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Date: Saturday, March 09, 2002 6:24 PM

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1. Re: lowered front end and jacking?

2. a few more questions.. fuse box and locks
From: "James LaLonde" <>

3. Re: Brakes

4. Porsche engine options (long)
From: "d_rex_2002" <>

5. Re: Re: Door Ajar light on all the time

6. Re: Re brushing stainless steel panels

7. auto trans leaks

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 19:29:25 EST
Subject: Re: lowered front end and jacking?

Start it with a small sciccors jack under one of the front tow hook mounts 
until the floor jjack with a 2x6 across the front cross member will fit. Then 
take it the rest of the way up. Support on jack stands at the tow hooks.


Message: 2
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 19:11:41 -0500
From: "James LaLonde" <>
Subject: a few more questions.. fuse box and locks

i see that the fuse boxs are hard to come by. does anyone know if they were
used on another car... or a part number for someother car that is a suitable

secondly, what does it take to unify the ignition and door locks... a
new locks and ignition...
do i need to buy new locks and then have a smith set them??

thanks again!!
james lalonde 001697


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Message: 3
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 18:38:31 EST
Subject: Re: Brakes

In a message dated 3/6/02 10:46:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< They fit exactly and cost me maybe $ 25.00 each.  Wrenchhead shipped them 
to >>
Mine came from wrenchead also, but they were about 47.00 each and no core. 
Fit exactly.
Jim 6147


Message: 4
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 14:41:34 -0000
From: "d_rex_2002" <>
Subject: Porsche engine options (long)

Porsche engines in Deloreans are feasible, but you need to look into
exactly what you want to accomplish and find the best donor for your
needs.  To better define what will fit easy and what will require the
6 foot shoe horn to get it to fit, let's look at the Porsche options.

To further clarify the Porsche engine options, the 911 series engine
including early 911's and later 964, 993, 996 and Boxster 986 series
are all horizontally opposed flat 6's, which vary from 150hp to up to
and exceeding 300hp in normally aspirated OEM stock configurations.
The main difficulty with this type of engine is the width, not the
length, to attempt to fit this engine in a stock Delorean engine bay.

As for the 944 engine options, the early 2.5L 8 valve 944 engines
produce between 145hp ('83) through about 165hp ('88) for the normally
aspirated engine and in excess of 300hp for a 'tweeked' turbo setup.
The later 2.7L models (in 944 S) produced a few more usable HP, but it
was not until the 3.0L 16 valve models in the 944 S2 that the normally
aspirated model exceeded 200hp.  The best of this line was the '92-'95
models of the 968, with the 3.0L vario-cam setup producing 232hp in
normally aspirated form and over 450hp in the turbo Club Sport model.

The 944 series engine is an inline 4 cylinder, which was designed as
half of the 928 V8 engine, so it sits on a 'slant' in the engine bay.
It uses counter-rotating balance shafts (they wheigh about 3 lbs) to
keep the engine from running rough, and it's a very smooth setup.
This engine will fit into the Delorean engine bay without major mods.
The best 'bang for the buck' would be a 944 S2 engine (over 200hp)
since there are no turbo 'plumbing' issues regading sufficient cooling
and the reduced engine weight would better balance the distribution of
the overall car weight to about 40/60 from 35/65, depending on the
transmission selected.

As for the Porsche 928 V8 engine, this is an aluminum block V8 ranging
from early 4.5L with 220hp (US) and 300hp (Euro spec) to the later
model 5.4L with 345hp (using the same external dimension size block).
Although this is an aluminum block engine, it is by no means lighter
than Ford or Chevy V8 engines.  Although one of my projects may use a
early 928 S4 5.0L V8 engine with 320hp, I do not have the measuremants
finished to identify how much of the Delorean engine bay will require
modifications (and obvious reinforcement).

Porsche transmission options I will leave for another discussion.

Rich W.

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., "Andrei Cular" <acular1_at_dml_t...> wrote:
> It is a horizontal 6 not straight.  Has anyone looked at 1988 or 
newer 944s
> engine?  it is a 2.7 inline turbo 4 cyl water cooled with about 
220hp at the
> flywheel stock.  With a few simple mods you can run 250-300hp at the 
> wheels as a reliable daily driver.  The only problem I see is 
traction since
> it is an all aluminum engine which weighs very little.
> Andrei
> dmc-2767
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> From: "Walter Coe" <Whalt_at_dml_a...>
> To: <dmcnews_at_dml_y...>
> Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 2:56 AM
> Subject: Re: Re: [DML] New Frame
> > > If your thinking of using a Porsche transmission why not install 
it with
> a
> > Porsche motor as well.
> >
> > Shain,
> > I have asked around about this and the answer is that the engine 
is too
> long
> > to fit the DeLorean's engine compartment.  I hear it is a straight 


Message: 5
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 12:42:58 EST
Subject: Re: Re: Door Ajar light on all the time

In a message dated 3/9/02 12:38:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Do the courtesy lights work? If not, check the #12 fuse
 or (if you have one) whether the Battery Saver 
 (by DMC Joe) is switched off. >>

I can vouch for this....when I installed my new radio last weekend, I had 
pulled out the #12 fuse so I didn't drain the battery too much and I also had 
the door ajar light stay on.  So as I was testing the radio by turning on the 
ignition, the light turned on also.  I was sorta puzzled as to why it was on 
since the fuse being out should have disabled that light.  Just to test 
things out, I put the fuse back in, and when I closed the doors again, the 
light went out.

Nick Pitello
<A HREF="Http://">Http://</A>


Message: 6
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 22:06:00 EST
Subject: Re: Re brushing stainless steel panels

The stainless steel tool for the DeLorean dealerships and QAC's was from 
Kent-Moore tool Inc. USA.
The tool was rather expensive and hard to find. The tool operator should use 
extreme caution as the tool can heat the stainless steel panel and cause the 
stainless to discolor. You can actually re-brush the DeLorean and add a strip 
in ROYGBIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet).



Message: 7
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 13:22:42 EST
Subject: auto trans leaks

I'm sure this topic has come up before, but I'm having trouble finding what I 
need. I have an automatic trans in an Aug '81, which appears to be leaking 
fluid from both the front & the rear. I have a new pan gasket which I havent 
installed yet, because the leaks seems to be coming from above the pan. Any 
help would be much appreciated.             

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