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Date: Thursday, March 28, 2002 9:19 AM

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1. CAT Heat Shield
From: "spaceboy_2912" <>

2. Re: catalytic heat shield

3. Fuel Pump and hot start problems
From: "Palatinus, Joe" <>

4. Re: Air metering adjustment
From: "Dave Sontos" <>

5. Re: Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" - Concours d'Elegance
From: FatBoy <>

6. CV boot help.
From: "miami5606" <>

7. Indicators
From: "andy_verbrugghe" <>

8. Re: Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" - Concoursd'Elegance
From: FatBoy <>

9. Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" - Concoursd'Elegance
From: FatBoy <>

10. Re: clearwater/tampa delorean
From: "d_rex_2002" <>

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 03:55:59 -0000
From: "spaceboy_2912" <>
Subject: CAT Heat Shield

Hey I work with Byrne Heninger, and the wrap around heat shield we 
provide can be installed without the removal of the muffler. The wrap 
around design not only protects the frame from the CAT but also 
reduces the amount of direct heat that can rise up to the drivers 
side exhaust manifold. The heat shield is made up of a asbestos-free 
material that can withstand the heat put out by the CAT without the 
danger of handling the asbestos. The price for the wrap around heat 
shield is $90.00 please email me directly if anyone is interested or 
has any questions.


Message: 2
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 23:23:23 EST
Subject: Re: catalytic heat shield

Here's another question for you technical minded guys:  Is there a 
temperature difference between a cat that actually has something in it vs a 
cat that has been hollowed out?  Or is it that no matter what, a cat (hollow 
or not) may still damage surrounding parts b/c of generated heat?  Just 

Darren Decker

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Message: 3
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 00:08:08 -0500
From: "Palatinus, Joe" <>
Subject: Fuel Pump and hot start problems

	As many of you know, and some of you experienced first hand, my fuel pump died at the last ETDOC meeting, but I happend to have an extra from one of the other guys, so I changed it in the hotel parking lot.  THe car ran, fine, but I wanted to put a new fuel pump in, (the one I put in at the hotel was an original long neck pump from an 81, I did not want to keep this one in there)  I bought a new fuel pump, and the car ran fine.  Now however I have a hot start problem, and I smell a little bit of gas when I get out of the car, It smells like it is comming from the exhaust or engine, but the car runs just like before, it just has a problem starting up when it is slightly hot.

	I know the rest of the info my be long, so My basic question is I have a kind of hot start problem, that does not seem like the accumulator to me, what else could it be, oor am I wrong and it is athe accumulator?
	THe rest of this message is more clues for those who would like to aid in my detective work
		When I first replaced the pump I was going to leave the original check valve in, when I did this, I could not start the car, is it possible that the checkvalve failure is what made my original pump fail?  (The long neck pump had a built in checkvalve, so when I replaced it at the hotel parking lot it did not matter that my original ruined checkvalve remained connected to the pump.
	When I tried to connect my new pump to the old checkvalve, the car would not start therefore the checkvalve was bad, after replacing the checkvalve, I found it very difficult to tighten the dome nut to the valve.  Is it possible that the car is not starting hot because the pump's nut is not holding the pressure when the car is not running.  This seems to fit the facts, however there is no gass leaking at the pump (at least there was not any when I replace the pump)
	I replaced the accumulator about 3 years ago, and I must say this problem does not seem like the accumulator, (unless this is how it starts and it gets worse)  When my accumulator went bad, there was no hope for starting the car when it was hot, now I can start it, if I play with the gas and crank it for 10 minutes, so it does not seem like the same problem the accumulator was giving me before.
	If I stop the car, and 20 minutes later start it, it starts fine, its roughly the 2-5 hours where the trouble is.
	Joe Palatinus
	VIN 17167 6808


Message: 4
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 19:10:01 -0500
From: "Dave Sontos" <>
Subject: Re: Air metering adjustment

The CO adjustment screw has a wide range of adjustment and the car will
still run. A couple of threads should be visible on top. Usually you would
make a hand adjustment based on the type of smoke from the tail pipe. White
smoke is too lean and black smoke is too rich. Of course the best way is
with a CO analyzer. But if you don't have one handy you can use a regular
dwell meter and follow the procedure at

If you are having trouble getting the car to run check your injectors and
make sure you have a good cone shaped spray pattern. Then check your spark.
Maybe a tuneup is necessary.

> Now, does anyone out there know a good starting place to set the 3mm CO2
> adjustment screw thingy if they were actually dumb enough to diasemble to
> metering housing and play around in there?


Message: 5
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 23:01:26 -0800
From: FatBoy <>
Subject: Re: Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" - Concours d'Elegance

Hello Jim,

Let's try this one more time.  This time, try to focus on my original
message.  You didn't do your research!

My comments were directed toward Concours d'Elegance as it relates to
DeLorean automobiles.  This is the DeLorean Mailing List. (DML for short).

We're really not interested in hearing about your Ford Thunderbird, or
someone with a PT Cruiser with flames or without flames or another
individual with a Ferrari.

If you lost a Concours d'Elegance because your vehicle was overrestored.
That's your fault.

A good restoration takes into consideration what was authentic to a car in
its day.  Overrestoration is difficult to define directly, but it generally
involves an attempt to make something into something more than it was
initially, an attempt to better it.

I'm really only interested in how YOUR DeLorean automobile would place in

Now go do your research as requested and don't waste time with me.  "Put
your brain into gear"

Thank you for calling a major error to my attention.

In the future, please refer to me as:

Prince Fatboy

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From: txgrnbrt <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 8:58 AM
Subject: [DML] Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" -

> [MODERATOR NOTE: This message, though overly long, calls FatBoy's
credentials into question, a relevant topic for this discussion.  -
moderator Mike Substelny]
> Fatboy:
> Email is a wonderful thing.
> A garbage man can pretend to be a prince, and you can pretend to be
> an expert, without revealing your true identity.
> You spent a lot of time researching the list to demean everyone you
> could, and hit us with a litney of opinions, all flawed.
> Sir, this isn't about spelling or grammatical correctness, and this
> isn't about you. You are not important; you don't have the intestinal
> fortitude to admit who you are - but think you're qualified to slam
> any and everyone that could possibly disagree with your narrowminded
> opinion.
> That said, we as DELOREAN OWNERS (not wannabees) have the final say
> De Oppresso Liber !
> Jim
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Message: 6
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:02:53 -0000
From: "miami5606" <>
Subject: CV boot help.

I will be changing My inner driveshaft boot soon and was wondering if 
I could get any suggestions or warning tips to help me with the 
If not I will post my experience with it when I am done and help 
Thanks In advance Hugo
Vin #2800

I will try to take some pics alone the way.


Message: 7
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:46:45 -0000
From: "andy_verbrugghe" <>
Subject: Indicators

Hello everybody

I'm having a little problem with my indicators in my Delorean. I will 
try to explain it : when you turn to the left, then normally you use 
your left indicator. Then when you turn your steeringwheel back to 
the right, the indicator stops and goes back in his usual position. 
So far, so good. My problem is that my indicator goes back in his 
usual position while I'm still turning to the left. I think this is a 
dangerous thing, since nobody behind me sees where I'm going.

I hope somebody understands what my problem is and what could be done 
about it. Thanks in advance.

Regards from Belgium

Andy Verbrugghe


Message: 8
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 00:28:43 -0800
From: FatBoy <>
Subject: Re: Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" - Concoursd'Elegance

Mr. Teitelbaum,

As I pointed out to Jim and Erik, please try to stay focused on my original

Anyone who has followed the DML for any length of time is well familiar with
your knowledge of Delorean automobiles.
In addition, I'm quite confident that you would make an excellent judge in
Concours d'Elegance competition by virtue of your detailed, technical
knowledge of the DeLorean motor car.

As I mentioned to Jim, I could care less about his 1957 Ford Thunderbird and
your past experience in Jaguar competition is irrelevant in this discussion.

DeLorean automobile Concours d'Elegance is my only concern and Mr. Jim
Espey's misrepresentation of the facts in his recent posting.

There is no need to form a committee of owners who know nothing about
Concours d'Elegance competition to get together and discuss the rules,
regulations, points and authorities pertaining to DeLorean automobiles.

If they can't get a direction and understand the existing Concours
d'Elegance rules developed by Ed Bernstein/DeLorean One Concours DeLorean,
The DeLorean Owners Association Concours d'Elegance and The DeLorean Motor
Company Concours, what could  a committee of "Dum Dum and Dum Dummer"

As a competitor, you've seen their cars.  They look and run like junk!
Forget "Show and Shine" competition,  most of them should be entered in the
"Dirt and Filth" division.

By the way, didn't Mr. Espey or Mr. Koncelik print the names of first place
winners a short while ago for consideration as Concours d'Elegance judges?
Come on, we're talking Concours d'Elegance competition here, not motel
parking lot car show!

Please don't be concerned about my anonymity here.  Thanks to Jim, the
T-Bird guy, I've changed it.

Prince Fatboy

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From: jtrealtywebspannet <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 7:10 AM
Subject: [DML] Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" -

> I feel compelled to respond to "fatboy". I HAVE competed in 2 Concours
> while my car has actually been in 3 (1 was by a previous owner). I won
> 1st place in 98 and 2nd in 2000 (in the first entry in Williamsburg by
> the previous owner the car didn't place.) By having PARTICIPATED!I
> feel I have some credibility and knowledge at least as it pertains to
> Deloreans but I have also participated in concours events for Jaguars
> having owned 3 XKE's and competed in their concours. In the two
> concours I was in with my Delorean I competed against 5 other cars
> each time. While it is true not all 6 of the cars may have been worthy
> of winning 1st place, at least the top 3 were very close. If you have
> EVER participated in a concours then you would be aware that the
> competion can be fierce.
>  You raise some good points but to post anonomously and not bring up
> any positive comments reduces your credibility and only sounds sour.
> Memory isn't serving you well as there were 6 cars entered in the
> concours in Cleavland and if you are asking everyone to post their
> name ane vin then at least return the courtesy! You are right that
> winning a concours doesn't automatically give anyone the right to set
> the rules but as any owner I should have the right to voice my
> opinion about them! Do YOUR research and see for yourself who entered
> and who won the different concours events, this is part of the
> preperation for a concours so you know who you are competing against!
> When you do you will know who won in Cleavland and who won 1st place
> in Cincinnatti in 98.
> David Teitelbaum
> vin 10757

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Message: 9
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 00:45:45 -0800
From: FatBoy <>
Subject: Re: Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" - Concoursd'Elegance

Hello Mr. Levy,

Was I correct in pointing out the problems with your car in my initial
posting pertaining to Mr. Espey's remarks and your inept response?

Let's ask all the individuals who contribute to or monitor the DML to search
the archives using the search parameters of your name and/or V.I.N.   What
do you think they'll find?  I'll guarantee you're not a Concours d'Elegance
competitor or judge.

This is not a DOA, D1, DML thing.  This is a Concours d'Elegance thing.

I quote the last sentence of your DML posting dated Tuesday, March 26, 2002.
"If you are a participant in the Concours event or were considering it,
please don't let my opinions effect your decision to enter this event IF it
gives you pleasure in DeLorean ownership!"

After reading your DML archive history, I can assure you that you opinions
could not possibly affect anyone's decision on anything related to DeLorean

Thanks again for the new name Jim!

Prince Fatboy

----- Original Message -----
From: Marc A. Levy <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 7:02 AM
Subject: RE: [DML] Let's try again; Facts and "The airline terminal" -

> Let's not start another DOA VS the rest of the DeLorean word argument
again.  I though this was all behind us, but based on your comments (you are
too much of a coward to identify yourself) you have been around a while and
are probably heavily involved with the DOA and D1.
> See below for additional comments-

[moderator snip of super-long quote.  If you want to read his comments, see his original post]


Message: 10
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:28:16 -0000
From: "d_rex_2002" <>
Subject: Re: clearwater/tampa delorean


I believe that VIN #1537 was sold on the second or third ebay auction
of this car, with the final auction meeting or exceeding the reserve.
I do not monitor all things Delorean on the net, but I always keep an
eye out for potential project cars.

I downloaded the photos from one of the earlier auctions (1 or 2) on
July 3, 2000 at about noon.  Total of 20 photos that include closeups
of most of the damaged areas of the car, in its "as is" condition.
I will pkzip the photos and will email them to you.  Hope this helps.

Rich W. 

--- In dmcnews_at_dml_y..., Jim Strickland <ihaveanaccount_at_dml_j...> wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering if anyone on the list looked at a black delorean 
> was for sale on ebay in the summer of 2000.
> It was in clearwater, florida, and had a damaged rear fascia.
> Does anyone on the list inspect this car?
> If so, I would greatly appreciate if you contact me privately..
> Jim 
> 1537


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