meant. He explained to me that  my alloy wheels must have taken
> some impurities during the time the paint  had peeled off the wheels. This
> then required the wheels be baked at least 6  hours to insure the
> (now a gas product) could be cooked off. As it  turned out they cooked
> for about 16 hours and the wheels still had a very small amount of
> out". But I can live with the 98% perfect job.  >>
> I had the same experience.  Only one wheel was a noticable problem.
> up and looking at them, they look great.  Get down on your knees and you
> some "orange peel" but let's face it, the original wheels aren't mirror
> smooth to begin with.  I'm still delighted with the way they look, and I
> think the powder coat will stick on and last much longer than the
> My wheels had some minor flaking, with just a little whitish oxidation.
> Inside they were like new, once the NCTs were off.  Even the valve stems.
> matched the original gray, and I'm glad I did since I now think chrome
> look worse on a less-than-mirror smooth finish.
> -Wayne
> vin 11174
> The New DeLorean Manuals Project
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Message: 7
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 02:52:05 -0000
From: " " <>
Subject: Re: Cruise Control

You were at Richmond with us and I saw 3-4 Deloreans with cruise 
control. That seemed unusual to me to see that many also when you 
looked close, most were very sloppily installed and were not 
functioning. Be very careful how you select and install because done 
incorrectly it can be rather dangerous (It could jam the throttle in 
the open position).Some of the linkages I observed were rather
Mouse" in my opinion.I have seen very professional looking 
installations also so it can be done. I will try to get details on
better looking jobs.
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In, David Sontos <dsontos_at_dml_s...> wrote:
> Now this is one topic I thought would be covered extensively in the
> archive's but was surprised to find only vague references.
> I am looking to install a cruise control on my DeLorean this fall. I
> tried Pep Boys, Advance Auto, and Auto Zone and they all have only 
> one style(the same one) which seems to apply only to cars 1992 and
> above. I know several years ago I bought one at Sears for one of my
> other cars but I believe Sears stores no longer carry automotive
> accesseries.
> Question: If you recently installed a cruise control on your car 
> did you get it, how much was it, & did you install it yourself.
> Dave Sontos
> vin 02573


Message: 8
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 23:02:33 -0700
From: "John Schwab" <>
Subject: Re: Lexan or Plexiglas windshields

I would just like to advise against a Plexiglas windshield for one other
reason.  My aviation friends have used both Lexan and Plexiglas and found
that Plexiglas will form small stress like cracks, which eventually
seriously deteriorates visibility, when gasoline is accidentally spilled on
it.  In my opinion, Lexan is the lesser of the two evils (though more

-John Schwab
Knoxville, TN
vin ????


Message: 9
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 20:50:17 -0400
From: Shannon Larratt <>
Subject: Delorean for sale, Toronto

1983 Canadian (Metric) model Delorean
41k KM, stock with radio. Only addition is microwave alarm system.
Nothing wrong with it. Perfect interior, no cracks on dash, etc. etc.
All receipts. New struts, new battery, net clutch.

The car is currently at Autoforum at Islington and Norseman.
Call (416) 234-9900 and ask for Jeff.


Shannon Larratt                      
Exotic Kit Cars               


Message: 10
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 21:53:19 -0400
From: "Michael C. Babb, MCSE, MCT, MCP-I, CNA" <>
Subject: Car Show In Raleigh, North Carolina

Hey Gang!

There is a British Car Show the weekend of October 14th at the Triangle
Factory Shops (now called Prime Outlets) from 9:00 to 4:00.   This is right
across I -40 from the Raleigh/Durham International Airport. I have entered
my DeLorean and would engourage others to try and make it to the show as
well.  there is more information about the show, as well as an application
available at (North Carolina
MG Car Club).

Let me know as well if you are planning on bringing your D, and I will try
to arange for an area to have them all together.

Hope to see you there!

Michael Babb


Message: 11
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 21:30:10 -0400
From: "Dave Stragand" <>
Subject: Re: Lexan or Plexiglas Windshields

Walter wrote:

> deductible.  You might try going to a local auto glass shop and
> They might be able to install a Lotus Espirit windshield at no cost to

NOTE: Lotus Esprit windshields do NOT fit.  They are quite flat compared
to the D's gently curved glass.

Also, bear in mind that there is a specific reason that Lexan and
Plexiglas are not used for auto windows.  They both scratch very, very
easily.  In fact, just running your windshield wipers on a windshield
with a small amount of dust on it would permanently ruin the piece.
They don't crack easily, granted -- that's why Lexan and Plexi are used
in high-vandalism and/or high impact areas such as hockey arena glass.
However, if you take a look at any of these installations, you will see
how easily it's scratched.  Plexi can be scratched with a fingernail,
and Lexan with a key.  Just imagine the gouges your windshield would
have after an hour of highway driving where your glass is continually
pelted by small pebbles.

-Dave Stragand


Message: 12
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 00:15:37 -0000
Subject: Transmission leak

I recently purchased a delorean where the previous owner had a slight 
transmission leak. A local shop told him that the leak was in the 
fluid delivery system and it wasn't their area of expertise. Does 
anyone know if this can be fixed or pluged. It's a small leak but