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1. Oil Filter photos
From: "David Swingle" <>

2. Re: A/C compressor

3. Insurance for DeLorean in NJ (FOLLOW UP)
From: "FARIS ASMAR" <>

4. Re: Antifreeze

5. Re: 88mph question (seriously)
From: Dee Moats <>

6. Re: 88mph question (seriously)
From: "Jim Reeve" <>

7. [humor] the best oil filter from a sensible source
From: "Walter" <>

8. Oil filters (still need clairification)
From: "Walter" <>

9. Re: How to get the Angle Drive off?
From: "Chris Parnham" <>

10. Re: Re: oil filters Revised

11. * Trailing Arm Bolts - SUMMARY

12. Re: Dusty RHD car.
From: "Chris Parnham" <>

13. Re: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ- Call here....

14. RE: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ (FOLLOW UP)
From: "Greg Bell" <>

15. Fuel Problems.
From: "Matthew Walker" <>

16. RE: NOSE BRAS for DeLorean: Brand New, Super Heavy Duty
From: "Kevin Abato" <>

17. RE: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ (FOLLOW UP)
From: "Scott Mueller" <>

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 15:27:06 -0000
From: "David Swingle" <>
Subject: Oil Filter photos

Cutaway photos of Fram and Perflux at:

and a nice explanation of the differences. 



Message: 2
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 15:40:37 -0000
Subject: Re: A/C compressor

With the engine off try to turn the compressor by hand. If it will 
turn by hand then it could just be that the belt is loose. If it won't 
turn by hand the compressor is bad. If with a tight belt it still 
squeals it could mean that the compressor is bad or the pressures are 
way too high or the system is contaminated. If you are unfamiliar with 
automotive a/c systems it would be best to bring it to a service 
station. The system is very standard and easy to troubleshoot. 
Bring the workshop manual and the shop should be able to do whatever 
is needed. If a compressor is required the Delorean venders have them 
in stock or there are shops that can rebuild them. Generally if a 
compressor goes bad it means the system is contaminated and must be 
COMPLETELY cleaned out or the replacement will soon fail too. Don't 
let the shop talk you into a replacement freon. Although R-12 is 
expensive it is still the best refill. I urge you to repair the a/c as 
it can be very uncomfortable trying to drive a Delorean without a/c 
unless the temp is lower than about 60 degrees or you drive with the 
dors open!.
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "Payne" <bpayne_at_dml_m...> wrote:
> Ever since I bought the love of my life, the A/C compressor hasn't 
> The previous owner told me the system would hold refrigerant and 
> would briefly engage, but not much.   Every time I've tried to turn 
the A/C
> on it instantly locks up and the belt squeals in protest.  I've 
tried not to
> mess with it too much for fear of snapping the belt.  Should I just 
go ahead
> and buy a new compressor or can they be fixed?  I would like to get 
> soon, my god is it hot in there with those tiny windows!
> Thanks everyone!
> payne
> #2975


Message: 3
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 14:29:53 -0400
From: "FARIS ASMAR" <>
Subject: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ (FOLLOW UP)

Hello Everyone,
Just a follow up on my last inquiry about insuring a D in NJ. A number of 
you recommended State Farm. I thought you guys might get a laugh out of 
this. I sent them a request. Their response is listed below:

Dear Faris,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The DeLorean, because of its limited production, poses some unique 
challenges to insure.  Repair parts can be very difficult and very expensive 
to obtain.  Because of this, we generally will not insure this vehicle for 
physical damage coverages (comprehensive and collision coverages.)

Thanks for visiting our web site.  I'm sorry we can't be of more assistance.


Scott Wade, CPCU
Auto General Underwriting
State Farm Insurance Companies
Bloomington, IL


I replied to this gentleman explaining that DMC parts are not hard to 
obtain. I also included the DMC Houston insurance letter from their website:

One would figure a reputable firm like State Farm would be aware that 
DeLorean replacement parts DO exist and are not that expensive to obtain. 
Parts for my Audi A4 cost more!!!!


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Message: 4
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 15:55:07 -0000
Subject: Re: Antifreeze

The best way to drain the anti-freeze is to lift the car and 
disconnect the hoses under the car while removing the cap on the 
radiater,(yes there is a "dummy" cap on the left side on top), and 
opening the bleeder on the water pump. 
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., DBJCFAM_at_dml_a... wrote:
> What is the best way to drain all of the antifreeze from the 
> Dennis
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Message: 5
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 09:04:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dee Moats <>
Subject: Re: 88mph question (seriously)

Walt, back when my car was new and I had a 85 MPH speedometer, I broke three
right angle drives while the car was pegged out.  I have since changed the
speedo and the right angle drive still breaks, but not while pegged out. 

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Message: 6
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 18:09:00 -0000
From: "Jim Reeve" <>
Subject: Re: 88mph question (seriously)

I can shed some light on this as I have gone much faster than 85 
(~100-105 tach. estimated), and I have also taken my speedometer 
apart.  First, there would be no risk of damage if there wasn't a 
stop peg on the speedo.  The internal shaft has a limited range of 
travel, which is about 1 inch (from the needle tip) past the stop 
peg.  But with the needle stopping the shaft early, it can put strain 
on the connection between the two if you go too fast.  What I mean by 
this is, if the needle isn't very securly attached to the speedo 
shaft, the shaft will eventually slip that extra inch, but the needle 
with still be stopped at 85 by the peg.  This will result in a mis-
calibrated needle, but the spedometer itself will still be fine.  
Odds are, since that needle has most likely been sitting on the 
speedo shaft for the lifetime of the car, it is stuck on there good, 
so you have no reason to worry.

Jim Reeve
MNDMC - Minnesota DeLorean Club

> I have heard rumors long ago that some older cars (non DMC's) that 
have the
> old 85mph speedometers will break if made to register faster they 
> display.  Likewise, this rumor has been extrapolated to the DMC 
even though
> I don't think it is true.  Can anyone say?


Message: 7
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 16:04:41 -0400
From: "Walter" <>
Subject: [humor] the best oil filter from a sensible source

Some of you guys may not understand that some of us other guys have a
self-sufficiency ethic that somehow makes us feel humiliated having to buy
seemingly mundane parts from exotic places.  When the local auto parts
stores are chock full of various oil filters -- even supposedly some very
high quality ones -- some of us would rather walk into one of those places,
pick one off the shelf and pay a cashier who knows nothing about the part we
are buying (and therefore cannot pass any judgement on it).  That somehow
suits our personalities better than calling an expert from out of state and
saying, "Duh, I need an oil filter for a DuhLorean because I'm not smart
enough to find one locally."

Well, read this and laugh.  But many of you feel this way to some degree.
Admit it!  After doing the mental gymnastics, I was actually able to buy a
filter from a DeLorean vendor.  It was part of a larger 'tune-up' kit.  If
given a choice before hand I would have opted-out on just the filter.  But
now that I have seen that nice new part with the extra oil plug gasket taped
to the top of it, I rather like the idea of buying filters from a vendor.
Don't be ashamed guys!  There are no DeLorean vendors out there who hang up
the phone saying, "I just sold an overpriced oil filter to a moron who
wasn't smart enough to find one locally."  I am convinced that the Purflux
filter for what you get is really the best filter for the money when
compared to some of the even more expensive high end filters which you can
buy locally.  The next time you order parts from your favorite DeLorean
vendor, just ask them to include an oil filter or two.  It's simple, really.


Message: 8
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 15:47:23 -0400
From: "Walter" <>
Subject: Oil filters (still need clairification)

Okay, this is getting confusing!  Some of you say that a check valve is good
in the DeLorean; others say it is bad.  Everyone seems to agree that the
Purflux filter is the best, but someone else said that it has a valve --
which then makes it bad -- or is that good?

Walt    Tampa, FL
-----Original Message-----
From: Doc <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, April 22, 2001 8:38 PM
Subject: RE: [DML] Oil filter and cross reference info

>Hate to say it, but the Purolator does not have the valve in it either.
>The three filters that I know have the valve in them
>Robert Starling


Message: 9
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 20:50:36 +0100
From: "Chris Parnham" <>
Subject: Re: How to get the Angle Drive off?


I did this job only last week, If you are lifting the car then you must be
working from the front of the car. I had success after unbolting the brake
calliper, swing it out of the way, then get a very heavy duty open ended
spanner ( I modified a very old one,witch has very thick jaws) and hammer
the spanner from above.
It is not left hand thread, but conventional.
Be sure to do it up tight again when you have done, because it holds on the
stub axle and hence front wheel!

Chris P DOC UK

----- Original Message -----
From: "Andrei Cular" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 10:31 PM
Subject: [DML] How to get the Angle Drive off?

> I wanted to pull my angle drive off to lube it up but cant get the nut
> I had a 5ft cheater bar and had my brother help me.  We ended up lifting
> car....  Is it maybe a reverse thread?  I have been soaking it with
> pentrating oil and will continue to till SAT when I can work on it again.
> If that doesnt work does anyone have any ideas or tricks short of pulling
> the wheel bearings and heating it with a torch?


Message: 10
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:57:31 EDT
Subject: Re: Re: oil filters Revised

[Moderator Note - this is starting to sound like a religious argument, i.e. no final answer. Time to form your own opinions and move on. Officially the end of the thread.  Feel free to continue off-line  ds]

I do respect your opinions and your knowledge, But may I suggest you or 
anyone call Bosch technical at 800-521-5462. They will explain the operation 
of the Anti-drain Valve and the By-pass setting  if no one wants to take my 
word on it. . We could bebate this all day. But there is no check valve like 
in the fuel pumps and there is no restriction on oil flow going into the 
filter or coming out. These above things I'm talking about are safety features
 that are built into 50% of the filters depending on design. The Mahle filter 
I bought from DMC Houston that Mike mentioned have the same built in 
features. You can spend $15.00 on a filter or $5.95 on the Bosch I offer to 
the group. It may not have a more exotic name, but I'm looking for safety and 
function and price. Bosch fit the bill for me on all and they can be found 
almost anywhere.     
The Anti-drain back Valve is on the back side of the operation to prevent oil 
from draining back into the engine when the engine is shut off. If you crank 
the engine with out oil in the filter, it will take about 5 seconds for the 
oil to circulate. After many times of cranking, the upper engine will 
encounter more wear and damage over time. That's all it is, nothing more. 
Nothing high tech. It's a rubber gasket. 
The By pass setting of the 72150 Bosch filter that I sell is 27-35 lbs. This 
means that if for any reason the oil filter got clogged, the by-pass would 
open and allow oil to the engine instead of harming it. If you didn't have 
this then the filter could build up pressure and burst. These are safety 
features used in over 50% of the filters.
If you don't want to use the safety features on the filter that's up to you 
and others but I for one will take advantage of them. 
As for the Teflon, I have used it in the oil and manuel transmissions for 
years and have had no trouble. When I was inspecting one of my cars that had 
it in, the tech was wondering it took so long to for the engine to heat up to 
get the 02 reading he was looking for and ask me if I had teflon it in the 
engine. I said yes and then he understood. Teflon does nothing more than 
reduce friction like oil but does it better.
If used as directed I have never had it had a problem.
Good luck
John Hervey
P.S. A lot of cars have a pressure regulating valve built into the engine.


Message: 11
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 21:20:49 EDT
Subject: * Trailing Arm Bolts - SUMMARY

mine done today and decided to look over some archival info. COLLECTED FROM 
SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T KNOW!  Individual messages separated by ****** The 
question may follow the answer, ala "Jeopardy.")  -Wayne A. Ernst, vin 11174

Added to the DMCNews Tech Section at:


Message: 12
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 22:40:54 +0100
From: "Chris Parnham" <>
Subject: Re: Dusty RHD car.

I also have a grey, manual LHD with 111 miles 20049.

Dusty now has 71 miles on the clock after driving to a car show today. I had
a smashing drive in spring sunshine, with light road traffic, no mechanical
problems..a very nice first drive!

I fitted the small red fog light low down in the middle of the one
off the existing heat shield / bumper bolts...looks like a racing car!

See the car "in the flesh" or should I say, stainless steel, at Eurofest.

Chris P DOC UK

----- Original Message -----
From: "K Creason" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 12:02 AM
Subject: Re: [DML] Dusty RHD car.

> Four and half miles? Is that lowest personally owned DMC12?
> Also, I'd like to see your fog light setup.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Chris Parnham" <>
> > To Eurofest attendees,
> >
> > you may be interested to note that "Dusty" the barn find Right Hand
> DeLorean has just passed its MOT test this morning ( an annual test
> when a car is over 3 years old)  always an anxious time for any car owner!
> >
> > Registration later this week, NEC next week, Eurofest in a month!
> >
> > Mileage now up to four and a half ! ( that's miles BTW, not thousands!)
> >


Message: 13
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:48:12 EDT
Subject: Re: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ- Call here....

In a message dated 4/27/01 4:25:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Because of this, we generally will not insure this vehicle for 
 physical damage coverages (comprehensive and collision coverages.)
 Thanks for visiting our web site.  I'm sorry we can't be of more assistance.
 Scott Wade, CPCU
 Auto General Underwriting
 State Farm Insurance Companies >>

I imagine it helps to have done business with a local agent for many years, 
who will go into battle for you.  My agent (Bruce Trimble) is in Millville, 
NJ.  The phone is 856-825-7100.  I've never even met Bruce... he just took 
over from his dad.  A lady in his office handled it for me. You might want to 
give them a call... at least they could tell you what kind of insurance State 
Farm actually has for D's.  You can tell them you heard about it from their 
customer, Wayne Ernst in Bridgeton, whose DeLorean they insure.  Good luck!



Message: 14
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:49:03 -0400
From: "Greg Bell" <>
Subject: RE: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ (FOLLOW UP)

Faris, I have my delorean insured through state farm. I think it is called
classic insurance or something like that. For full coverage costs right at
$44.00 every six months. I think State farm doesnt like to write these
policies because they involve little profit but they are willing if you
insure a regular everyday car with them. They treat the motorcycles the same
way. Example: when I went to state farm yrs ago asking for cycle insurance
for my 96 Suzuki GSXR750 they said they couldn't do it unless I had an
existing vehicle insured. So I changed my insurance on my Toyota pick up to
state farm and they then insured my bike for a much better price than I
could find elsewhere. Same thing goes for the delorean I bet. I have my  01
Xterra insurance at state farm, so they insure my bike and delorean but I
bet they wouldnt if i didn;t have insurance on my daily driver.

So if you want to pursue it, walk into a local SF office (where the agent is
probably more willing to write a new policy) and check rates on a daily
driver "normal" vehicle and then ask about the D's insurance. It's worth
keeping SF insurance on my Xterra just to get better prices on my bike and

I was reluctant to post this b/c I didn;t want someone to go into the
insurance office and say well some guy in Ga gets his insured for $90 a year
so why can't I? then have SF investigate and raise prices, so please don't
mention my policy. I think it's a steal and don't wanna lose it. I hope this
helps, good luck!



Message: 15
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:35:37 -0500
From: "Matthew Walker" <>
Subject: Fuel Problems.

I know this has been beaten to death.   But is there another possible
cause to the fuel starvation symptoms normally caused by a collapsed
inlet fuel line?  ( I know my problem is not a collapsed line since
there is currently in place the fun to spring fix. ) 

Another question possibly related -- comments or info on the envelope
style pre-filter -- is there an alternative?  


Message: 16
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 18:56:20 -0400
From: "Kevin Abato" <>
Subject: RE: NOSE BRAS for DeLorean: Brand New, Super Heavy Duty

Do you have a picture of what one looks like on a car?

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 11:03 PM
Subject: [DML] NOSE BRAS for DeLorean: Brand New, Super Heavy Duty

Two months ago the topic of DeLorean nose bras came up.  Last spring I
managed to work out a deal with Colgan Custom, the inventor of the auto nose
bra, and an original manufacturer of custom made DeLorean nose bras.  It was
for a VERY limited re-issue, and they all sold quickly.  I've had requests
about them ever since, including one today. There were a few manufacturers
nose bras in the early eighties, but they'd since gone out of production.  I
had bought a rare USED original for $149.95 plus shipping, and figured it


Message: 17
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 19:47:14 -0500
From: "Scott Mueller" <>
Subject: RE: Insurance for DeLorean in NJ (FOLLOW UP)

State Farm in Alabama has insured my DeLorean for 4 years and State Farm in
California insured it   for 16 years.

Full coverage for <$60/month, no mileage limits.

I think that the key to getting insured, is to have been a steady customer
who pays premiums on all sorts of policies with the same company.  I have
had State Farm since I was born in the middle of the last century.

Scott Mueller
DMCNEWS 002981
DOA 5031


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