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1. Re: DeLorean biography (Was Sad comment.)
From: Mark Noeltner <>

2. back firing, no start

3. Re: Delorean Dealer Sign
From: "DMC Joe" <>

4. Help needed... need a part... any volunteers?
From: "Danrc30" <>

5. The Resurrection of Vixen Continues...
From: "Dave Stragand" <>

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 18:41:29 -0500
From: Mark Noeltner <>
Subject: Re: DeLorean biography (Was Sad comment.)   This is a search service for 100's of small
bookstores. Just type delorean into the search box and you'll get lots of
hits. Most of the books can be had for under $10 in good readable
condition. A bit more for a decent collectable copy. Still considerably
cheaper than eBay normally. Bibliofind is now owned by Amazon. Basically
they bought it so that they could have free acess to the database for their
service mentioned below. Save the middle-man price and buy it direct from
the small dealer.

Mark N

At 10:19 AM 10/16/00 +0200, you wrote:
>On Fri, 13 Oct 2000 10:04:22 -0400, Sternbach, William [IT] wrote:
>> I have found it impossible to buy a biography of John Delorean from all
>> of the bookstores (Amazon.Com, Barnes &, Borders,
>>, etc).
>Have you tried the Amazon 'out-of-print search service'? They found
>out-of-print books for me as well. Very helpfull.


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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 20:06:00 EDT
Subject: back firing, no start

    My car started to get hard to start about 2 months ago and would take 
more and more time to turn over until it finally wouldnt about 2 days later.  
    Since the car sat for so long before I got it I thought there might be 
corrosion in the ignition distributor and other ignition components.  I took 
the cap off and there was a little bit of corrosion so I removed dist and had 
it cleaned.  I put it back in and had the correct notch(opposite notch at 
7:30 position) on the pully lined up with the "0" notch on the plate, and I 
made sure the rotor was pointed to the #1 cylinder firing position.   I put 
in new plugs, rotor,cap and wires as long as I had the intake off.
    It will not start now.  I just get backfires out of the intake when I 
turn it over.  I checked all of the vacuum lines and they are tight.  I see 
that the canister in the rear pontoon has the cap missing from the port that 
does not have a hose going to it. is it necessary to have the cap on it?  any 
suggestions would be greatly appreciated on what my problem could be
Thank You
David has great spark and is getting fuel......


Message: 3
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 21:18:52 -0400
From: "DMC Joe" <>
Subject: Re: Delorean Dealer Sign


It all depends on what type of sign it is. There were several different
dealership signs, the least expensive are fabric, next are rigid surface
mounted flat signs and others are large double sided internally illuminated
signs. Let me know which one your looking at and I'll see if I can come up
with a value.

"We're here to help you"

DMC Joe / De Lorean Services / <>
Web Site: <>

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From: William F. Lane <>
To: Delorean E-group <>
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 12:38 AM
Subject: [DML] Delorean Dealer Sign

> Can anyone in the group give me the value of a Delorean Dealer Sign?  I
> think I have located one.  Although I'm not sure if it is for sale, I
> would like to have an idea of it's worth before contacting the owner.
> Thanks,
> Bill Lane
> Vin 3635


Message: 4
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 21:15:40 -0400
From: "Danrc30" <>
Subject: Help needed... need a part... any volunteers?

Ok, as many of you know, I like to make stuff for DeLoreans... well, my DeLorean usually. But this time, I'm going to attempt to make something that can be offered to others in the DeLorean community. What I'm going to attempt to make is a new airdam for the car out of fiberglass, with a black gelcoat. It will look exactly like the original in shape, except it will be a little lower... a few inches maybe. I think this will look extremely sleek. I'm also going to attempt to incorporate air ducts to the front wheels, and fog/drivinglight holes in them as well. 

Now, what I need from someone... I need a donor airdam. I don't want one that is new. I want one that someone can sacrifice for this cause because there is a possibility that it will get ruined in this process. The perfect donor airdam will be one that was removed from a car and all the rusty bolts were broken off in the process. The ideal airdam will be in good condition otherwise. The better the condition on the outside, the better the fabricated ones will be. In exchange for the donor airdam, I will supply the donator with my new, redesigned airdam for a price of what the materials alone cost me... which will be a great deal cheaper than what they will sell for due to the labor involved. I will make each by hand, and they will be of short supply. (This is assuming that this project works of course. No guarantees.) One thing I can guarantee is that if it does work, they will be top notch in quality. I don't do things half-assed. I think those who have seen my work can attest!
 to that. :-)

So, if you're interested in helping me, write me privately at Danrc30(at) Thanks.


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Message: 5
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 20:50:50 -0400
From: "Dave Stragand" <>
Subject: The Resurrection of Vixen Continues...


It's been about two months since my last update.  I've been eBaying like
crazy, and raised another $4,700 toward the Vixen Restoration Fund.  For
those of you keeping score at home, that makes about $17,000 (give or
take) to get her back on the road.  I still have an entire dining room
full of Mac parts that should more than cover the rest of the funds I'll
need for the job.

I haven't quite been sitting on my heels though.  I was waiting for Dave
Bauerle to pick up my body panels.  He was supposed to be coming through
Pittsburgh, and was going to pick them up on the way.  However, he never
made it out here, so I rented a U-Haul trailer and took my doors,
T-panel, and RR quarter down to him at the end of September.  He still
has them now, and is working on them as we speak.

While I'm waiting, I decided to pick up a few items, including new front
and rear fasicas, rear window, shift boot, reproduction key, and
binnacle from DMC Houston.   I'm also in the process of getting the
wheels powder coated, in preparation for the four new AVS Intermediates
from Tire Rack.

The local welding shop welded the oxygen sensor bung onto the LR
"macaroni" turbo exhaust pipe (but he forgot to drill the hole first.
D'oh! Guess I forgot to tell him).  I also got him to weld new studs on
the front fascia retainer, and likewise weld six studs on my homemade
air deflector brackets (pictures soon, hopefully) -- I made them out of
some bolts and the folder-hanging frame from my desk drawer at work.

I'm also back to my mad scientist phase on the turbos.  I found a way to
possibly cram a couple of intercoolers in there, made out of (and y'all
are going to love this) some Model T Ford parts, at a total cost of
around $44.  I'll keep you posted.  =)

Sooo... Now that I have rediscovered the D that was hiding underneath of
all that eBay stuff, I have the following things left to do.

1)  Repair and repaint engine cover and louvers
2)  Paint trunk compartment.
3)  Rebrush and install all stainless.
4)  Finish air conditioning, and fix leaking valve cover gasket.
5)  Install new windshield and rear window.
6)  Restore and install windshield moldings.
7)  Purchase and install new seat covers and carpeting, door seals, and
a few other interior components.
8)  Alignment.
9)  Engine tuning, and possibly a chassis dyno test.
10)  Pennsylvania state inspection.

Of course, after all that's done, I'm probably going to rip the engine
apart to put the new machined heads and manifold on, but that's a whole
other story.  =)

-Dave Stragand
VIN #05927