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Date: Saturday, May 25, 2002 12:31 PM

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1. a couple of questions
From: Andrew Prentis <>

2. Re: idle speed switch

Message: 1
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 04:56:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andrew Prentis <>
Subject: a couple of questions

Hi Guys,
I'm a new DeLorean owner and just have a couple of
questions about my car I hope you can help me with.

Yesterday when I went to start my car the battery was
flat.The car hadn't been driven for a couple of
weeks.Is it normal for a DeLorean battery to go flat
in such a short time? I had to leave my
other 'normal'car for a whole month and it started up
again straight away.I drove the D for a solid hour to
charge the battery up and it started okay today.Could
there be something draining it while its not being
Also when i started it it blew a fair bit of smoke for
about 30 seconds then cleared.Smoke was pretty clear
in colour but reeked of petrol.It seems to do this
only after not being driven for a week or so.Is this
typical?Or do I have a problem?
Thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions.
Andrew Prentis
VIN 2883

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Message: 2
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 21:49:09 EDT
Subject: Re: idle speed switch

Andy, I have an adjustment explaination and pictures on the web site under 
Talk & View/Reference. Maby this will help. You might want to use a little 
WD40 to make sure the throttle body arm is not binding, then re grease it 
later with some other kind of heavier grease. Something may also be binding 
the cable or the return spring has just gotton weak. I also have switches and 
grease on the site.
John hervey

<< i'm having a problem having my idle speed switch engage every time i take 
 foot off the gas.  it seems like it won't kick down on it's own, i have to 
 hit the gas pedal hard and let it come down hard in order for the switch to 
 kick down to idle mode.
 first i tightened the cable from my pedal to the throttle, it was a little 
 bit loose, so now it is tight but not influencing throttle position.  then i 
 unscrewed both idle stop screws on the idle hammer, and used a screw driver 
 to push in the idle speed switch as i set the car idle to about 900RPM 
 sounds good to my ears). then i screwed down the idle switch screw until it 
 was hitting the switch but allowing no more movement from the switch, but 
 being careful not to let it influence the idle speed screw below it.  it's 
 still doing the same thing.
 how can i make my setup kick down all of the time? do i have a defective 
 speed switch?  it won't kick down with you touch it with a screwdriver, it 
 only kick down if you HOLD the screwdriver down on it. as you let the 
 screwdriver up, the idle goes back up. doesn't seem right.


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