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Subject: [DML] Digest Number 638
Date: Saturday, July 21, 2001 4:33 AM

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1. brake lights fixed
From: Christian Williams <>

2. Re: brake lights fixed
From: "David Swingle" <>

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 15:41:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Christian Williams <>
Subject: brake lights fixed

For the archives, here's what the problem was:

Brake lights didn't work. The switch was fine and the #18 fuse was fine.
My roommate's brother traced one of the switch wires up to near the clutch
pedal to an inline fuse - the glass type in a white fuse holder. The fuse
holder and spring inside weren't making a solid connection.

My question though is why is there a fuse in the footwell and a fuse in
the fusebox? Was this added by a previous owner, or is this stock?



Message: 2
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 03:26:51 -0000
From: "David Swingle" <>
Subject: Re: brake lights fixed

My guess is that some Prior Owner had a cruise control wired in, or 
used the hot side of the brakelight switch to feed power to some 
other accessory. It does not belong there. 


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