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1. Re: Crashed
From: Cliff Andrews <>

2. JZD in Men's Health
From: "Ryan Stroschein" <>

3. Re: '00 DeLorean?
From: James Espey <>

4. Re: '00 DeLorean?

5. Cleveland Code of Conduct

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 17:35:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cliff Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Crashed

Ill have pictures emailed to you saturday night of the


--- Dan RC30 <> wrote:
> Having a friend who worked in the QAC in NJ, I think
> I can respond to this 
> e-mail with some certainty.
> My friend told me many stories of repairs he had to
> do on the cars that 
> entered the QAC. One story in particular was
> swapping the frames for 3 or 4 
> cars (can't remember exactly which it was). He said
> that these cars were 
> delivered with damage to the eye hooks/loops on the
> frames. During the 
> transport, the seas were rough, and all of the
> rocking of the boat caused 
> the loops on the frames to be ripped off. He told me
> that the chassis on 
> these cars were swapped... he added that the crews
> did all of the swapping 
> on one weeks time. Pretty fast huh? Anyway, the
> point is that many cars did 
> come in damaged from transport, but they were
> repaired. Panels were swapped 
> at the beginning, but it was discovered early that
> panels with minor damage 
> could be repaired and they were. He said that he
> repaired some panels 
> himself on cars. As far as totalled cars, I can't
> say for sure, but I would 
> guess that they were dismantled and used to repair
> other cars with damage, 
> or put into a parts supply stock. I'll have to ask
> him what happened to cars 
> that arrived with extensive damage. I'll let you all
> know if I find anything 
> out.
> ---Dan Vin# 5493-Black/Gold? Well, not after this
> weekend...ugh... :o(  
> That's a whole other story I'll get into when I
> can...
> >From:
> >Reply-To:
> >To:
> >Subject: [DML] Crashed
> >Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 22:36:03 EDT
> >
> >
> >
> >Dear DML,
> >
> >     I need your help.
> >Please look at your car with the doors closed. Pay
> particular attention to
> >the Gap between the door and the front fenders.
> >
> >     How many of you have a more pronounced gap at
> the sill area?
> >
> >     I have been trying to research what ever
> happened to DeLorean cars 
> >that
> >were damaged while inside the cargo ships en route
> to the United States. 
> >Some
> >of these DeLoreans had intensive damage.
> >
> >     I have a contact that worked at the QAC's. He
> said a number of 
> >DeLorean's
> >suffered from damage. He was responsible for
> chassis damaged. He simply had
> >the chassis replaced since there was a continuous
> supply of chassis.  He 
> >had
> >knowledge of destroyed cars and cars that were a
> total loss. He went on to
> >say, how the cars were thoroughly inspected,
> repaired, replaced damaged 
> >parts
> >and rebuilt to be sold. This seems evident
> especially in the early days.
> >
> >     However, I have seen photographs of DMC-12's
> that had severe, 
> >extensive
> >damage in the front areas of the cars. The bonnet
> area looked beyond 
> >repair.
> >The damaged resulted from chains that secured the
> cars down, breaking free
> >and the cars sliding into each other.  The VIN
> numbers in the photographs
> >indicate that the cars were built in Sept of 1981.
> I.e. VIN # 3000-3999.
> >
> >     The purpose of my inquiry is to determine why
> the Body panels of cars 
> >in
> >this VIN # range are out of alignment. My
> determination is to conclude that
> >these cars either;
> >
> >     1. Had suffered from lack of door shims at the
> factory. This would
> >conclude that the factory was running out of stock,
> or changed the
> >specifications for the shims. This resulted in
> doors completely out of
> >alignment.  ((Look at the area of your car with
> doors closed. The "Gap"
> >between the front fenders and the doors))
> >
> >     2. The more probable, cars damaged during
> shipment, and repaired at 
> >the
> >QAC's. The cars having the stainless steel panels,
> or VARI sections 
> >replaced
> >at the QAC in Long Beach or New Jersey.  Resulting
> in body panels out of
> >alignment. However, the really early, and late
> VINs' seem to have the 
> >panels
> >aligned.
> >
> >So did the company have damaged cars
> repaired/rebuilt to be sold, or did 
> >they
> >have them destroyed since the cars looked totaled?
> >
> >Your input is very much appreciated.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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Message: 2
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 01:39:02 -0000
From: "Ryan Stroschein" <>
Subject: JZD in Men's Health

I finally went back and found this.  On page 104 of the March 2000 
issue of Men's Health there is a quote from John DeLorean regarding 
the future of cars.

Sorry I don't have a scanner, but the clipping follows:

"Q: What is the future of cars?
John DeLorean: There are some exciting things going on with hybrid 
technology (an internal-combustion engine combined with a second 
energy source).  But don't count out gasoline as the main fuel -- 
because of the multi-jillion dollars that have been invested in its 
production.  The resources for the foreseeable future are out to 60 
years.  So, I don't think cars are really going to change all that 
drastically; after all, they've hardly changed at all over the last 
60 years.  The major innovations have been very few -- air-
conditioning, power steering, power brakes, and the microchip."


Message: 3
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 19:44:13 -0600
From: James Espey <>
Subject: Re: '00 DeLorean?

While setting up our online store, we calculate that to build a 
DeLorean from parts alone, would run about $140,000, not including 

Realistically, when asked what it would cost to build a "new" 
DeLorean from the parts we have, we usually quote a figure of 
$75,000. No takers yet.

Our fully refurbished and warranteed DeLoreans for $29,500 are the 
closest thing to a new DeLorean today, IMO. Compared to the prices 
quoted by others online, it's a bargain as well...

James Espey
DeLorean Motor Company
Houston, Texas


>I've heard that a new "standard" Chevrolet or Ford built out of a dealership
>parts department would cost in excess of $1,000,000 (unconfirmed).  From the
>prices I've seen for "replacement parts" I believe that.  Given 
>that, I imagine
>a complete "new" DeLorean built from "new" parts, even if possible, 
>would easily
>cost in excess of that amount.  But if you have a spare mil or so, go for it!

> > Mike Substelny wrote:
> >
> > Robert Greenhaw wrote:
> >
> > > Since DMC Houston owns the huge parts warehouse, could/would
> > > they build a DeLorean for someone from the ground up if a person
> > > commissioned them to?
> >
> > You should ask them!  I expect that the answer is YES.  With enough
> > money, anything is possible.


Message: 4
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 22:37:52 EDT
Subject: Re: '00 DeLorean?

In a message dated 6/8/00 9:29:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I've heard that a new "standard" Chevrolet or Ford built out of a 
 parts department would cost in excess of $1,000,000 (unconfirmed).  From the
 prices I've seen for "replacement parts" I believe that. >>

    I remember my economics teacher giving us a similar example.  He said 
that the cost to build a brand new $20,000 car from parts would cost 10 times 
the price of the car, according to him that would mean $200,000.  He didn't 
say what kind of car it was though (i.e.... Ford or Chevy).  Makes you think 
about the mark up for replacement parts that dealerships get to charge to 



Message: 5
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 23:34:32 EDT
Subject: Cleveland Code of Conduct

Dear DML, 

    I belong to another exotic car list, and I came across this. I thought 
that it would be beneficial for those of us going to Cleveland and Beyond.

Read This Carefully.

Joe Martz ( has owned 2 NSX's plus several Italian exotics. 
He recently posted this to the Ferrari list and I thought it was worth 

This morning waiting for F1 qualifying, I ginned-up the following as a 
personal code for myself. I don't intend this for anyone else, and you have 
the lovely gift of free-choice to decide on your own about these things. That 
said, I thought others here might be interested. As a code for myself, I 
might not always meet the standards I outline. But I firmly believe in 
self-improvement and all that stuff, so here goes...

My personal code of conduct as an exotic owner
( Copyright 1998

My cars will always be clean and well-presentable. I will ensure that my cars 
are in the highest state of mechanical condition and maintenance. Exotics as 
indeed rare, and to see one is a special experience. I have an obligation to 
present these cars to others at a high standard.

I will always be polite, courteous, and friendly. I will not talk down to or 
ignore anyone, and I will cheerfully answer all questions. Exotic owners 
wrongly suffer from a "snob" label. By actively and always countering this, I 
will strive to change this perception among all whom I met.

Where feasible, I will encourage inspection and observation of my cars. If 
someone is clean and courteous, I will encourage them to sit in my cars. I 
will actively encourage photographs. In-particular, I will encourage this 
among younger children. On occasion, I will offer rides to admirers under the 
appropriate circumstances.

With one exception (see 5, below), I will obey all traffic laws or local 
traffic customs. Especially, I will pass other cars only in marked, safe 
passing zones, and I will always respect traffic speeds and noise ordinances 
within city limits. I will always drive in a defensive manner to protect 
myself and my vehicle. I will not initiate nor will I respond to challenges 
to race my cars on open public roads. When asked to race, I will positively 
comment on the challengers car and invite them to inspect mine at an 
appropriate stopping point, while asking if I might see their

Operating my cars as Enzo, Soichiro and Ferruccio intended will occur only on 
open, rural routes free of heavy traffic or on appropriately designated race 
courses. On public highways, I will use my highest powers of observation and 
diligence to ensure that I place myself, my vehicles, and the public in no 
additional danger. I will be aware of the environment and road conditions, 
and I will not drive at excessive speeds on unknown or suspect roads. When 
approaching blind corners or hills, I will assume that an obstacle exists and 
will take appropriate defensive measures.

I will share my passion and excitement for exotic cars with others through 
community service and charitable events. I will actively seek out community 
organizations such as local police departments and schools and offer my cars 
for use in events such as DARE programs, homecoming parades, pep rallies, 
etc. Many communities have "Make a Wish" foundations for sick children. If 
given the opportunity, I will offer a day with myself and my cars to such 
organizations in an effort to brighten an otherwise trying life for someone 
less fortunate than I.

I will be honest and open with other enthusiasts, and I will accurately 
represent my cars to prospective owners and buyers. I will keep complete 
records, and I will always follow-up with purchasers of my cars to ensure 
that they continue to gain maximum satisfaction and appreciation for cars 
that I have owned and serviced.

I will always have a smile on my face when inspecting, driving, or showing my 
cars to others. I will never forget how fortunate I've been to own such 
automobiles and I will constantly remind myself that the future is uncertain, 
and that today may be as good as it gets.