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1. Re: Installing ignition dist
From: "Steve Rubano" <>

2. Re: Sunroof?? Hood Scoop???
From: "Erik Geerdink" <>

3. Re: Sunroof?? Hood Scoop???

4. Re: Sunroof?? Hood Scoop???

5. Re: Rattle in automatic transmission
From: " " <>

6. Reminder - British Car Show - Raleigh, NC

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:01:19 -0000
From: "Steve Rubano" <>
Subject: Re: Installing ignition dist

Ok, one more question on this. I have done the timing thing on 
multiple cars, I know how to set the engine to TDC, I've even rebuilt 
engines too, BUT...(I am a beginner/novice at this so bare with me 
here) on the 6 cars I've done (not including the Delorean) they all 
had one notch on the crank pulley for the timing. The D has 2? can 
someone explain to me why? which notch is for TDC? You can describe 
which notch it is to me by saying "set the keyway of the pulley 
facing up and the notch that the notch for TDC". Sorry if 
this is a stupid question and if it's in the repair manual. I just 
need to know this since I am in the process of rebuilding my engine 
and I am up to the part of reinstalling the distributer and setting 
all the valves. Thanks in advance.


--- In, "Dave Swingle" <dswingle_at_dml_e...> wrote:
> --- In, "DMC Joe" <dmcjoe_at_dml_a...> wrote:
> > To position the #1 cylinder at TDC, with the aid of an assistant, 
> bump the
> > starter via the ignition switch or put the car in gear and push 
> car
> > until the crankshaft pulley #1 cylinder notch is lined up with 
> #1
> > cylinder plate notch. Reinstall the distributor by positioning 
> rotor
> > approximately 30 degrees clockwise of the #1 reference notch in 
> rim of
> > the distributor. 
> ---- there's one more detail. You have to make sure that you are on 
> the compression stroke (both valves closed) - it's a 4-cycle 
> Dave


Message: 2
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:44:50 -0000
From: "Erik Geerdink" <>
Subject: Re: Sunroof?? Hood Scoop???

Wouldn't that make the door very fragil?  also, that would look like 

--- In, "Walter" <Whalt_at_dml_a...> wrote:
> I have heard many crazy stories at car shows.  I've heard the 
sunroof story
> too.  A teenager told me that he used to have a Delorean and it 
came with a
> small sunroof in each door.  He thought they were aftermarket.  I 
thought he
> was telling a tall tale.  If they exist, maybe someone has some 
> Walt    Tampa, FL


Message: 3
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:10:24 -0000
Subject: Re: Sunroof?? Hood Scoop???

 The sunroof would probably look okay (on the inside) and brighten up 
the black interior cars, but I think they would look pretty
from the outside. Plus wouldn't a sunroof seriously take away from
structural integrity of the door itself? Besides adding weight and 
making the doors need a t-adjust? I think it's just a joke but it 
would be very interesting at the very least.

 -Nate Skalsky
  no vin - not for long!


Message: 4
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 10:30:25 EDT
Subject: Re: Sunroof?? Hood Scoop???

I went on the site and checked out.  Thanks it gave me a good laugh.



Message: 5
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 13:44:06 -0000
From: " " <>
Subject: Re: Rattle in automatic transmission

There is no "O" ring or other seal for the trans dipstick at the top 
of the tube. There should be no clacking noises comming from the
of the trans. At the extreme front of the trans is the fluid pump 
which is turning all the time, It is driven by a shaft from the
and always turns at engine speed. It would either always make noise
not.This is a good time to take the car to someone who is familiar 
with the trans in the car to look at and can better tell what the 
noise is before ripping into the transmission. I think there is a
in florida that has worked on "D"s.Taking the pan off is a good idea 
but you may have trouble getting a filter.Chances are if there is a 
problem inside then the damage is done just don't wipe out the case.

--- In, "Walter" <Whalt_at_dml_a...> wrote:
> David T,
> What I'm saying is that when the car is rolling forward, the 
> rattles.  When I hit the breaks, the rattle stops.  That is when
car is
> on the ground.
> When I pick up the rear of the car and try the same thing, the 
> still rattles when rotating the wheels by hand.  When running the 
engine at
> idle with transmission in drive, the transmission clacks when I
> break peddle.  Is this normal from a Delorean?
> The mounting bolts look fine.
> The c-v boots look good and the joints 'feel' okay as they turn.
> The transmission fluid level looks normal and not burnt.  Shouldn't 
there be
> an o-ring or gasket around the top of the dip stick or tube?  Sand 
from my
> dirt driveway is getting in there even though the dip stick was 
> properly.
> I don't know how to check the fluid in the final drive, so I'll
> that.
> I haven't removed the cover on the torque converter, but this is
> the rattle is coming from.  It sounds like it is coming from the 
front of
> the transmission.
> I looked at the trailing arm bolts, and I'm not really sure which 
ones those
> are.  I suppose they are the ones going through a large rubber
> grommet/spacer with some shims?  Those look fine.
> I went to high school with a guy who has turned into a transmission 
> I've had him rebuild transmissions before, and he has worked on 
> before, too.  I discussed it with him, and he (of cour$e) says to 
bring it
> in.  But first he is going to order a filter & gasket.  He says
> shouldn't have any problem getting a filter even though people on 
the DML
> say otherwise.
> Once this noise started, I was about 1000 feet from home, so I just 
> gently the rest of the way home.
> I'm wondering if I should have the car towed to the transmission 
shop.  I
> don't want to cause more damage by driving it.
> So transmission noises are definitely bad? (sigh)
> Walt    Tampa, FL


Message: 6
Date: 7 Oct 2000 13:02:01 -0000
Subject: Reminder - British Car Show - Raleigh, NC

We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.

British Car Show - Raleigh, NC 

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2000 
Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM EDT (GMT-04:00) 

British Car Show at the Airport Mall in Raleigh.  Next to the
Raleigh/Durham Int. Airport on Airport Blvd.