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Date: Thursday, June 20, 2002 9:45 PM

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1. RE: trans specs
From: "Marc A. Levy" <>

2. Auto Industry Prediction by JZD.
From: "therealdmcvegas" <>

3. built-in fire extinguishers
From: "Walter Coe" <>

4. Re: 3 things appeared
From: "DMC Joe" <>

5. Re: strange start problems
From: "DMC Joe" <>

6. More Memphis Pictures
From: "Stragand, Dave" <>

7. DeLorean Car Show 2004.
From: "Marc A. Levy" <>

From: "Stragand, Dave" <>

9. Re: One Engine misfires two pistons
From: "therealdmcvegas" <>

10. Re: The BTTF DVD Box Set
From: "Hank Eskin" <>


12. the perils of only driving your Delorean...
From: "Hank Eskin" <>

13. Minichamps model
From: greglinstad <>

14. Hollywood Casino/BTTF car
From: greglinstad <>

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 14:17:41 -0400
From: "Marc A. Levy" <>
Subject: RE: trans specs

Renault..  The engine is more like a Renault than a Volvo.. (DMC purchased them from Renault, from what I have read).

We all say Volvo only because Renaults were never a big hit in the states, but the Renault is more correct than Volvo.

There has always been some debate over the source of the Auto.. For a while it was accepted that ZF made it, but as people started questioning it I think it was built by Renault..  ZF just happens to have a box that looks similar and had the same axle bolt pattern.

I've always wondered what trans was used in the Eagle cars that had the Renault PRV in it.. 

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> Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2002 12:23 PM
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> Subject: [DML] trans specs
> what is the 3 speed auto transmission?
> engine is the volvo configured renault v6
> as used in the 1981 Volvo 262 right?
> is the transmission Volvo too?
> thanks
> chris.


Message: 2
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:23:32 -0000
From: "therealdmcvegas" <>
Subject: Auto Industry Prediction by JZD.

A while back, someone posted a link to an article about JZD's
predictions for GM, and what they should do to stay profitable. In the
article, JZD said that rather than try to develope a new vehicle, GM
should just "badge engineer" a car from one of it's overseas
divisions. From what it looks like, GM has certainly headed his words,
and in a BIG way!

vin 6585 "X"


Message: 3
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 13:46:50 -0400
From: "Walter Coe" <>
Subject: built-in fire extinguishers

[MODERATOR NOTE: I hesitate to inject technical criticisms into any subscriber's post, but I've got to caution against installing a HALON system that empties into the passenger compartment.  I believe that this could be very, very dangerous!  -Moderator Mike Substelny]

I'm thinking about installing a built-in fire extinguisher into my DeLorean,
and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or advice concerning these.
The only ones that I know about I found listed in the web
site (as well as their paper catalogue I get snail mail.)

These are a bit pricey ranging from $290 to $463, so I want to be really
sure I buy the right thing the first time.  It is basically a big 5 or 10
pound bottle of Halon 1211 that could probably be mounted inside of one of
the engine compartment pontoons.  There are two nozzles -- one for the
engine compartment and one for the passenger compartment.  It is activated
by a manual pull or push activator.  It would be nice to have something that
could operate automatically, but I figure that most car fires happen while
they are being driven.  Is the steel or aluminum tubing to be preferred?
Pull-type or push-type activator?  A different brand?  Or none of the above?



Message: 4
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 14:58:31 -0400
From: "DMC Joe" <>
Subject: Re: 3 things appeared

You said:
       " clutch pedal squeaks.  Not very often, but occasionally it
> squeaks.  Usually after I've been driving for a while............"

If the squeak is coming from inside the car simply spray all the clutch
pedal linkages with WD-40.

You also said:
        "> after my car warms up it grinds when shifting into 5th.  This
> never happens when the car is cold. ..................

Do you have a stainless steel clutch line; if not you need to install one.
If you do have the stainless line try bleeding the system.

You also said:
        "......while it was raining, my car would hesitate a bit when
> accelerating. .........."

Almost all problems related hesitation when raining is an indication that
rain water is entering a high voltage ignition component; i.e.: spark plug,
spark plug wire, distributor cap. Start by insuring that all of you spark
plug boots are sealed properly.

Keep in mind that once high voltage flashover establishes itself on a
particular component (carbon tracking) the flashover will always return to
the same area whenever moisture is present. Replacing the defective
component is the only sure way to correct the problem.

DMC Joe Help Club
DeLorean Web Mall:

DeLorean Website Directory

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From: "erikgeerdink" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 1:00 PM
Subject: [DML] 3 things appeared

> Well, My car ran...and runs....great!  no major problems going to
> Memphis and back...except maybe the lack of A/C.  Many people saw me
> fanning out my shirt and putting icebags on my body to cool me down
> while I was in the car.
> Anyway, there were a couple of things that popped up when i was
> driving the distance that I'd like to fix.
> 1. my clutch pedal squeaks.  Not very often, but occasionally it
> squeaks.  Usually after I've been driving for a while.
> 2. after my car warms up it grinds when shifting into 5th.  This
> never happens when the car is cold.
> 3. One the way there and back it rained a couple of times.  I noticed
> that while it was raining, my car would hesitate a bit when
> accelerating.  It only rained while I was on the highway, and
> everytime it would cause my car to hesitate.  It was like the jerking
> a car gets when you powerwash an engine.  Once it stopped
> raining...the problem went away.  I haven't checked anything out on
> my D yet.  I thought I would post here first to see what you guys
> think.
> My wife (Cici) and I had a great time in Memphis.  She really had a
> fun time singing to you all.  this was the first time she has been to
> a car show.  She said she has a new found appreciation for the car.
> It was great to see everyone again, and to meet new people!!
> My favorite car is the twin engine Delorean.  it was interesting to
> talk with the creator of that.  If you are on the list, please email
> me.  i would like to keep in touch.
> Thanks!!!!
> Erik Geerdink
> 4512


Message: 5
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:03:27 -0400
From: "DMC Joe" <>
Subject: Re: strange start problems

A defective time-temperature switch may be responsible for your problem.
Next time the same conditions are present pull the plug leading to the time
temperature switch and see if the car starts OK.

DMC Joe Help Club
DeLorean Web Mall:

DeLorean Website Directory

----- Original Message -----
From: "K Creason" <>
To: "Dmc /dml" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 11:56 PM
Subject: [DML] strange start problems

> Hey group-
> I've got my sticky-idle fixed. I loosened the three throttle spool bolts
> pulled it out to the back and tightened down. Unfortunately it was too
> and I had to twist out the linkage one full turn and then it lined up
> properly, returned to full stop and no longer stuck at 1500 rpms. Way
> thanks for the advice, one and all.
> I also checked my plugs while I was back there. The ceramic was yellowing
> and the gap was worn way past the .028". Combine that with cracking the
> ceramic while pulling out the first one (just to check it, mind you) and
> it's time to replace them all. Thanks John, for the quick shipment. It's
> running lots smoother-- I hope my mileage increases too.
> But, I've still got a starting issue. The start problem only strikes when
> the car has been sitting out in the sun for several hours. It's ok in the
> semi-cool garage all night, sometimes ok at lunch, but usually a problem
> the end of the day.
> It turns over and coughs and coughs. I do this several times-- trying
> feathering the gas pedal, holding halfway down, turning the key all the
> off for a few seconds. Then finally, it will cough and sputter and slowly
> get steady and climb up the tachometer to where I can give it gas without
> choking it out.
> My battery is 3-4 years old, but seems to be ok. I probably should put a
> meter on it and check it, just to be sure.
> But I keep thinking it's a fuel delivery problem because it really seems
> be related to sitting in the sun for a longer period of time-- like
> fuel is being evaporated out of the system and it only starts after
> pressure back up. But I really don't know if that's a plausible scenario
> not.
> Help? What to look at and check first?
> -Kevin


Message: 6
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:14:19 -0400
From: "Stragand, Dave" <>
Subject: More Memphis Pictures

I posted about 150 more pictures at for any of y'all who are interested.

-Dave Stragand
VIN #05927


Message: 7
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:04:09 -0400
From: "Marc A. Levy" <>
Subject: DeLorean Car Show 2004.

I just called the hotel back to change the dates.. (I had called and booked for the weekend of the 10'th before Ken posted the correction).

They told me they were ALL BOOKED..  It turned out to be a mistake because of some confusion with the hotel and the reservation office.  But when it was finally all fixed, I learned that there ARE a limited number of rooms and they were surprised that so many people have called to reserve already.  So, they DO have rooms right now but who knows for how long..  

The heartbreak would not let us book 2 years in advance, but I believe they sold out the first day they would take reservations..  I only say this to warn anyone who is even considering going to Pigeon Forge to book now.

Looks like you can even make a whole vacation out of it:
They even have a ELVIS museum! (No thanks, I've had enough Elvis for a lifetime!)

Ken, when can we register for the show?  :)


Message: 8
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:08:51 -0400
From: "Stragand, Dave" <>
Subject: SDS EM-3 4D EFI PRV DMC?

Enough alphabet soup for ya?
Has anyone else seen the SDS EFI Delorean of Jim Witherspoon from Hudson, Ohio?
Interesting setup, but I'm wondering what all he may have gained from this conversion.  Personally, I'm still looking for a Prowler V6...
-Dave Stragand
VIN #05927

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Message: 9
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 20:22:44 -0000
From: "therealdmcvegas" <>
Subject: Re: One Engine misfires two pistons

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "treehouse2000us" <treehouse2000us_at_dml_y...> wrote:
> In  another 20 years, more than 1000 DeLoreans 
> will be rotting, sorry, sitting in a junk yard for eternity (forgot 
> its stainless) because of too many miles, or car crashes.   I like 
> JZD, and met him in person years ago, but let the car last longer 
> than the creator.  You must know someone with the heartake of a 
> parrent outliving their child.
> Thanks so much, and sorry for the ciritizism, I truely love the car 
> and have obsessed about it for years.
>                             Thomas Porter

Don't be worried about interjecting critizism. It is a free country,
and it is nice to have opposing views. Just like Yin & Yang, it's the
friction bewteen opposites that help fuel things to keep progress
going. If we all agreed on every single topic that arose, where would
we get new solutions and improvements from?

It's probably safe to say that there are a few owners out there who
feel exactly the way that you do as well. Store it, or drive it? That
is a question that one does have to consider. I always said to myself,
"When I get my DeLorean, I'll only drive it at night to avoid traffic
and damage to the interior from the sun." I wanted to protect my
DeLorean, and keep it safe from anything that might harm it. Well,
that lasted about 10 hours once I had the car. It's just too fun to
lock up. I realized this right away. Mine WAS a low milage car _at_dml_ 19K
miles when I first picked it up. Now I'm almost to 37K miles and still
going. I realize that when the time comes, I certainly won't be the
first, but the long term plan for my car is to hit the million mile mark.

But, milage niether makes or brakes a car. If you want to start out
with a car that's a beater, you're more likely to find that car to be
a low milage one. I've seen quite a few low-milage cars that have had
worse damage to them being neglected than if they had been abused. On
top of this, owners seem to keep their cars after about 60-70K miles.
So your goal for a higher milage car to restore may not be as likely
as one with less miles.

As far as DeLoreans ending up in junkyards, don't count on it. Yes,
driving my car daily does pose a risk to it, but even if my car were
wrecked, it could still be repaired. Replace the underbody, the
chassis, and body panels, and viola! DeLorean back on the road! If I
rolled my car, and damaged the spidercage to the point where I
couldn't have gullwing doors any longer, then I guess that I'd end up
with a convertable! But the bottom line is this: As long as there are
DeLoreans out there to restore/repair, there will always be people
willing toget them back on the road. I can't explain it, but there is
something about a DeLorean that makes you want to drive it. Even if
that means restoring it.

But the main question of should one drive a low milage car. This is a
personal choice. So in other words, do what you want! If you want to
drive a DeLorean, but feel guilty about racking up the clock on a
lower one, then stay away from the low milage cars. Otherwise, just
buy the one that's best suited for you and you pocketbook. Now, I do
agree that a few examples of origional cars should be kept. But, if it
does make anyone feel better though, most low milage DeLorean's will
never get to see the road. And that's because owners with these cars
are always trying to sell them at such high prices. I'm not saying
those prices are unreasonable, because if someone does of course
purchase the car, then they agreed that was the fair price. It's just
that those prices are geared twards collectors, and the DeLorean just
isn't a car that collectors are interested in. It's a car for those
who want to drive it. Because of both it's common popularity, and it's
ease of maintenance and repairability, and the long length of time it
was manufactured for, it's not "exclusive" enough for collectors.

What does JZD think of people who are driving their cars? Is he hurt
that low milage cars are being driven? I don't know, nor can I
presume. I do admit though that I have far more respect for JZD than I
do Lee Iacoca. John DeLorean openly supports DeLorean's, and their
owners, unlike Iacoca who denounced the classic Mustang, and it's
owners on an episode of 20/20.

Anyhow, good luck to you on getting your car, you're on your way!

vin 6585 "X"


Message: 10
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:44:35 -0400
From: "Hank Eskin" <>
Subject: Re: The BTTF DVD Box Set

> Anyone think we can make a few bux renting our cars for display at stores
selling the new DVD?

I'm waiting for my local "alternative" movie theater which does "80's
movies" on Fri-Sat nights to do BTTF.  Then I'll offer my "services".  ;)

-Hank #1619


Message: 11
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:21:43 EDT

I am getting a lot of e-mails here 
looks like the hotel wasn't quite prepared for the onslaught 

I called and the Hotel would prefere to use a special 800 number so that the 
reservations are made by people that are more geared to big events

the number is 1-800-251-4444 
this is new and they just gave it to me 

You have to ask for the DeLorean Car Show June 17-20 2004 
if you don't they will tell you it is sold out.

Don't worry I booked over 200 rooms so we should be fine and everyone will be 
in the same hotel area.

I had two people make reservations prior to this post and it worked fine.

If you registered with the dates I accidentaly posted earlier they are moving 
you over and I will contact you that it is done so you don't need to do 

Hopefully this is the last post from me for a while I am still trying to 
catch up 
thanks for the TONS of e-mail 
It makes it all worth the effort


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Message: 12
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:33:04 -0400
From: "Hank Eskin" <>
Subject: the perils of only driving your Delorean...

When you get home from Memphis and drive your "other" car for the first time
in three weeks, you end up washing your windshield every time you want to
honk your horn at someone... and since I live in Boston, you can imagine how
clean my windshield is.



Message: 13
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:35:00 -0700
From: greglinstad <>
Subject: Minichamps model

Robert, John, and List,
I, too, e-mailed Minichamps about getting my VIN # and the reply was the same, not possible. Perhaps we can start some kind of a list with VIN #'s of Minichamp models that people have and want to trade for their own VIN.
I have model VIN # 0075/9,999 (not worth much to the DMC community that starts at 501) and want # 3507. I got the one I have very early and wonder what number they are at now, or if the numbers are even sold in sequential order.
Most of the models will probably be sold to DeLorean owners anyway, so maybe we can all get our numbers (sound of crossing fingers).
Looking for model VIN # 3507

Great to see all of you in Memphis! Good job Ken!

Greg Linstad


Message: 14
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:52:33 -0700
From: greglinstad <>
Subject: Hollywood Casino/BTTF car

When the Memphis show was over, we went back to the Hollywood Casino for a few days as a mini vacation. I did not see it when we were with the DMC group, but later found a BTTF DeLorean on display. The BTTF stuff that was added to the car was not that great, and there was no engine (they did not appreciate me climbing over the plants to get a better look and the VIN number). Anyway, for those who like to keep track of these things, the VIN number of the car was #004090.

Greg Linstad
VIN#  3507


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