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Date: Monday, March 19, 2001 4:45 AM

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1. Renting your DeLorean
From: Les Huckins <>

2. Which OEM tire jack?

3. Fuel Sending unit

Message: 1
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 18:49:08 -0800
From: Les Huckins <>
Subject: Renting your DeLorean

I highly recommend movie studios, they have the deepest pockets of
anyone I've encountered.  Mall displays can make you a few bucks but you
have to stay and guard the car.  I rented my shop out to Warner Brothers
for a movie with Al Pacino, they paid me $2500 for the day and I got to
keep the shop open and go on with business.  I normally left at 3:00 but
they wanted my van in a shoot and offered me another $500 if I would
stay 'til 5:30...I did.



Message: 2
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 21:58:01 EST
Subject: Which OEM tire jack?

In a message dated 3/17/01 10:10:39 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Has anybody used their OEM tire jack,to change a tire,or should it 
 just be kept for orignialty,as it is a very funky type of jack, >>

Claude, yours is as early as anybody on the list, so I have question.  What 
does your handle look like?  Mine for my '82 is shaped like a long Ford Model 
T crank handle, and on paper I've seen '81's with a ratchet that fits over a 
stub.  But there also seems to have been a non-ratchet lever type with a rod 
handle and a "lollipop" end that fit over the stub, kind of like a closed end 
wrench.  I'm wondering if you, or anybody on the list, has one of them.  Off 
the top of my head, I don't think that's addressed in the DMC Houston 
Concours Manual either.  Only place I've seen it is on a very early parts 
book.  I wonder if those even made it into production?  Seems like a really 
hard way to crank up a car. Any comment, List members?  Anybody got one of 

Wayne A. Ernst
The New DeLorean Manuals Project
vin 11174


Message: 3
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 03:30:40 -0000
Subject: Fuel Sending unit

Does anyone know how to take apart this _at_dml_#$% thing? I see a nut at 
the bottom of the unit (under the filter screen) but it seems to be 
frozen on. As I try turning it I can see something turning with it 
inside the unit. I want to get in there to repair it as I can't dish 
out the dough at this time for the Zilla unit. Any hints?? I know 
that people will say that it may not last and may die in a year but 
that's the whole plan. I just need it to last just enough time so I 
can raise the cash for the Tankzilla.

Also: has anyone, with a manual tranny Delorean, had problems with 
their transmission mounts? I'm talking about the ones that bolt 
directly to the transmission. I have stress cracks on mine and it 
appears to have been repaired before. It's not cracking where the 
repair was made but in different areas. It looks like, on mine 
anyway, that it's common?? Looks like I am going to have to try and 
reinforce these mounts.

On another note, My restoration of 3365 is going smoothly so far, I 
have the frame back under the body and have the rear suspension fully 
assembled. The front is partially together and I have most of the 
cooling system in. Hopefully by next weekend I will be installing my 
engine/tranny and begin my adventure with the "rat nest" of wires and 
hoses in the engine compartment.



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