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Date: Sunday, September 30, 2001 2:27 AM

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1. Miniture Lamps for the doors

2. Miniture Door Lamps Add on.

3. Here's the air box picture!
From: "Cameron Putsch" <>

4. Re: It's not every day that you meet John Delorean....Or is it?
From: "Aaron C." <>

Message: 1
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 03:28:26 -0000
Subject: Miniture Lamps for the doors

Group, This has come up several times so I took a brand new in 
original bag DeLorean door lamp holder to do the fitness test with. 
Then I went out to my 11004 vin car and took all the door lamps out. 
Then I got my Sylvania/Osram catalog for 1993 out to start 
comparing.It boils down to this: All the Wedge base 14 volt lamps 
have the same diagram or foot print T-31/4 and filament style for our 
application ( C2F ). The problem I found in trying to put the bulbs 
in the new sockets was quality control when making the bulbs. They 
are supposed to be 10.3mm width on the bulb and the base but most 
were over due to sloppy glass molding. Some were almost 11.00mm. 
So, I took a small blade screw driver and pushed against the 
sides of the metal contact in the socket at the top and increased the 
width just enough for a 161 bulb to fit. The 161,158,194,193,168 all 
have the same physical properties as above, the only difference is 
the current draw and the life. So, 
The 161 is the most common, with the least amount of current draw 
0.19 amps and rated 4000 hrs +. Look in the package and try to find 
the bulbs that don't have little bulges on the base sides. The more 
uniform they are the easier they will fit. I hope this helps someone 
clear up as to what to use for the doors. The 161 is also used for 
the dash lights.  Naturally, If you can't find them, I have them. 
John Hervey
P.S. If you have a bulb and need to know the specifications,email me. 



Message: 2
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 04:08:12 -0000
Subject: Miniture Door Lamps Add on.

Group, I also found in another car a 12 volt, 5 watt, JAHN UK bulb.
It's shorter in length but same 10.3 supposed to be width. It is  
also closer to 11mm in width. This is equal to in Sylvania/Osram. 
Number's 2820,2821,2825,2826. The 2825 and 2826 only have a 300 hour 
life while the 2820 and 2821 have 1000 hrs life. 2821 has the least 
amount of current draw 0.25amps at 14 volt rated test.Why they did 
that I don't know, but it's astric that way.


Message: 3
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 17:23:56 +0200
From: "Cameron Putsch" <>
Subject: Here's the air box picture!

Just remember that this is a prototype and the ones that you will get will be much better looking. They are going to be in the range of 230-270 dollars and are worth every penny. 

Casey at

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Message: 4
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 15:51:21 +0000
From: "Aaron C." <>
Subject: Re: It's not every day that you meet John Delorean....Or is it?


  That is so great!  I envy you greatly.  In the 'six degrees of Kevin 
Bacon' sense, I guess I have now in a way met JZD too!  I know you don't 
know my name, but I am the kid who was working for Rob Grady during the 
summer.  I hope he said 'nice car' since I was cleaning them!  hehehe.  
Congrats on your meeting.

  -Aaron Crocco


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