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1. Looking for DMC Motor.
From: Marc A Levy <>

2. Canadian Meet?
From: "Drinkware" <>

3. Re: Renault Engines? Alpine A310, cousin of the DeLorean.

4. Re: Door Handles
From: "Walter" <>

5. Re: Fred Lockett

6. DeLorean Specialties Inc.

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:40:30 -0500
From: Marc A Levy <>
Subject: Looking for DMC Motor.

Does anyone have a rebuildable DMC motor they are willing to part with? 
Somewhere close to NJ would be best.

I'd like one that runs..  High mileage is OK, but none that have been

My motor has a cracked ring, but still runs OK.  I'd like to start rebuilding a
motor for replacement, but don't want to have the car out of service while I
leisurely rebuild.

Please contact me directly.




Message: 2
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 19:28:52 -0500
From: "Drinkware" <>
Subject: Canadian Meet?

Attention: Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, N.Y., Quebec, etc., Delorean owners/ lovers/believers:  Any interest in a May or June or "whenever",  get together in London, Ontario, Canada?  University town , population 330,000, lots of motel space, great food, (fancy or simple),  beautiful  large drive- through public park perfect for a static display, home of Labatt's beer, 3M, horse races, slots, golf, close to Lake Erie beaches (25 miles);  140 miles from Detroit; 75 miles from Port Huron, Mich; 175 miles from Buffalo, 1468 miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, perfect roads from all points. A foreign country and we speak the same language!  Your U.S.A. $100.00 is worth about $150.00 Canadian.

Never done this before, but may be interesting and possible if I can  get some volunteers to help. 

Please contact me privately. I do not want to overlap any other meet(s) being planned that are reachable by the areas mentioned. 

Just a thought!!. 

Marvin Stein,
tel: 519 - 434 - 1666
fax: 519 - 434 - 7071
924 Dundas Street
London, Ontario, Canada, N5W 3A1

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Message: 3
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 00:36:38 -0000
Subject: Re: Renault Engines? Alpine A310, cousin of the DeLorean.

Other then the exhaust system, and possibly fuel injection and 
manifolds, are there any differances between the engines used in the 
Alpines and the stock PRV's used in the D? According to an online 
listing, one of the factory owned Alpines is currently for sale for 
7,500. The owner states that the car has approx 200hp. From a photo 
of the car, the motor appears to be equipped with a K-Jetronic 
system. Does anyone know how this car was modified (new cams, higher 
compression, etc...)? Other versions of the PRV configuration that 
I've seen have been 3 double barrel Webber carbs, and 6 single barrel 
carbs. In otherwords, and the any mods that the Alpine A310 has that 
could be applied to the DeLorean?

vin 6585


Message: 4
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 20:12:46 -0500
From: "Walter" <>
Subject: Re: Door Handles


Are your scratches coming from a replacement metal door handle or an OEM
plastic one?

My passenger door has a replacement metal one that has scratched the door
very slightly on the front edge.  As long as I don't use gorilla force
pulling the door handle, then it doesn't touch.  I suppose I could file a
speck off the back, but then that would expose bare metal.  Otherwise I see
no adjustments.

The OEM plastic handle on my driver's door doesn't scratch.

The last time I had my passenger door apart, I noticed that the door handle
mechanism is held to the stainless skin by two penetrating threaded studs
with Nylox nuts.  One of these nuts was loose.  I tried to tighten it, and
the stud effortlessly snapped right off -- damn it!  The mechanism seems to
work fine with only one stud holding it, though.

I noticed that the replacement metal handle has a flat black finish that
does not match the door molding as well as the OEM plastic handle.  It's
just an observation, but it's not very obvious.

Since James Espey was bragging about the new handles, I just had to have a
set.  I talked to Warren at DMC Houston today to order them.  He says that
the new batch is waiting at customs and he should be able to ship them later
this week.  I'll let you know how I like them, but considering the
long-winded motor mouth that I am, that goes without saying :-)

Walt    Tampa, FL


Message: 5
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 01:51:24 -0000
Subject: Re: Fred Lockett

To DMC Joe and the DML, I look in on the List daily! Still dreaming up "Things for People Who Dream DeLorean." See you on the road, doors high and nose lowered. Fred Lockett - the DeLorean Pilot

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "DMC Joe" <dmcjoe_at_dml_a...> wrote:
> Fred  Lockett is long gone and so is his parts inventory. There is no "off
> the shelf" converter by-pass. Take your DeLorean to a reputable service
> dealer who works on performance and or racing cars. You might even find a
> local muffler shop that can do the job. Play it smart and get several (at
> least three) evaluations and estimates before you make a final decision.
> DMC Joe
> "We're here to help you"
> DMC Help / De Lorean Services / <dmchelp_at_dml_a...>
> Web Site: <>
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> Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2001 3:27 AM
> Subject: [DML] Fred Lockett
> > I have been reading thru my Delorean work magazines I got for X-mass and
> > noticed that Fred Lockett Sold alot of parts to modify DeLorean's...I was
> > wondering Does he still sell parts or might he have a few left to sell if
> he
> > is not in the DeLorean buisness?...Also Is Harry Ward still around and
> might
> > he have some leftover parts from his buisness? I hope this isn't a stupid
> > Question. But I have only been a owner since Fall of 99 and learn more
> about
> > the car everyday... Steve Francis. Vin 10676 MT.....P.S. Does anyone know
> > where i can get a Cat Converter by-pass pipe??? Here in Maine we have no
> > emissions testing and the DeLorean being a collector car woul be exempt
> from
> > Emissions testing in the future....Hope someone can awsner my
> > Questions....Steve...In Snowy Maine where it looks like us DeLorean Owners
> > will be able to Drive our cars by Mid-July....


Message: 6
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 01:57:44 -0000
Subject: DeLorean Specialties Inc.

Hello List! Just wanted to let you know that although the DSI is currently closed, I am available to DeLorean owners interested in the products and accessories we sold in the mid '80's and early '90's. Some items are still available and the balance of the inventory is in storage. Fred Lockett (The DeLorean Pilot) "Things for people who Dream DeLorean"