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1. Re: New tank sender thoughts
From: "The Atkinson Family" <>

2. Re: (battery)

3. AZ-D's Thanksgiving meeting
From: "Matthew P. Olans" <>

4. Re: Battery cutoff switch

5. hydraulic fluid seeps
From: "K Creason" <>

6. Re: New tank sender thoughts

7. Re: New tank sender thoughts
From: "Cecil Longwisch" <>

8. Re: Dallas Mechs

9. Re: License Plate suggestions
From: "Aaron Husak" <>

10. Gold Sunstar Models
From: Jack The Stripper <>

11. RE: Battery Buddy
From: "Palatinus, Joe" <>

12. Re: Steering Rack Question/Info
From: "hmcelraft" <>

13. Re: Re: Delorean Financing (other options)
From: Vin 5386 <>

14. Re: New tank sender thoughts

15. Re: hydraulic fluid seeps
From: "David Teitelbaum" <>

Message: 1
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 23:52:13 -0700
From: "The Atkinson Family" <>
Subject: Re: New tank sender thoughts

Hi Sonny,

Thanks for the info.  I'd like to know at about what fuel level the low fuel light comes on so I can compare it to the Zilla fuel tank sender.  James had mentioned something before about their sender activating the light earlier than the stock one, so that sounded like the light might come on sooner.  "don't know as he never answered my question."  

I'd like to know how it works out for you and at what fuel level the light really does come on.  We had a club meeting Saturday and the new sender came up.  It sounds nice.


Mike Atkinson
vin 16232  

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Sonny V 
  Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2002 8:24 PM
  Subject: [DML] New tank sender thoughts

  Hey all -

  Got my new tank sender this past Wednesday from DMC in Texas. Warren said it would arrive on Wednesday and he was right! I didn't have time to install it until today, but it was quite easy to do and came with illustrated instructions.

  The tank sender is metal, unlike the original plastic one that I took out. It has the same kind of three terminal plug like the original one, though, so it just plugs right in. It also comes with a new thicker seal to replace the original one. When I first turned the key on after installing it, the low fuel light came on and it read about 1/16 of a tank on the gauge. I went to the gas station, filled up with 11.4 gallons. The manual says the car has a 13.2 gallon tank, which would have meant that I had about 1.8 gallons left in the tank. So far so good.

  I will keep the list posted on my experience with the unit.


Message: 2
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 02:04:04 EST
Subject: Re: (battery)

About the Battery Buddy.  I have this Battery Buddy in my DeLorean for the 
last year and a half.  I haven't had any problems with this unit.  This 
Battery Buddy has replace another battery saving device that operated in 
almost the same way that was sold by a DMC vendor where I have purchased some 
five years ago.  This is way to go, beside using a main heavy duty battery 
cut-off switch.

Kayo Ong
Lic 9D NY 

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Message: 3
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 00:11:11 -0700
From: "Matthew P. Olans" <>
Subject: AZ-D's Thanksgiving meeting

Greetings all!
        The AZ-D group ( just had our Thanksgiving meeting
today and it was a BLAST!  A hearty thank you goes out to Richard and Kathy
Federico of Chandler, AZ for putting on a great shin-dig and preparing a
turkey meal for those of us who have nowhere to be on the holiday....:)
        I brought the much discussed renegade issues of DeLoreans from the
Midatlantic group to this meeting and distributed about 12 copies to the
members.  Thanks to Mike DeLuca and DMCH for the reading material.  They
were very well received out here.
        We added a 2 new members to our roster today.  We had a 14 year old
enthusiast show up with his father.  He is a real spark that enjoys the car
and we talked about anything and everything we could think of to keep him
sated.  I had to honor of giving him his first ride in a DeLorean and now I
know what people are saying about that.  The look of sheer joy on his face
will stay with me for a long time.  The other new member is Ryan Gould,
formerly of CA.  Ryan is opening up DART in Prescott Valley at the beginning
of the new year and had some terrific products to show us today.  His
exhaust system was very impressive and the mini cargo nets are really
terrific.  Visit for more information.
        After the meeting 3 cars decided to trek up to the Scottsdale
Pavillions for the weekly car show.  2 more showed up and there was even a
renegade 6th D parked a few rows over.  We really attracted a lot of
attention and for the first time I can remember we were even well received
by the female population.  First time for everything!
        5 DeLoreans ended the night with a stop over at a Ferrari owner's
house to see restoration of his car in progress and a Q&A session.  From
there we headed out to central Phoenix for a late dinner at Ed Debevic's.  I
think what best sums up the evening is: "A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!"
        Our next event will be in mid-January for our holiday party and gift
exchange (hey, January is a fun time to get gifts!) and a visit from DMCH at
the Barrett-Jackson auction.  If anyone is ever in town please look some of
us up.  We drive year round and welcome those cold weather city owners who
put their cars up for the winter.  Come on out to the desert for a little
R&R and throw a few DeLoreans around Phoenix!  We love the company and enjoy
being hosts, expecially when it's snowing in other parts of the

Happy Thanksgiving from the AZ-D!

Matthew: AZ-D VP
VIN #16816
VIN #10365


Message: 4
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 08:52:02 EST
Subject: Re: Battery cutoff switch

I have on the web site for sale a very simple battery switch you can hook up 
once and turn the battery on and off. If the car sits for a month or more, 
coupled that with battery age and charge status. Just turn it off when your 
going to let it sit and save everything in the battery instead of letting it 
run down any at all. After a month or so it may need a boost anyway.
John Hervey

<< I keep my DeLorean stored for most of the year (I'm away at college) 
 and it's always a pain to reconnect and then disconnect the battery 
 each time I want to use the car. I was planning on getting a cheap 
 jackknife battery cut-off switch when I came across the Battery 
 Buddy (the website is Basically it's a 
 product that you connect to the battery's hot terminal and it keeps 
 an eye on how much power is still running through it. When the power 
 drops past a certain point, it cuts the circuit. It comes with a 
 remote for resetting the circuit, or you can do it from the unit 
 itself. You can also set the product to "off," which cuts the power 
 to the battery manually. (This is a description of the Battery Buddy 
 III; they have other models with fewer features.)
 I haven't ordered the thing yet (I've seen it priced at $55-$70, 
 which doesn't seem too high to me), as I'm not yet sure if it will 
 fit in the DeLorean's battery compartment (the Battery Buddy 
 measures 1-5/8" x 2-1/8" x 2-1/8"). I was wondering if anyone has 
 tried this product yet, and with what degree of success. (And 
 hopefully, if the product pans out, new DeLorean owners with battery 
 troubles won't have to go though any of the headaches I've gone 


Message: 5
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 09:51:58 -0600
From: "K Creason" <>
Subject: hydraulic fluid seeps

I noticed while changing my steering column bushing that I have a small
brake fluid seep. It appears to seep between the cylinder and the server.
Can just that gasket be replaced? Or is there more that needs to be done?

I also noticed that the inside of the clutch MC (pedal box) was a little
damp and sloppy. I wiped it up and some of the paint came off so I assume it
is some of the hydraulic fluid seeping out. I looked at the online parts
list but it doesn't look like it's gasket-- is this an MC replacement that
I'm looking at?

One last question. Is clutch fluid same old Dot4 as the brakes? I have the
same sticker for both reservoirs.



Message: 6
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 10:53:40 EST
Subject: Re: New tank sender thoughts

I got mine too...My question was wondering how it works. I see the large 1/8 
hole on the top side of the unit but was looking for a small hole on the 
bottom for the gas to enter the unit. I do not see any holes so I guess the 
gas enters the sender through the bottom somehow or works in some other 


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Message: 7
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:02:16 -0500
From: "Cecil Longwisch" <>
Subject: Re: New tank sender thoughts

I too installed the new tank sender. The only problem I had was caused by 
me. I installed it with no problem however when I turned on the electrical 
it hung on the bottom and the low gas level was on for the first time since 
I owned it. I shouldn't tell this on myself, but I took the sended back out 
to find that my tank was almost empty and it was right. I have had in in for 
over a month now with a couple of fillups and it works great. Sure is nice 
to have a gas gauge again.
Of course we will need to hold judgement for the long term durability but in 
the short term it is excellent and the price is reasonable too!

Cecil Longwisch


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Message: 8
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:20:44 EST
Subject: Re: Dallas Mechs

I have owned my car for a year and have fellow DML member do most of my 
work....But I have always felt people in the Northeast with PJ Grady, 
California with both repair locations there and Texas with DMC Houston were 
the luckiest....I am guessing its a 3 hour drive for you but Houston is where 
I would take my car...Also talk with John Hervey in Dallas...He sells many 
parts off his SpecialTauto website and helps owners on the phone...

Mike C

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Message: 9
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 10:27:14 -0600
From: "Aaron Husak" <>
Subject: Re: License Plate suggestions

For custom plate frames:

> Message: 1
>    Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 00:44:56 -0500
>    From: "Mike Aninger" <>
> Subject: Re: License Plate suggestions
> I thought for quite a while about this one.  What I came up with felt to
> quite unique.  Do you have a place around you that makes custom plate
> frames?  


Message: 10
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:31:38 -0500
From: Jack The Stripper <>
Subject: Gold Sunstar Models

Sorry if this has been discussed, I haven't had the time to go through 
all the messages lately, but has anyone gotten their Gold Sunstar models 
yet?  I pre ordered mine several months ago and haven't gotten it yet.


Message: 11
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 12:25:45 -0500
From: "Palatinus, Joe" <>
Subject: RE: Battery Buddy

I bought my 81 delorean with a battery buddy installed, it has been the
best thing ever! For the past 4 years it has kept the battery charged
enough so that all I need to do is pop the battery compartment and press
a little button, then just turn the key and vroom.  I think it is a
great thing, especially if you not drive your car very much.  It
automatically cuts battery power when it gets below a certain level,
(for me that is about a week of not starting it)  I know this may be a
sign of power drain, but it works, and don't believe that it causes any
dangers to the car.  IT is an automatic, so it sure beats jump starting
it which may damage the computer.
Joe P.
VIN 17167 6808


Message: 12
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 23:57:34 -0000
From: "hmcelraft" <>
Subject: Re: Steering Rack Question/Info


You will be much happier doing it the way the manual says. Grease 
will not allow air to bleed through the rack smoothly which could 
make the steering feel jerky and could damage the boots in a rapid 
tight turn. Also, I would suggest full synthetic fluid. It really 
seems to help.

Harold McElraft


Message: 13
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 16:51:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Vin 5386 <>
Subject: Re: Re: Delorean Financing (other options)

Jeff and everyone else thinking about purchaseing a D,

Let me just put my 2 cents in here. If your thinking
about buying a DeLorean let me advise you to try to
purchase your D through the list. That is what I did.
Actually I purchased my DeLorean through
Rich(d_rex_2002). Your best bet is to buy a D from
someone who loves and knows the car. If you would like
to get a car that you know has been well taken care of
then watch what Rich has coming on the market. He has
many projects all the time and is one of the most
expierenced guys out there on the D. You have to
understand the history behind your car in order to
protect yourself. As a senerio I bought an '84 Fiero
2M4 from a guy who guarennted me it ran like, and I
quote "Like a raped ape" Needless to say there is not
an inch of this car I have not had to rebuild in one
way, shape, or form in order to get it up to my level
of satisfaction. Okay, maybe my level of satisfaction
is slightly higher then most, but you need to
understand where your car is coming from before you
can understand where you can go with it. Another
problem I ran into with the 2M4 was an undisclosed
lien on the title. If you deal with Rich your never
going to have such a problem. I have delt with him and
I can honestly say he is just an all around nice guy.
He helped me when nobody else would and he made my
dream come true. Rich takes pride in his cars. Hes not
going to blow you off or not answer questions and hes
very honest and to the point. Rich is just one of the
many great guys on the DML. If you want a DeLorean and
you don't want a headach I'd stay in house with the
DML. watch the "for sale section" and ask alot of
questions and keep an eye on some of the projects the
other members are working on. More high quality, well
taken care for DeLoreans come through here then say on

'81 DeLorean vin 5386
'84 2M4 vin 226211
--- d_rex_2002 <> wrote:
> Jeff and other potential Delorean buyers,
> "Smaller scale" Delorean financing is available to
> potential buyers
> that are "better than half way there" but do not
> have all the funds
> available to get their Delorean "now" and pay off
> the balance over
> a small period of time (such as a year or less).
> I have sold several of my refurbished Deloreans "on
> payments" to 
> buyers that could put 2/3 down and pay the rest off
> within a year.


Message: 14
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 20:08:39 EST
Subject: Re: New tank sender thoughts

   I agree. I installed one of DMCH's new fuel tank sending units about a 
month ago and it has to be one of the easiest projects there is. Unplug old 
sender, unscrew top, remove old sender, install new sender, screw top back on 
and plug connector back in. And now the fuel gauge works correctly and 
accurately, just as it should.
  This has to be one of the best "new" products available for our cars and 
the quality is second to none. Keep the parts coming guys !!!


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Message: 15
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 01:46:36 -0000
From: "David Teitelbaum" <>
Subject: Re: hydraulic fluid seeps

Seeping brake fluid is BAD!!!!. If you look at the calipers you will 
probably also see that they are damp. It is a sign that the seals are 
leaking and the fluid is contaminated and the cylinders are corroded. 
The recomendation (requirement) is to flush and replace the brake 
fluid every 2 years. If this is not done then the fluid absorbs 
moisture from the air which corrodes the insides of the system and 
ruins the seals. What makes the situation even worse is that with 
frequent driving you heat up the fluid which forces the moisture out 
but in a car that is occasionaly driven that doesn't happen so the 
moisture just collects and gets worse and worse (like most Deloreans 
that are not daily drivers). You cannot fix this by "just changing a 
seal". You need to dissasemble the entire system, flush out all of the 
old brake fluid, and rebuild all the calipers and master cylinder 
maybe also having to sleeve the bores to reuse some calipers. Same 
goes for the clutch system. For brake fluid (and clutch fluid) the 
fluid of choice is Casterol GTLMA. It seems to be the most compatible 
with the rubber compounds that are used in the system. You can get it 
in most large auto stores that carry the Castrol line of lubricants. 
It is a DOT 4 brake fluid so it is good in all vehicles, disc and drum 
brakes. Don't skimp on this, the brakes are really important! Flushing 
the brake fluid regularly is something you don't do on domestic cars 
but is a common practice on most imports. Where the fluid dripped on 
the epoxy coated frame the paint will harden again but it will not 
adhere to the metal. The best thing to do would be to remove the loose 
epoxy paint and repaint the area to prevent moisture from getting 
behind and rusting the metal. It is also a good idea to change the 
Anti-Freeze every 2 years also to keep it from becoming acidic and 
corroding the aluminum motor parts. I also drain and refill the 
winshield washer so it doesn't become slime.
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "K Creason" <dmc4687_at_dml_m...> wrote:
> I noticed while changing my steering column bushing that I have a 
> brake fluid seep. It appears to seep between the cylinder and the 
> Can just that gasket be replaced? Or is there more that needs to be 
> I also noticed that the inside of the clutch MC (pedal box) was a 
> damp and sloppy. I wiped it up and some of the paint came off so I 
assume it
> is some of the hydraulic fluid seeping out. I looked at the online 
> list but it doesn't look like it's gasket-- is this an MC 
replacement that
> I'm looking at?
> One last question. Is clutch fluid same old Dot4 as the brakes? I 
have the
> same sticker for both reservoirs.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> #4687


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