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Date: Sunday, January 28, 2001 11:46 AM

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1. More Miami Vice DeLoreans
From: Shannon Yocom <>

2. Public Reaction

3. Reality check... (long, but informative...)
From: "Dan RC30" <>

4. FYI
From: "Ryan Schooling" <>

5. Re: [[Re: DMC engine upgrades]]
From: james sawyer <>

6. Engine mods on automatic worth it?
From: "Ace Underhill" <>

7. Cross Reference & Price

8. DML Rage [and ADMIN comment]
From: Dee Moats <>

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 22:37:49 -0800 (PST)
From: Shannon Yocom <>
Subject: More Miami Vice DeLoreans

To all and whom ever is keeping track - Tamir? . . .

I remember a while back, the talk of  a DeLorean on an episode of Miami Vice where Crockett & Tubbs's sergant "Castio" is leaning against a D in a drug deal while searching my friend Miami Vice archives for that episode we found another one titled "Glades". In that one there are 3 different DeLoreans in a small fishing town in the glades. All 3 are shown parked in one pan across the town - one with the passenger door up. Then one gets a close up. And later there are two more shots of one of them.
 Its kinda funny seeing them there . . .  besides Crockett's convertable they are the only cool looking cars in town.

Shannon Y
VIN# Not Yet!

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Message: 2
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:01:12 EST
Subject: Public Reaction

Hi Everyone.

Yesterday I took my '81 for its first drive out for a few months and had what has been the funniest (although potentially dangerous) reaction to date.

I needed to fill up eith fuel and so went to the local Tesco Supermarket which has its own petrol station. As i pulled up at a pump and got out I noticed that at the pump opposite was a young girl of perhaps 18/19 years old who was just filling up her Mini Cooper.
While I was filling the D, I couldn't help but get admiring stares from everyone at the fuel station, including this young girl. I then noticed that she was so overcome by either me or my car (I think the car) that she hadn't realised that her fuel tank was full and she was now just pumping petrol all over the garage forecourt and it took her a few seconds to realise what she was doing. As i said potentially very dangerous. Fortunately a station attendant noticed and covered up the spill with sand.

The girl was rather embarrassed and with the price of fuel in the Uk at the moment I bet I cost her a few pounds in spilt fuel.


Vin 02677
License plate DOC 16V


Message: 3
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:30:57 -1000
From: "Dan RC30" <>
Subject: Reality check... (long, but informative...)

I wanted to show everyone on the DML what the Lotus list had to say about 
the recent comments on how a DeLorean could be modified to keep up with, or 
outhandle an Esprit... I don't know about you, but I'm embarassed...

  Lotus actually did a large part of the design for DMC (DeLorean
Motor Company).  I don't know the full extent of it, but I do know
they designed the entire suspension.  I follow the DeLorean list
(planning on picking one up one day), and they almost seem to have a
little penis envy when it comes to Lotus IMHO.  There have been
threads recently claiming that the Delorean handles better than its
Lotus cousin.  I find that a little hard to believe. Regardless, it's
hard to take the comparison too seriously when the DeLorean motor is
only putting out about 130HP.
  I also believe that the Delorean body was styled by the same design
house that styled the first Esprit (Giugario).

-Gary G."<---snip

snip--->"Message: 8
   Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 15:36:05 -0800
   From: "Brad Sterling" <>
Subject: [NLC]Deloren

<snip Kevin>
From what he said, Lotus aided in developing the car. Does anyone know
if this is true?
<end snip>

I don't know about developing the car, but the Delorean had a dog of a Volvo
engine in it.  I think it had a Renault gearbox though.  I looked at a
couple of these since I'm struck by it's uniqueness on the road and in
design, but they're all show and no go.


snip--->"C'mon guys, how can you give such short shrift to the car that 
destroyed Lotus?

Lotus held the development contract for the DeLorean and was responsible
for its overall engineering.  When the project turned into a fiasco, it
was discovered that millions of pounds of subsidies from the UK government
were unaccounted for.  The stress of the subsequent investigation is what
finally broke Chapman, and is widely believed to have caused his untimely
death in 1982.  The silver lining is that the DMC development firmly
established Lotus's then-new consultancy arm, which has kept the company
alive ever since.

It is not an Americanized Esprit, although Lotus did design it around a
backbone chassis.  For one thing, the DeLorean is rear-engined, not mid.
I believe it was originally meant to use the Renault Alpine drivetrain
(also a rear-engine setup, and the origin of the current Esprit's
transaxle) but in the end, the wimpy normally-aspirated version of the
PRV (Peugeot-Renault-Volvo) V6 was used.

The handling is supposed to be something of a pig thanks to the
considerable weight and the high nose, but if you have an itch to get
one, this outfit is supposed to be the best around:


snip--->"Message: 23
   Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 14:34:17 -0800 (PST)
   From: Mark Rector <>
Subject: Delorean handling

Further to my earlier (late) posting someone said the
delorean had great handling, especially in the
I don't know what he drove but I've driven the
delorean a few times and it handles like a grocery
cart with an  over sized load of groceies for Rosanne
Barr!!!! Its a pig with way too much weight (the
stainless) and way too little power (the pedestrian
Puegot-renault-volvo engine of which the knowledgeable
Mr Hsu writes). Delorean had grandiose dreams of a
ceramic twin turbo engine with hundreds of HP....too
bad the performance didn't match the promise of the
looks... its still one of my favorite looking cars..My
friends sometimes overshadowed the Esprit, especially
when ever he opened those glorious doors.
Mark Wasting away in Espritaville!"<---snip


snip--->"Message: 4
   Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:28:40 -0800
   From: Larry Kjellberg <>
Subject: Re: Delorean handling

I bought a Delorean new in 81 while the factory was still running.  I
still have it today but haven't driven it in quite a while.  I grew up
in Duluth, Mn and learned to drive there so I'm pretty familiar with
driving in snow and ice.  The Delorean handles better in these
conditions than any other car I've driven.  I purchased it Omaha, Ne
where Ice storms are legendary.

I agree that it's underpowered, but then what car made in 1981 wasn't?
Back then 0-60 times below 10 seconds was considered fast.  The Delorean
has very heavy steering in parking lots and at low speeds, but then my
90SE isn't any better in those situations.  At 75 the Delorean has very
light steering and responds quite quickly to driver input.  Like any
other car, it has it's own pluses and minuses.  I've owned a number of
fairly exotic cars and they each are very unique.  My 90SE is vastly
underpowered compared to the enhanced Pantera I had 15 years ago.
(about 450hp/450ft lbs -- Throttle steering sure can be fun!)  But it
just requires a different approach when driving it.  And it's a blast to
drive, just different.

I did get a chance to drive other Deloreans back in the early 80's when
I was in the Delorean owners club.  There is a substantial difference
from car to car.  I can't say why, but Deloean owners have no problem
telling each others cars apart.  If the car you drove handled poorly it
may have been specific to the specific car.

Larry Kjellberg"<---snip

In a nutshell, we should not compare our cars to any other. I don't think 
that they fall into any catagory but it's own. If DeLorean owners keep 
trying to make the car seem like more than it really is, it will ultimately 
reduce the value of the car, and the owners will lose credibility. The car 
will also lose it's most valuable posession... it's uniqueness!!!

There was a comment made by Mark DiNunzio that was published by a local 
paper in Mesa Arizona on the 21st of this month. He said "Getting in my car 
is exciting every single time. The car gets so much attention. It's classy, 
sporty and elegant, but has a lot more personality that a Porsche." Now, I'm 
sure Mark had no bad intentions here, but it seems to portray that we are in 
a comparison war here... Like we need to prove something by comparing it to 
other cars like Porsche's. I agree with his comments, up until the Porsche 
comparison part. People, please... let's stop comparing our cars to others 
out there, and keep them unique. If they are unique, and there is nothing 
else like them on the road out there, then there is no competition, and our 
cars are the best at what they were designed to do. :-)

---Dan Vin#5493--- Unique!!!
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Message: 4
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 03:06:25 -0000
From: "Ryan Schooling" <>
Subject: FYI

In this months issue of the mens mag. Maxim there is an article on super 
cars and it has a funny little reference to JZD. In the article it has pic 
of a guy holding two huge money bags and next to it, it says "See you next 
week Mr. Delorean" not sure why but it made me laugh.
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Message: 5
Date: 27 Jan 01 10:19:59 PST
From: james sawyer <>
Subject: Re: [[Re: DMC engine upgrades]]

Thanks for the reply.  I have looked at the headers from across the pond and
those puppies look a little funkey (many people can't say the word funkey, but
I'm secure with my manhood :-) ).  I do not just want to take the car to
someone and give them a blank check and say build these.  It would be nice to
have a set price with some specs to go along with them.  It seems as though
when I take the car to get worked on (the things I cannot do) they think I am
made of money.  This exhaust upgrade is not really needed so I think the shops
will think "ah, mr moneybags" 

Oh well, thanks for you time John.

Bythe way if any one is looking for any type of electrical upgrade consider
John (SPECIAL T AUTO) and his fixes.  Plug in and go.  John even called me to
see how the install was going.
vin 4149

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Message: 6
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 13:00:29 -0600
From: "Ace Underhill" <>
Subject: Engine mods on automatic worth it?

I drove an automatic with the new engine mods around the Houston Airport
several times, and I
would say it IS quicker than my stock manual.  Worth it?  To me, YES!
I can't wait to try my 5-speed with the mods.  :- }
Kudos to DMC for researching new ways to have fun with the car, and keeping
the dream alive.

            -Ace Underhill-
Brilliant Screen Entertainment wrote:
> From what I understand (someone please correct me if I
> wrong) someone told me that the mods were worth doing on a Manual
> tranny and are not worth doing on an automatic. I was told that the
> automatic felt like it had the same power as a regular stock engine,
 > manual transmission Delorean?


Message: 7
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 15:24:08 -0000
Subject: Cross Reference & Price

Group, If your looking for a quick cross reference chart for the De 
Lorean metric/inches and vice versa, then go to my site and print it off. I put it on a page by it's 
self. I also put up a new price sheet also. 
John Hervey 


Message: 8
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 19:55:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Dee Moats <>
Subject: DML Rage [and ADMIN comment]

[MODERATOR NOTE - We completely agree. Please take personal complaints off-line. Healthy difference of opinion is fine, leave the personal stuff at the door. See the rules at  and   We may have been a little lax on this, but it often starts out relatively benignly and then escalates. ---Dave]

What with this DeLorean rage.  First it was copyright, next it was knocking
engine improvements and now Mr Grady steps in and knock a toung in cheek
comment.  I did not join this site to hear all this junk and personally I
would rather read about things DeLorean.  Am I alone? fin # 4434

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