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1. Re:Fuel Cell Question.
From: "jamesrguk" <>

2. Re: Fuel Cell Question.
From: "Andrei Cular" <>

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 19:41:19 -0000
From: "jamesrguk" <>
Subject: Re:Fuel Cell Question.

Hi all,

I may be corrected here by one of the UK DeLorean buffs, but it is my 
understanding that the European spec cars had metal fuel tanks with 
the pump mounted on the top apparently for saftey reasons.

The car on this page has the european setup.


James RG

> > Was the mounting of the fuel pump inside of the fuel tank to save 
> > space, or was it a safety concern? In other words, if the pump 
> > was mounted outside of the tank, is there a possibility that it 
> > could be punctured, and the electrical connections exposed?


Message: 2
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 15:22:01 -0500
From: "Andrei Cular" <>
Subject: Re: Fuel Cell Question.

The pump that I have is an aftermarket pump that is a replacement that the
Porsche community uses.  Price is only slightly less than a bosch.  It has
the check valve built in along with a screen on the suction end to prevent
anything that gets past your first filter from killing the pump.  Due to its
smaller diameter than the bosch pump I was able to mount it between the tank
and the access hatch.

The pickup line that I used is SAE spec, most FLAPS do not carry SAE spec
hoses but marine stores do, and I have it  running into the stock baffle.
When I was playing around with pump locations the line was about 2.5-3ft
long and I never had a problem with suction.  Now that it is mounted the
hose is maybe 6in longer than stock.  The important thing is to use SAE spec
hose.  If you walk into your FLAPS and ask for fuel line the stuff they will
give you is more than likely garbage.  Their is a big difference in quality
and a little more in price.


> There is another list member, Andrei Cular, who mounted his fuel pump
> outside of the tank.  I think his goal was to save on buying a new fuel
> boot, so he made his own that was basically a cap.  I haven't heard him
> any complaints with this arrangement.  So perhaps these fuel pumps suck
> [sic] after all.
> I doubt that locating the fuel pump in the tank has anything to do with
> safety or saving space.  My biggest concern with what Andrei did is that I
> question whether or not a Bosch fuel pump can reliably suck that good [sic
> again!].  I have looked through a lot of high performance automotive
> catalogues and have yet to see anything that can begin to replace the pump
> used in the DeLorean who's Bosch continuous injection requires fuel
> pressures in the range of 72-81 psi.  As fuel systems go, that is
> high.  As a comparison, the Bosch intermittent injection requires 31-40
> domestic throttle-body injection uses 10-11 psi, and typical carburetor
> systems use 1-2 psi.
> For what it's worth, my humble opinion is to just use the OEM setup with
> it's quirks.  But if you can come up with something that makes less noise
> and doesn't require an exotic fuel suction hose, then I would like to see
> that.
> Walt    Tampa, FL


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