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Subject: [DML] Digest Number 507
Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 4:58 AM

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From: "Hank Eskin" <>

2. corrosion in my fuel system

3. Re: Louvre Latch
From: "Payne" <>

4. Re: Oil pan woes
From: "Payne" <>

5. Thoroughbred & Classic Cars article
From: Brian Henderlong <>

6. ASI radio wiring

7. DMC Tech - Final Update (LONG)
From: "David Swingle" <>

8. how to loosen fuel distributer screws

9. A Rare Find
From: Aaron Posey <>

10. RE: engine cover
From: "Fernando Dillard" <>

Message: 1
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:20:10 -0400
From: "Hank Eskin" <>

I've been looking at all these parts - and I have a few thoughts.

First, I'm curious what happened to the entire car, and why the guy is
parting it out piece by piece in such a hurry.

Second, I feel like I'm watching Quincy (err...maybe CSI)  or some gruesome
aftermath of a plane crash - and here are fragments of what's left of the
body.  I mean, the binnacle looks like a decapitated head with its eyes open
(the tach still at 2000 RPM, the fuel at 1/2 and the pressure and
temperature gauges still in the normal range).  It's almost like you can
piece together it's last dying moments.  The wiring harness looks like
intestine surgically removed for medical examination.   The armrests look
like limbs torn off in the accident.  The steering column looks like ROBOCOP
yanked it right out while it was still "alive".   It's a sad sight overall.

Finally, we can see that it was a manual/gray car with hood grooves without
a gas flap. How many of this combination was produced?  Any guesses (or real
info) behind the history of this car?

-Hank   #1619


Message: 2
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:37:32 EDT
Subject: corrosion in my fuel system

hello all,

today while dismantling my fuel system in the engine compartment, i removed 
all the injectors and hoses.  i have found light to mild levels of corrosion 
around the insides of the banjo fittings as well as in the inside of the 
injectors where the hollow bolt goes into.  fortunately the corrosion in the 
injectors does not extend down the shaft of it.  it's just where you can 
easily see if you peek down in it.  

should i be worrying about this?  the corrosion, again, is not severe, 
however i am concerned if this is common or if my fuel system needs major 
help.  all the hoses exibit some sign of this, and all the injectors do as 
well.  6 hoses and 6 injectors total to over $375, and i'd rather not spend 
this money if i don't have to because i could be looking at a new fuel 
distributer in my future if things don't go my way....

any thoughts or opinions?

oh yeah - my fuel distributer mounting screws are in there REALLY DAMN 
WELL!!!  i've been spraying Tri-Flow once an hour over the screw heads all 
afternoon and morning, and i tried to budge the screws again this evening, 
and i can't get any of them to move.  anyone else been in this situation? 
what did you do!?!?!?!?!?!

1982 DeLorean DMC-12 VIN#11596
Fargo, ND 58102

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Message: 3
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:25:12 -0700
From: "Payne" <>
Subject: Re: Louvre Latch

I have experienced the same thing.  It comes close to latching, but not
quite.  Me and one of the Honda Mechanics at my work spent nearly an hour
just trying to remount and adjust it so it would catch, but still no luck.
And it looks like the top of my louvre is damaged from somebody mounting it
too close to the roof and then shutting it before I owned it.  I've just
learned I'll probably have to accept it unless I try bending the bar it
catches on.  I have a great history of breaking things on my repair

# 2975
> Hi List,
> The latch on the louvre does not reach the catch on the engine compartment
> cover. I tried adjusting the catch but it still doesn't reach. Has anyone
> experienced this?
> Fernando


Message: 4
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:39:50 -0700
From: "Payne" <>
Subject: Re: Oil pan woes

The mechanic who looked at it suggested most methods of repairing the hole.
But the only reason I have to remove the oil pan is because the gasket is
leaking.  Granted it is a small leak and hasn't actually left any drips
behind, but I know I'll eventually have to do this.  I'll see how it goes,
but this doesn't sound like a fun method of removing the pan.  Plus now I'm
getting made fun of even more from all the people at my work who hate
DeLoreans.  I don't care, its' my dream and I'm living it.

Thanks for your help!



Message: 5
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:44:21 -0400
From: Brian Henderlong <>
Subject: Thoroughbred & Classic Cars article

The Spring 2001 issue of Thoroughbred & Classic Cars magazine features an
article with 2 or 3 good pictures of a recently-rediscovered DeLorean...
see page 34.


- Brian Henderlong / Tampa, FL
- DeLorean:
- Impala SS:


Message: 6
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 02:18:49 -0000
Subject: ASI radio wiring

Can anybody tell me which of the common wires on the ASI radio
go to which speakers?  I know the white/brown & white/red go to
the right speakers but which one goes to the front & which goes to
the back?  Same question for the white/green & white/orange
common left wires.  One final question: are the common wires
positive or negative?

John Yeoman


Message: 7
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 21:12:21 -0500
From: "David Swingle" <>
Subject: DMC Tech - Final Update (LONG)

I received the following from Wayne today. This should explain the current
status of DMCTech and the DMCNews tech section - separate efforts, each with
its own terms and conditions.

Should you feel the need to reply to this post PLEASE TRIM THE QUOTE.

Dave Swingle
From Wayne:

Sorry this took so long to respond. It's a complex issue and I've been
incredibly overloaded the last week or so!)  I won't recap anyone's
concerns,  they're in the archives... where you can "easily" find them.  ;)


I am withdrawing my plan to offer a free, easy to use, organized and EDITED,
CONDENSED compilation of the tech material contained in the back issues of
the DML, to be located in a separate file on the DML or DMCNews website.
Hopefully we can do something else- free, reasonably easy to use, organized
but UNedited and UNcondensed as explained below. The other fears expressed
on  the DML will, I trust, also be resolved by the statement below.

The rest of the DMCTech program will go forward as planned, accepting
material from original authors, which will be available on the DMCTech site
as the work progresses, and eventually, hopefully further edited and
compiled  into a printed format. Authors will retain copyright of their
original work while granting use, re-use etc. as set forth on the DMCTech
website, so that the text can be used or modified as needed, unlike the DML.


"The Fine Print" at reads IN PART: <<... the copyright for
EVERYTHING that ANYONE posts lies with them.....>>  In other words, the DML
claims no copyright over material submitted.

Based on prior experience of filing copyrights in the early '70's, I was
certain that they are not, unless a form and fee are filed with the US
gov't. and a copyright notice appears.  And since the original writers
freely and publically gave their information, presumably for the good of the
DeLorean community, I didn't expect any objections. Seems I was wrong.  I
was surprised to find, (especially since I believed them to be in the public
domain,) that a few people objected to posts being used in an edited,
condensed form without listing the author... though it means listing
hundreds of authors, multiplied by dozens or hundreds of places per author.
I know I myself ("deloreanernst") have probably posted a couple hundred
times. (Picture one of those research papers where the footnote section at
the bottom of each page consumes more acreage than the text above it.)  And
each quote the subject of a permission request.  Does ANYBODY actually want
to take on that project?  Not me. I was trying to produce a carefully
edited, concise, tech manual type of resource, not a "look ma, I'm famous"
assemblage where the signature line was more extensive than some of quotes
used, and the text looks more like a list of contributors than a repair

Last week I decided to double check at the Library of Congress copyright
website and found that due to a change in the law in 1978, some form of
copyright protection is automatic for some items, so YES, so far as I can
see, DML posts CAN be considered copyrighted by their authors.  So I'm
partially wrong on that one, too. Just for the record, procedures, methods
and unadorned facts CANNOT be copyrighted, although descriptions of them can
be. There's one I WAS right on!

If someone on the DML is serving a multiple life sentence and is ineligible
for parole for 99 years, maybe they'd like to undertake the task under those
conditions. Personally, I have a family, a church, a life, a business and a
very nice car   :o)  to spend my time on.

DAVE SWINGLE'S POSITION:  Quoted from an e-mail:
<<My feeling is that any material that is ever posted on the DML (i.e.
anything in the archive) is fair game to clip and reproduce on the
(DML/DMCNews) web page WITHOUT further authorization. It's been done since
the beginning in the form of the un-organized chron archive ("backissues"),
and people are familiar with that.  They post to the DML realizing that it
all goes there, forever. No one has EVER complained about that. That's why I
thought that the solution of using your efforts to compile the information
into a topically-organized form, and feeding it back to the dmcnews website,
was such an elegantly simple solution. No one could complain, since it is
the same information that is already there, on the same website. You have
just "mined" it out of the mess and reorganized it.>>

Dave went on to note that people seemed primarily to be reacting to the
editing and the DMCTech/Wayne Ernst copyright claim of EDITED material with
re-use in mind, so....

Individual messages on the DML can be copied and gathered together in a
separate, parallel section, similar to the regular DML digest format of
delivery of daily messages.  Not delivered, but deposited into the existing
DMCNews Tech section as a reference tool. With the author name intact, under
general headings to make the material easier to find.  Trimmed of non-text
material, as some of the moderators do, but not rewritten, condensed, edited
or spell-checked.  With NO COPYRIGHT CLAIMED by anyone other than the
original author, and no reuse or publication intended or permitted. That
shouldn't violate anyone's rights or pursuit of happiness.  Readers could
find a pile of related posts without being online for two and a half hours.
It would be an unedited string of posts, basically like what you see when
you run an internet search, except coming up in one chunk by topic,
pre-selected but not edited, and not pulling in a lot of extraneous posts.
A needle in a  smaller haystack. The original DML back issues would be
totally unaffected.  This would be an altogether separate parallel file. The
DMCNews Tech Digests would be no more edited than any other post to the DML,
but later material could be appended as it comes in,something not done to a
regular DML digest. Make sense? For the truly anal among us, I'll even
promise to leave the topic headings intact.  After all, why start a war of
words by changing a message title like "Re: (DML) I'm having a bad day" to
"Clutch keeps slipping" just because it's about a clutch that keeps
slipping?  It'll be cruder, redundant and more time consuming than it would
otherwise need to be, but that seems to be the best we can expect with the
current constraints. As for other worries: I can't make it or anything else
disappear off the DML.  And I can't "get rich" off of it. Not that I ever
expected to do any of those things...or could. Everybody satisfied?  I hope?
I think I can line up a tech-oriented owner or two to work on this through
DMCTech, though the number of actual volunteers I have heard from is less
than a dozen, and it remains to be seen who can follow through on what.

If the thought of a new, ever expanding DeLorean Tech-reference-only web
presence, and a revised and edited, up-to-date DeLorean manual series,
(rather than a needle in a smaller haystack,) still appeals to you as it
does to me, and you'd like to be part of a team working to produce it
WITHOUT our hands tied by clashing egos, there's still DMCTech.  As a result
of these new copyright considerations, what comes in original to DMCTech
will stay there, as a destination in itself, not posted to the DMCNews site.
Unless of course the writer opts to do so, which I certainly won't
discourage.  It's still the writer's property, to do with as they please, as
the DMCTech policy has always clearly stated.  And I don't think anyone need
concern themselves about DMCTech potentially rendering  DMCNews obsolete
tech-wise.  Any more than books are going to render CD's obsolete. Quite the
opposite, if I'm not careful.  Half a dozen people out of well over a
thousand on the DML sneezed, and DMCTech caught pneumonia.  Lumping in the
DMCTech site would also re-blur the lines about copyrightability since the
DMCTech policy is the exact OPPOSITE of the DML, to allow reuse, editing,
whatever needs to be done for usability.  And it clearly says so, so
everyone knows it up front, and can respond- or not respond- appropriately.

Conclusion: In accordance with DML policy, I'm not "taking" or "claiming"
anything from the DML.  And if you don't want to contribute anything to a
collaborative tech effort unless your name is in lights or you get rich...
don't send anything to DMCTech.  Fair enough?

Wayne A. Ernst
DMCTech Group
vin 11174


Message: 8
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:29:21 EDT
Subject: how to loosen fuel distributer screws

hey guys,

i know this sounds like a really stupid question, but it is in fact quite 

how the heck do you turn the three mounting screws on the fuel distributer so 
you can remove it?!?!  all day long i have been spraying them with Tri-Flow, 
then later today i bought some liquid wrench.   i still can't get them to 
turn and i don't want them to get stripped out.  i've tried many sizes of 
screwdrivers, using a wrench on a screwdriver for more torque, etc etc.  
anyone have any really good tips??  i gotta get this thing off! also i had my 
father  (who walks on crutches so he's got a LOT of upper body and arm 
strength) try his hand at it, and he gave up in fear of stripping the screws 

maybe my only option is renting or buying an impact wrench?

1982 DeLorean DMC-12 VIN#11596
Fargo, ND 58102

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Message: 9
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:33:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Aaron Posey <>
Subject: A Rare Find

Both Darren Decker and I are selling cars for other owners.
It so happens that the VINS are consecutive to each other.
I have VIN 2726 for sale and Darren has 2727. What are the
chances of this happening!?  This would be cool for someone
to buy both-- one to drive and one to restore! The cars are
only 3 1/2 hours apart from each other, so it would be easy
for one to pick them both up in the same day :) 

Aaron Posey

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Message: 10
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:13:10 -0700
From: "Fernando Dillard" <>
Subject: RE: engine cover

You can get to them from inside the car. The rear panel must be removed. 
You can get to the bolts by removing or loosening the plastic trim underneath 
the rear window.

----- Original Message ----- 

From: Lynn Metz  
Subject: [DML] engine cover

With recent talk of the Louvre, I have an engine cover 
question.  How do I tighten the bolts that connect the engine cover to the body?

Brian Vin #16584


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