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Date: Saturday, November 09, 2002 5:59 AM

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1. Did anyone on the list buy a Delorean yesterday in Florida?
From: j seigel <>

2. Re: my first long trip in my D
From: "David Teitelbaum" <>

3. Hand Built DeLoreans
From: "James LaLonde" <>

4. Man...take a few days and see what happens!
From: "James" <>

5. Re: my first long trip in my D
From: "Adam" <>

6. question on tune-up components
From: "Adam" <>

7. Re: Non Starting problem
From: Phil Priestley <>

8. Wanted: DeLorean in Germany or Netherlands
From: "Ryan Hood" <>

9. Re: Hand Built DeLoreans
From: Bob Brandys <>

10. Noise Control
From: "Dave Sontos" <>

11. Re: Noise Control
From: "B Benson" <>

12. Re: Noise Control
From: "Toby Peterson" <>

13. 001697 is no more,
From: "James LaLonde" <>

14. Re: Hand Built DeLoreans
From: "therealdmcvegas" <>

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 05:23:47 -0800 (PST)
From: j seigel <>
Subject: Did anyone on the list buy a Delorean yesterday in Florida?


I just have to ask, I was in contact with a owner in
Florida & agreed to purchase his Delorean for the
advertised price when he told me that someone local
was coming by at noon yesterday to look at it(that I
could buy it if the person passed on it). The local
person did indeed buy the car. Did anyone on the list
buy it? 

Do you Yahoo!?
U2 on LAUNCH - Exclusive greatest hits videos


Message: 2
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 15:09:42 -0000
From: "David Teitelbaum" <>
Subject: Re: my first long trip in my D

I would recomend taking some extra water in case of cooling system 
leaks and a battery pack in case of electrical problems. A small kit 
of tools for minor repairs, a roll of duct tape, a roll of electrical 
tape, an electrical meter, etc. Of course take only the tools you feel 
you could actually use and are comfortable with, you have to learn to 
travel light in a Delorean! Do all of the standard things like check 
all of the fluid levels and tire pressures before leaving.
 As for the downshift problem, the kick-down switch is supposed to be 
adjusted so it is activated at WOT (wide open throttle). If it is 
acting too soon either it is out of adjustment or the wiring to it is 
shorting out. Check the 2 micros that are activated at WOT, 1 is for 
the lambda system to force it full on and the other is the kick-down 
micro. If that is not causing the premature downshifts you may have a 
problem with the shift computer. In that case following Mark's advice 
on replacing the capaciters will probably help.
 I would also find the chart that references the engine RPM's to miles 
per hour just in case the speedo dies and you have to depend on the 
tach. Make sure you use the one for the automatic as the 5-speed is 
different. Plastic coat it and keep it by the speedo in the binnacle 
"just in case".
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., <eric_at_dml_s...> wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I'm gonna get bold and take my DeLorean on a pretty long trip- from 
Pigeon Forge TN to Annapolis Maryland next weekend.
> My car has 10500 miles on it and I've owned it since the end of 
September. Is there anything I should do in special preparation to 
better my chances of a flawless trip? 
> Also, on an unrelated note, I have a question about my automatic 
transmission. I have all 3 speeds available, but when I accelerate to 
gain speed the car seems to thinks I'm trying to pass someone and 
downshifts. This is annoying and I'd like to get this fixed 
(especially before I go on my trip!). Is this one of the situations 
covered by Mark Hershey's transmission computer postings in the 
DMCNews Techsection? 
> Thanks to all in advance
> Eric Itzel
> Vin #04433
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Message: 3
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 15:55:54 -0000
From: "James LaLonde" <>
Subject: Hand Built DeLoreans

OK I read the article about DMCH someone posted recently;

I'm not commenting on the likelihood/possibility/legality of the 
scenerio - but...
If they can;

Do you think it's a good idea to hand build new DeLoreans? Would this 
use-up important parts for the rest of us? Obviously there are 
certain obstacles to overcome before they could do this. Namely 
Torsion bars. Most other parts are in stock or reproducable. 

They could do a very limited run, they have what, maybe 500 engines. 
Plenty of doors... but doors don't make a car.
However, if they did plan on this perhaps it would instigate 
reproduction of other parts... Torsion bars, engine parts, even 
underbodies or Stainless Panels (not impossible to make new dies is 
it?.. though expensive I'm sure). We already have new frames!

It seems this idea is very attainible to a business such as DMCH... 
but is it a good idea? A limit run of new DMC12s would deplete an 
already low supply of parts... and full on reproduction of the car 
could de-value our original 80's cars.

However, in spite of my opinion of commericial-DMCH, I don't 
discredit thier quality. If they hand-built new cars I'm sure these 
would be GREAT quality. 
None of problems of the original D.. this time REALLY rustproof... 
and (perhaps by this time) a PRV6 Stage 3 with who knows how much 
power...and perhaps extra safety features... AND all of the looks and 
fun of our beloved original DMC12s. 

It would come with a price tag... yes... but I don't think any of us 
can deny our dreams of having a "new" DeLorean (even those of us who 
had a D back in 81... they were hardly "new" per se... practically 
broke coming off the line) Imagine a 2005 DMC12 with the quality, 
warrenty, safety and speed of a modern Corvette/Viper/SVT Cobra (hey 
the Mustang is trying....).

Any official word from DMCH on plans... or maybe just a confirmation 
that they are considering it?

thank you, good night, we love you alllllllllllllllllllllllll
James 01697


Message: 4
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:12:00 -0000
From: "James" <>
Subject: Man...take a few days and see what happens!

(Moderator: pls allow this reponse to the furor - sorry if it is no 
longer timely- JVE)

Looks like I missed all the excitement...I took a week off at the end 
of October/first of November to visit family/friends in Costa Rica 
and then immediately left for England upon my return. Checked the DML 
today and WOW!

I sent the magazines off to Scott Tice, since there was no way I 
could physically attend the event. That was one of the weekends we 
held an event at our new place, so I couldn't go or I would have, in 
spite of the animosity towards me/DMC by some of the attendees. 
Stephen or I have been to SECOC events, NCDMC events, DMC (Illinois) 
events, AZ events, DOA events, PNDC events and contributed in one way 
or another to others - heck, part of the reason I am here in England 
is to attend the NEC show where the DOC is displaying. Next year if 
they hold the Fall Foliage tour, I hope to be able to attend as well.

Thanks Kevin for pointing out the link to the news segment for me! I 
had just received the email when I read your posting - they said that 
it will only be posted for 90 days, but we are trying to get 
permission to post it on our site, too. Andrew Smith made a copy for 
me, but I have yet to get permission to post it online.

As far as commercializing the DeLorean hobby - EVERY hobby has some 
commercial aspects. My aspect happens to be a 40,000 square foot 
warehouse of parts. I still like playing with the cars, going to 
events, talking with owners/owners-to-be and particularly enjoy 
researching the history (more on that after my trip to Lotus on 
Monday!!!). Marc, you mentioned earlier on the DML that you had not 
seen anything other than the first issue of the magazine. If I had 
any ulterior motive in sending these to Scott, it was to get a copy 
to you without it actually being sent from me! I had hoped that you 
would be impressed with the progress since the first issue. Call me 
an optimist. My previous offer to you to write and submit an article, 
perhaps of your recent event, still stands.

Papertoys has an agreement with DMC for the reproduction of their 
cutout, they can post it with the DMC logo on it should they desire, 
and we were able to use their artwork, modified, as we wish. They 
actually contacted us before they posted it some time ago.

DMC logo stickers...I think we'll have something along these lines 
come the first of the year...a lot of people have watned something 
like this.

James Espey
DeLorean Motor Company


Message: 5
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:17:29 -0000
From: "Adam" <>
Subject: Re: my first long trip in my D

I hope that the down shift is the throttle switch and your car is 
normal. If it isnt that then your shift computer may be going out... 
it could possibly downshift you into 1st gear while going 75 and that 
would be bad. Sounds like regular kick down though.

> Re: automatic transmission downshift -- according to tech manual, 
> throttle switch (the gizmo that got me into so much trouble re: cold
> start valve experiment) sends a signal to a computer controlling
> transmission to shift into 2nd (mine's 5 speed -- don't get me to
> lyin'). Must be like long rod in bad old days that physically
> connected throttle linkage to kick down lever. Flooring car will
> downshift, no option. Should you decide to experiment with this
> switch, I don't recommend posting the results...
> Bill Robertson
> #5939
> have been removed]


Message: 6
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:27:13 -0000
From: "Adam" <>
Subject: question on tune-up components

I recently got an official delorean tune up kit (that is a kit sold 
by a delorean vendor) with platinum +4 plugs. I measured the 
resistance through all the parts and this is what I found:

plugs: ~4K
wires: ~6K
rotor: ~5K
cap  : 0 ohms

Are these normal values? I was expecting closer to zero for all these 
components. I know that plugs have resistors inside, but 4000 ohms???

Thanks for any info.



Message: 7
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:59:20 -0800
From: Phil Priestley <>
Subject: Re: Non Starting problem

I think I have tracked down at least part of the problem. The Idle 
Motor valve was stuck. I cleaned it with carb cleaner and gave it a 
shot of WD40 and it works now. I will reinstall it and see what happens.
On Thursday, November 7, 2002, at 10:06 PM, jtrealtywebspannet wrote:

> If it is runnng too rich try adjusting the fuel mixture screw just a
> little. Set it enough to keep the car running and then check the
> ignition timming. If you have an analog dwell meter put it on pins 2
> and 3 of the diagnostic plug and with the meter set to 4 cyl dwell it
> should fluctuate between 35 and 45 degrees. This won't work with a
> digital meter, you really have to use an old style meter with a dial.
> Turn the mixture screw to get there when the engine is warmed up. That
> will get you in the ball park of adjusting the air fuel ratio. To get
> closer you will need an exhaust gas analyzer. Refer to the Workshop
> Manual and I think the dwell meter procedure is _at_dml_ DMCNEWS.
> David Teitelbaum
> vin 10757
> --- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., Phil Priestley <phil_at_dml_a...> wrote:
>> I checked the Idle speed motor and it is working. I got it to fire
> up
>> and was able to keep it running for a minute by keeping  my foot on
> the
>> gas, but it smelled like it was running real rich. I know the timing
>> has got to be off so is there a way to get the timing set fairly
> close
>> so I can get it idling  to set it correctly?
>> On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 05:47 PM, dherv10_at_dml_a... wrote:
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Message: 8
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 22:49:07 +0100
From: "Ryan Hood" <>
Subject: Wanted: DeLorean in Germany or Netherlands

Hello Group,

I'm looking for a DeLorean in any condition. Must be located in Germany or the Netherlands.
(I'm living in Germany near the German/Dutch border.)

Now in German: 
Suche DeLorean - Zustand egal. Bitte alles anbieten.

Thank You!

Ryan Hood

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Message: 9
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:20:17 -0600
From: Bob Brandys <>
Subject: Re: Hand Built DeLoreans

If DMCH was able to assemble 500 new cars and sell them (thats the tough 
part).  they would make enough money to pay off some of the debt on all 
those parts.  THis would also create more demand for part and the need 
for reproducing them.

There are alot of Deloreans that need repair and alot more that are 
never driven.  Anything that would increase the visibility of the car 
would be better.

Keep in mind there is a critical mass for reproducing parts. 
 camaro,GTO, Mustang, etc.  all have a repro market  because of the 
thousands of cars out there.  More cars gets us closer to this number.


Message: 10
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 19:30:27 -0500
From: "Dave Sontos" <>
Subject: Noise Control

Although I enjoy driving my DeLorean more than anything I can't stand the noise in the passenger compartment. I've gone so far as to completely rip out all of the carpet and put down new 1/4" layer of closed cell sponge rubber and new carpet padding. This made a vast improvement on the road nose but the engine noise is still unbearable. 

What other noise abatement controls have other owners done to reduce passenger compartment noise?

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Message: 11
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 18:42:10 -0600
From: "B Benson" <>
Subject: Re: Noise Control

Lift the louvers and push down on the plastic body along the lower edge of
the rear window. It's not uncommon to have the lower edge of the rear window
come 'un-bonded' from the body. If that's the case it'll be apparent when
you push down on that area of the plastic body. If it is loose you'd be
surprised how much noise that allows into the cabin area. Resealing with a
silicon RV sealant is easiest. The only other alternative is removing the
window and re-bonding and is probably unnecessary.

Bruce Benson

> What other noise abatement controls have other owners done to reduce
passenger compartment noise?


Message: 12
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 00:51:48 -0000
From: "Toby Peterson" <>
Subject: Re: Noise Control

Dave - First off, I find the noise level in Winged1 to be akin to 
"music to my ears", especially at WOT (wide open throttle), but that 
is certainly a personal preference for everybody.  I know that several 
PNDC members have applied noise-suppression material to the cargo 
shelf, and also behind the "back wall" panel between the rear cargo 
area and the engine compartment.  The cavities in the underbody can 
create the effect of a bass resonator, so packing those cavities with 
sound absorption material can make a significant difference.  One 
member added some material to the trunk area under the carpet, 
and noted that the resonance from there was improved.  Also, several 
folks on the DML have talked about noise coming up from the shifter 
area, and through the center console in general, leading them to 
adding sound proofing there as well.  The rigid underbody is a very 
effective "noise transmitter", so if anything that generates 
vibration is touching the underbody, it will be carried very well into 
the cabin.  Take a look for anything touching or riding on the 
fiberglass which could generate noise.  You just have to keep adding 
stuff until you reach the level of "acceptable noise".  Or ... turn up 
the stereo another notch or two.

Toby Peterson  VIN 2248

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "Dave Sontos" <dsontos_at_dml_s...> wrote:
> Although I enjoy driving my DeLorean more than anything I can't 
stand the noise in the passenger compartment. I've gone so far as to 
completely rip out all of the carpet and put down new 1/4" layer of 
closed cell sponge rubber and new carpet padding. This made a vast 
improvement on the road nose but the engine noise is still unbearable. 
> What other noise abatement controls have other owners done to reduce 
passenger compartment noise?


Message: 13
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 01:27:45 -0000
From: "James LaLonde" <>
Subject: 001697 is no more,

Well friends, 
001697 is hurt. 

On the way home this evening I was about a mile from home on a 45mph 
road, doing around 40mph... And this woman in a burgundy cadilac 
pulls out of her drive way and I hit her. She pulled out when I was 
already with 10-20 feet from her. I didn't know what happened... all 
I saw was a wall of stainless steal the hood had created in it's 
malformity. Hood, front facia, passenger front fender, and driver 
side front fender. Whole front-end is now a bent mess of Stainless 
and fiberglass.
As if it makes a difference... it was HER fault (the bitch.. sorry).

I'll know how Metlife Home and Auto handle it on monday... I'm an 
insurance agent of thier... hopefully they'll pay a fair amount. 
Until then I'm in DeLorean-Owners-Hell.

I don't know if they'll total her... and depending on the out come 
it may spell my exit of the DeLorean world until I'm debt free.

I will see how the adjuster likes me keeping the scrap... and if it 
doesn't effect the settlement too much, there will soon be a whole 
plethora of perfect DeLorean parts up from grabs. 
Hm... including a driver side Torsion bar.

Perhaps 001697 will live on within other DMC-12s. She would have 
wanted it that way.

Well I have until 2004 to make Pigeon Forge.

Shannon... you can forget about those instruction you were faxing 
me :P

Mmmmm... well thought I'd share the horrible news. Pictures may be 
forthcoming for the sickos out there who like looking at such 
things. Tamir... you'll get some pics. I'd like to at least have her 
on your site, eh?

Have Happy Deloreaning..... I sure as hell won't be.
-James LaLonde 


Message: 14
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 03:06:37 -0000
From: "therealdmcvegas" <>
Subject: Re: Hand Built DeLoreans

In all honestly, I could totally care less about any positive/negative effect that 
new cars could have on our existing vehicles. And as far as parts go, all you 
need to do is have a little faith! :) A new car should mean new/improved parts 
that we all can use for our existing ones. I just read the arcitcle/saw the video 
today, and having seen it, everything makes perfect sense. When questions 
about the reproduction of key componets arose, prices/solutions were almost 
immediately available as to what the costs would be. So someone has been 
doing a bit of research to prepare for this.

So, aside from the usual questions that I'm sure will arive about any new 
powertrains, etc.., I would just like to ask the following 2 questions:
1. Will there be a new model designation? i.e. DMC-12a, 13. etc...
2. What will the price be? Even if it takes me another few years to save up for 
one, I want one. There's an empty space in my garage already just waiting to 
be filled!

And if Steven, James, Warren, or anyone else down _at_dml_ DMCH is reading this, 
I've only one suggestion: The first car that you built MUST have that final door 
you guys found installed onto it. There would be no better fitting tribute to the 
car, the company, and the man than to have the final part assembled from the 
first dream to help build the new one!

vin 6585 "X"
Living the Dream, and waiting for the new one!


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