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1. Re: Rust
From: "Scott" <>

2. Re: magazine featuring DeLorean
From: "yugoman" <>

3. Re: Question onNew Antenna Electrical Connections
From: James Espey <>

4. Repair shops\ battery cut off switch\ cooling fan question

5. Re: Boston Area repair shops?

6. Re: New Fenders
From: "Michael Babb" <>

7. Delorean Limited Edition
From: "Cecil Longwisch" <>

Message: 1
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 15:28:28 -0400
From: "Scott" <>
Subject: Re: Rust

Just a thought...

I was wondering if the "Spray In" approach or Linex would be a good idea for
frame rust prevention
and overall durability, and worry free care.  (I am reffering to the spray
on bedliner material)

Ive seen it done on Boats, Aluminum, Wood ets you name it

Any thoughts

Scott Duke
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From: JDL <>
To: DeLorean Motor Company Internet Newsgroup <>
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 11:03 AM
Subject: [DML] Rust

>How difficult is it to remove the rust from a DeLorean frame.  It is an
issue most of us will have to deal with when the epoxy cracks and water gets
in.  Naval Jelly/Converter can convert all rust on a frame to a black inert
oxide.  A number of coatings are available that work much better than the
old epoxy.  And frames can be welded to add extra strength if needed.  Has
anyone on here done this in the recent past (5-15 years) with success and
>David Levey
>PS-  If anyone wants to go to the Mark DeLorean fundraiser featuring a
visit by John Z, April 12th, please let me know.  If you have already
requested an invitation, you should have it or it should be on the way...
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Message: 2
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 15:50:24 -0400
From: "yugoman" <>
Subject: Re: magazine featuring DeLorean

My local book store never heard of the magazine. Where can I get one?
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From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 10:36 PM
Subject: [DML] magazine featuring DeLorean

> In the April edition of "Im-Practical Classics" on page 108 there is a
> cartoon of a man in a junk yard buying parts for his RHD DeLorean.
> "If the door locks on your DeLorean are broken, look no further than the
> Austin Allegro for your replacements."
> BTW we should send in letters to the editor for some of the incorrect
> information published in this article. "the plastic steering wheel looks
> tacky and cheap." These wheels were prototypes from the suppliers without
> leather ONLY for engineering purposes. I have photograph of a warranty tag
> from VIN 710 replacing this wheel for a production wheel with leather.
> Also the "Live the Dream" advertisement uses incorrect photographs of the
> preproduction car instead of the factory car.
> Additionally, the section "The Lotus Position" lists the incorrect title
> Ivan Fallon & James Strodes book.  The Book title is actually "Dream
> The rise and fall of John Z. DeLorean."  This is a great read with
> in-depth detail.
> Ever wonder why DeLorean never put a picture of the car in his biography?
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Message: 3
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 15:16:49 -0600
From: James Espey <>
Subject: Re: Question onNew Antenna Electrical Connections

Steve -

You should have received a set of instructions with the antenna - i 
am emailing them to you separately as a PDF file - let me know if you 
have any further questions....

James Espey
DeLorean Motor Company
Houston, Texas


>I just bought a new automatic antenna from Houston to replace mine that
>stopped going up and down.  The old antenna had a separate single yellow
>wire along with a white wire with a brown wire in a special connector.  The
>new antenna has a red wire, a blue wire, and a short black wire.
>Anyone know how I'm supposed to make the connections ?
>Steve Pattison


Message: 4
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 18:32:19 EDT
Subject: Repair shops\ battery cut off switch\ cooling fan question

Fellow DMCer's,
I am compiling the repair shop list, so this is last call, please send in any 
shops you want listed.( to The number of shops has fallen 
off the last few weeks. I still have many states not listed, so if you 
haven't sent one in please do so in the next few days.
 As a reminder this is a list of shops that we as owners have used and are 
happy with. They will be listed by state. Please include name of shop,phone 
numbers, address, and a contact person. The final list will be linked at the 
DML main page.
I missed out on the battery cutoff switch, so after calling almost every auto 
parts store, I found one at of all places an RV supply store. They have them 
for the side post terminals.
Last a question, my cooling fans as of late only come on for about 5 sec. and 
then cut off. The cycle repeats about every min. This is with the ac off. In 
the past the cooling fans seemed to kick on for a few min and then kick off. 
Any help?
Bruce Battles
Vin #06569


Message: 5
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 18:42:52 EDT
Subject: Re: Boston Area repair shops?

In a message dated 4/5/00 11:04:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< wondering if anyone  knows where I can get reliable and resonable D 
repairs done in the  greater Boston area. >>

You're wise to check this out.  It's great that there are shops that 
specialize in just the De Lorean, but it isn't always practical for most 
owners to pop over to one for something fairly routine like servicing the air 
conditioner. So look around first.  If you can't find a good mechanic... wait 
until you can, or you may face a lot of frustration.  Before I bought my D, I 
asked Volvo owners who they used, and eventually selected two shops to try.  
The first, a "foreign car" specialist,  told me he had owned a D and liked 
it.  To replace the 4 brake hoses, (which I supplied,) and the under the car 
coolant hoses, plus an oil change, (I supplied the filter,) took 3 days and 
cost me just over $600. The next day, I noticed that the brakes were still 
mushy.  He had flushed it, but hadn't noticed that the master cylinder looked 
like a relic from the Titanic. :(
The second guy is a local, well respected mechanic who's done a little of 
everything including Maseratis.  He fixed my brakes, unfazed by the frozen 
rivnuts and corroded master cylinder. He overtorqued my front lugnuts, but 
apart from that has been fast, fair priced, and accurate.  For more 
complicated problems, I'll make an appointment at my well respected but 
not-real-close D repair shop.  

Bridgeton, NJ


Message: 6
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 16:56:24 -0600
From: "Michael Babb" <>
Subject: Re: New Fenders

I have several items on the way from them.  When I get them, I will let the
list know what I think.  So far they have been incredibly nice to work with,
and have been open to new ideas and innovations. . . I am going to be
working with them in the near future on a shift plate made of stainless
steel as well.

Michael Babb

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From: "corry bailey" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 9:04 PM
Subject: [DML] New Fenders

This company says that they can make new fenders and misc metal parts
for the DeLorean.  They also mention they can gold plate the car.
anyone tried their products?


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Message: 7
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 19:22:08 -0400
From: "Cecil Longwisch" <>
Subject: Delorean Limited Edition

Has everyone on the list got their Limited Edition model from Lee? There
hasn't been much talk about them. I have written emails to him without a
response and since I paid in full two years ago I am getting concerned.

Cecil Longwisch
IL  DMC1982