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1. Memphis Delorean

2. Re: Radio Bracket Removal: A few questions.
From: Marc A Levy <>

3. Delorean Car Show Update (virus free)

4. update on wrecked DMC
From: "Louie Golden" <>

5. Fascia bolts- WAY TO FIX

6. (unknown)
From: Aaron Posey <>

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 22:02:18 EDT
Subject: Memphis Delorean

Fellow DML'ers,

I thought that I would alert any potential buyers to a DeLorean in the 
Memphis area that is for sale.  It is an 81, black interior, with 15,000 
miles.  I have not seen it, but if anyone is interested, I would be happy to 
go look at it for you.  The asking price is $12,000 OBO.  E-mail me privately 



Message: 2
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 09:30:07 -0400
From: Marc A Levy <>
Subject: Re: Radio Bracket Removal: A few questions.

So, this would imply that there there is a way to install the jumper
such that the lights will be on the the 25% dim mode (without the use of
a external resistor).  Is this true Joe?

Also, does anyone have answers to my other questions...  Where does that
red wire go? and are there replacement (or improved) dimmer controls
around, what are the specifications of this part?

DMC Joe wrote:
> If your car is wired properly the panel lights should dim approximately 25%
> when the main headlight/parking light switch is in the "on"position.

> ----- Original Message -----
Marc A Levy wrote:
> I replaced my Radio bracket this weekend with a replacement "DIN" cut
> one.


Message: 3
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 10:17:58 EDT
Subject: Delorean Car Show Update (virus free)


Well as of Yesterday we have 76 cars registered for the show.
This is well ahead of the pace I had for the last show at this time (57) so 
with any luck we will be near the 100 mark.  I still need 24 so if you 
haven't registered then PLEASE do.  We Added Conneticut to the list so we are 
up to 26 States.

This promises to be the most unusual collection of DeLoreans ever.

Also if those of you driving your cars to the show but did not plan on 
entering it for judging I would like you to park your cars with the others. I 
will have an area for you. Also could you e-mail me that the car will be 
there so I can get a more accurate count  thanks.

The instructions are being mailed today so if you do not received them by 
Friday you may want to give me an e-mail.  Check the cruise information.  the 
early registrations did not have the Thursday events so I had to make a few 
assumptions there.  If youneed to change no problem just e-mail me or Mike.

Virus Update

I have rerun the antivirus program numerous times and tested the system so I 
am sure its gone.  Sorry for any inconveniences as you know the virus stole 
my password and everything was sent out within minutes.  I did find out the 
source and that computer has been cleaned as well.

I have removed my ms host so I cant receive vbs programs (common virus 
attachment) and done other things to try to prevent a repeat.

Thanks and hope to see you all there.

<A HREF=""></A>



Message: 4
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 15:14:24 -0200
From: "Louie Golden" <>
Subject: update on wrecked DMC

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my inquiry about the wrecked DeLorean on e-bay. I got over 10 e-mails! I have been talking with the seller, inquiring as to the extent of  the damage of the car. It turns out that it is merely surface damage, no frame damage. The control arm is only slightly bent and is easily straightened. He has all the facia and grill peices (not installed) and all it would need is $3000 in parts (fender, door, wheel). The car is in good runnig shape (he has been putting updates on it recently) and has been checked out by a mechanic recently. The interior is supposed to be in good shape too. The car he says just needs some cleaning. He has said twice that he is not sure of the car's real value. I think this is my chance to own a DeLorean for under $10,000. Am I being TOO optimistic? Is it still too risky to buy this car. I would love to hear some more opinions on this matter- Louie 

PS- I know there are several owners in NC on this mailing list- where do you take your cars when they need work done?

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Message: 5
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:43:46 EDT
Subject: Fascia bolts- WAY TO FIX

Hello List,
    Today I decided to fix my broken fascia bolt problem.  Rather than 
cutting out the old stud plate and glueing in a new one I decided to do the 
    I went to the hardware to get bolts like some of you reccomended.  I 
thought I would have to remove the plate because the bolt head would take up 
too much space glued on top of it.  While I was at the hardware I found nice 
stainless steel countersunk Phillips head bolts.  I first cut the the 7 studs 
along the bottom down, and grinded them them down flush to the surface of the 
metal plate.  They had the countersunk head so I did not have to grind the 
plate off and glue them to the plastic.  I bought expoxy and set the 
countersunk bolts right onto the existing plate with "locktite" auto epoxy.   
withing 5 minutes the bolts were set and would not move.  The whole process 
took 25 minutes and less than $9.00 for the materials(cutting wheel,epoxy,SS 
bolts and nuts)

just wanted to let you know how it went.  Rather than cut the whole plate out 
and glue to the actual fascia I would just glue it to the steel with a 
countersunk phillips head bolt. 


Message: 6
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 22:45:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Aaron Posey <>
Subject: (unknown)

Hello all,

I just purchased a Delorean with a few minor kinks.  First
the windows are stuck shut but when I hit the button I hear
the motor working. How do I get them unstuck? Second if I
use tht power locks it kills the car and it does not seem
to want to start if it is locked.  What do I do? Third when
I drive it I hear a slight tapping sound in the insrtument
cluster. What is that? Fourth, the previous owner filled
the car up for me and the needle points straight up, not to
the 4/4. Is that normal? Since this car has 455 miles, is
there anything else I should check? These are the only 4
items I have noticed.  It starts up first try and purrs
like a kitten! I haven't had a chance to drive it fast,


Aaron Posey 
'81 03202
455 miles to date

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