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Date: Friday, December 13, 2002 6:15 AM

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1. unintentional DMC?
From: Jim Strickland <>

2. Re: Back on the Road
From: "content22207 <>" <>

3. Re: Re: Front wiring harness
From: Gus Schlachter <>

4. Fuel Suction Hose - 106287
From: James Espey <>

5. Gold Sunstar Models
From: James Espey <>

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:03:23 -0500
From: Jim Strickland <>
Subject: unintentional DMC?

Ian's recent post about the DMC camera reminded me of this-

There is a series of comical books, the first is called "Worst Case
Scenario", which tells you what to do in case of shark attack, etc etc. 
Anyhow, I forget the name, but I believe the second book is about
performing stunts, and one of them is "How to roll over the roof of a
car".  The car depicted in the pictures *eerily* resembles a Delorean!

Let me know if you check it out and think the same!

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:34:13 +0800 "Ian Foster" <>
> Hi DMCers,
> I was looking for a new digital camera today and found one called 
> DMC F7 by Panasonic!!! It has a silver colour brushed stainless 
> finish with DMC written in black and costs about US$300. I'm still 
> going for a Sony though!!! 
> I know some of you fanatics collect the wildest things!!!
> Cheers,           IAN
> ***************************

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Message: 2
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:53:41 -0000
From: "content22207 <>" <>
Subject: Re: Back on the Road

I know I sound like a broken record -- I just want to spare anyone the
agony I went thru:

Replace everything from the fuel filter forward. Filter itself is a no
brainer (available from parts houses for $15 or so). Accumulator has a
rubber seal on the piston. If it's gone bad (probable), car won't
restart hot. Fuel pump could be OK, but if you can't afford $130 for a
new one should you really be buying a D? Fuel pump boot is probably
rotten, and this is the kicker: broken bits of the boot can crumble
into the tank. Should one of those pieces get sucked up against a 22
year old strainer screen, it *WILL* (IMHO) break thru and back up
everything. I was amazed how brittle my screens had become
(disintegrated between my fingers). Pickup hose can also become
gelatinous and collapse. Fuel tank is a harsh environment for rubber
and nylon, so it only makes sense to replace everything in it. John
Hervey's kit IS a bit overpriced (sorry John), but I sure wish it had
been my first purchase.

Will get off my soap box now...

Bill Robertson

>--- In, "Randy Bell" <randybell_at_dml_w...> wrote:
> I bought my Delorean new in 1981, but I am fairly new to the group.
It only has 12.5K miles on it and I have had it garage stored (without
being able to start it) since 1986. I had parked it with gas in the
tank and hadn't driven it in some time. Apparently the gas had set up
and it wouldn't fire. This had happen once before, but I had the
original Dealer work on it the 1st time. I want to get it running and
back on the road. I know I need to pull the tank, fuel Line, ect...
but should I pull the moter and look at replacing gaskets. I know for
sure that the clutch cylinder was leaking fluid before. Where should I
> Sincerely,
> Thanks in advance,
> Randy 
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Message: 3
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 16:56:48 -0600
From: Gus Schlachter <>
Subject: Re: Re: Front wiring harness

Gee, it sure is nice having my car's original owner on the list.  Can we get this
service for everybody?  :-)

Gus Schlachter
VIN #4695
Austin, TX

"Harold McElraft " wrote:

> Gus
> Follow the wire for the air horn motor. It is inside the tool
> compartment and follows the wire harness all the way to the positive
> bat post. I think it is yellow. In order to get to it, you may have
> to drop the window washer housing.
> By the way it dawned on me that I never mentioned how to get the
> surge out of the cruse control. (A year late, I know) Take the slack
> out of the cruse control throttle linkage wire. There should be just
> the slightest amount.
> Harold McElraft - 3354
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Message: 4
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:56:59 -0600
From: James Espey <>
Subject: Fuel Suction Hose - 106287

We just received our stock of the new Fuel Suction Hoses, part # 106287.
This is the funky shaped hose that goes from the bottom of the pump to the
filter in the bottom of the tank (also known as the $90 hose). Except that
now the price is just $47.95.

Couple of neat new repro parts coming the first part of next year, too.

James Espey
DeLorean Motor Company


Message: 5
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 19:00:16 -0600
From: James Espey <>
Subject: Gold Sunstar Models

The shipment of gold Sunstar models was finally released by customs
yesterday in California and are on the way to us. Because the order was
short-shipped from the factory in China, Sunstar tells me that the only
places in the states that will have them before sometime next year are
DeLorean Motor Company and DeLorean Motor Center...I expect ours to arrive
Monday, and all existing orders will be shipped that same day.

James Espey
DeLorean Motor Company


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