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Date: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 10:11 PM

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1. reply to the ultimate delorean
From: "Silas " <>

2. RE: Lowered springs - just the front?
From: "Mike Griese" <>

3. DeLorean Commercials.

4. Re: THINK - Ideas for a "new" DeLorean?

5. Delorean on E!

6. Re: Where does it go????

7. Re: K-mart Battery (sucks)
From: "Walter" <>

Message: 1
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 01:11:15 -0000
From: "Silas " <>
Subject: reply to the ultimate delorean

Is the ultimate d on the market yet?


Message: 2
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 19:12:30 -0600
From: "Mike Griese" <>
Subject: RE: Lowered springs - just the front?

A simple and inexpensive alternative to a spring
compressor is 3 nylon cargo straps.  I use the 1"
variety with a buckle.  Thread the strap between
the coils as close to the top and bottom coils as
possible.  There is enough material to get three
complete loops with each strap.  This makes for
18 lengths of strap to take up the tension from
the spring.  Compress the spring with the weight
of the car and take up the slack in the straps.
Get them as tight as you can.  Remove the spring
as normal.


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Subject: Re: [DML] Lowered springs - just the front?

In a message dated 12/4/01 6:02:24 AM Central Standard Time,

> I lowered just the front of mine with the springs Rob at PJ Grady offers.
>    > use is the two piece type that
> fits on the outsides of the springs. You'll need to position them at about
> the 4 and 8 o'clock positions. There is just not enough room to use the
> internal type.
>   Jim


Message: 3
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 00:07:58 -0000
Subject: DeLorean Commercials.

Originally, the TV spots for the DeLorean were given to the 
dealerships themselves. It was apart of the whole media kit 
handed out. Included of course were the clip-art images for 
news paper ads, along with a few templete ads as well. 
Everything paper came in the binder. There are two 
commercials. The short "Live the Dream" ad, and the longer one 
which shows the car in motion, and has a couple of interior 
shots, and is more detailed. Both of the commercials however 
were delivered on magnetic tape reels, NOT 16mm film.

If you want to find originals, your best best would be to contact 
the original dealerships. This can be hard because they've 
changed hands since. Like the one in Reno, NV, they've 
changed 3 times since, and are on their 4th owner.

Of course you can check with your local television stations, but I 
seriously doubt you'll find anything there. A few years ago, I 
called KNBC in Los Angeles, and spoke with the programing 
dept. As was told to me, they will only keep reels for 
commercials & shows for only so long. And then they are 
destroyed. The man on the phone reccomended to me that I 
contact the either the producers (for TV shows), or the 
Advertising Firm and/or the company itself for copies of their 
commercials (for advertisments).

If someone were to make copies of the ad to sell, DVD would be 
the best choice. Quality doesn't deteriorate over time, and it is 
the qucikest, and cheapest media to mass produce for 
someone working out of their home. Of course at this point you 
would need a Macintosh G4 Quicksilver box w/a Superdrive to do 
this. And that is no cheap investment. It's one of the more 
expensive PC's on the market. But it would be worth it with the 
simplistic software for quick results.

To be honest though, I think that online archives would be the 
best idea. Differant people can host the files online, and you 
could create a webring to link everyone together.

If you want to stop dilution of the values of DeLorean 
memorabilia, stop buying the hack stuff on eBay. If someone 
designs a poster, or creates some sort of artwork, that's one 
thing. But I for one get tired of seeing someone simply write 
"DMC" on a clock, or those god-awful street signs.

vin 6585 "X"


Message: 4
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 01:29:10 -0000
Subject: Re: THINK - Ideas for a "new" DeLorean?

The same material you are refering to has been used on the American 
car Saturn since the company first opened shop some years ago and is 
still used in production. Actually if you go to a dealership they 
actually beat on the car with their fists and kick the panels in to 
prove the strength of it...makes you kind of cringe when they do it 
but it's still fun to watch the panel pop back to it's original 
form. :)


--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "Stian Birkeland" <delorean_at_dml_o...> wrote:
> If the DeLorean were to be re-produced (same styling), then it 
would be possible to offer a "cheaper" DeLorean without the 
expensive stainless steel panels. Someone at some time suggested 
fibreglass panels (painted) as one possibility in order to make 
variations of the car but based on the same platform.
> But now, there are another material that could be of interest - 
its called Thermoplastic here in Norway.
> Its being used in the production of the Norwegian(!) Electricity 
Car - THINK! 
> Although the styling is not of a sports car, the car has actually 
been designed by LOTUS in England!
> Go to: for more info!
> THINK is now owned by Ford Motor Company, and I believe they have 
started to sell THINKs in California already.
> The advantage of thermoplastic is that it is a solid, strong, re-
usable and environmental friendly material. Also, it can take a 
beating. I remember a commercial for THINK where they hit the front 
fender with a hammer! No damage! Believe it or not!
> So - let this be a suggestion to DMC Houston (they do have all the 
spare parts and are the only ones that have the opportunity to make 
a new DeLorean if there is a market for it). I think that as time 
goes by, more people would want a "new" model 2001 based on the 1981 
DeLorean. DMC Houston has the mold for the glassfibre underbody, 
and  panels made out of thermoplastic would be cheap to produce. 
Hey, maybe you could use the glassfibre underbody mold to make an 
underbody of another composite material ( Kevlar/carbonfibre comes 
to mind). This would all make the car very light-weight, which in 
turn would make the car faster, even with the standard PRV-V6.
> My suggestion are open and free for anyone to use :-)
> Opinions please! E-mail me privately :-)
> Best wishes
> Stian Birkeland
> Norway
> VIN # 06759
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Message: 5
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 20:43:29 EST
Subject: Delorean on E!

Does anyone know when the next Delorean true hollywood story will be on E!?  
Does anyone have a copy of the video that they would be willing to sell to me?



Message: 6
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:03:36 EST
Subject: Re: Where does it go????


    That is the vacuum line that goes into the passenger side of the rear 
part of the intake manifold to pick up vacuum to run the mode switch for the 
A/C controls.  Inside the pontoon is a vacuum canister, and that is what the 
line is coming out of.  The line is supposed to Tee off for the brake servo 
vacuum line that is on the rear passenger side of the engine compartment.  
Hope that helps.

Nick Pitello
<A HREF="Http://">Http://</A>


Message: 7
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 20:19:54 -0500
From: "Walter" <>
Subject: Re: K-mart Battery (sucks)


You gotta stop messing with those old technology batteries that leak acid --
especially in the DeLorean where they get a lot of shock and vibration being
near the rear suspension.  Steve Wynne of DMC Houston told me that the
reason why passenger side carpets are hard to come by (compared to the
availability of the driver's side) is because so many of them get damaged by
leaking battery acid.  Unfortunately for my car, it came from its previous
owner with plenty of battery acid damage.  I get only Optima brand batteries
now.  They can't leak, work in any position, don't accumulate explosive
gasses and are not subject to damage from vibration like the antique
batteries sold at K-mart.  Other cars are not as critical for battery
quality.  If one leaks in an engine compartment, it really doesn't matter so
much.  If it explodes, it is under the hood -- not with you in the passenger

Before I used to really like K-mart batteries, but the guys who worked there
always warned me that if I put too big a battery in my car that it would
overload my electrical system and burn it out.  If I put a 850CCA battery in
a car that their books said only needed a 550CCA, then they threatened that
if the battery went bad then they would not honor the warranty.  (For those
of you who don't know batteries, theses guys were completely wrong!)  I put
up listening to this nonsense for several years and from several different
guys that worked there.

Also be aware that battery warranties (with the exception of Optima) are
ALWAYS longer than the manufacture expects them to last.  This is to keep
you coming back to pay for a new battery (of their brand) that are prorated.
Since Optima is so much better than the rest, they don't need to keep you
coming back by selling you a warranty that is going to out live the battery.

Walt    Tampa, FL (I don't work for or sell Optima batteries.)

From: "Les Huckins" <>
> Check out the Champion 78-84.  770 Cold CCA Amps, 84 month warr.  24
> months roadside service, 36 months direct exchange, bal of 84 months
> pro-rated.


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