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Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 2:49 AM

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1. Re: Any Clue?? HELP!

2. Re: Triangle plate on Belfast Delorean
From: "Ian Foster" <>

Message: 1
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 20:24:12 EST
Subject: Re: Any Clue?? HELP!

In a message dated 1/21/03 9:32:42 AM Central Standard Time, 

> 1) D. sits for 1 year
> 2)Take D into shop to get waterpump installed, fluids, belts and window
> motor and drop $1000.
> 3) Go to start D. and it won't turn over. Mechanic gives it a shot of ether
> and it starts.  I have never had to give the D a shot of ether to get her
> going.
> 4) Drive D around town to charge battery and return to the house.
> 5) After having been in the house for 10-15 minutes go back out to the D. 
> to
> start her up planning to return to Fairfax, Va from my family home in Front
> Royal and the D. won't start.  I try the ether -- also a no go.
> Any clue?


Well, from here we should know that the problem is probably either no spark 
or a fuel problem.  

First, when you took the car to the mechanic's, did it start up and run ok?  
if it did, then let's go to the next step. put a battery charger on the car 
overnight and try it again the next day.  you may have a weak battery.  if 
that's not the case, make sure the fuel pump is running.  you can do this by 
jumping the RPM relay in the relay compartment behind the passenger seat and 
if that works, then at least the pump isn't dead. when you are in the 
compartment, check all your fuses too, they might be loose.  the pump should 
be fairly quiet and sound like an electric fan.  if it sounds loud or anemic, 
you need to check for blockage or twisted lines in the gas tank.  next, no 
matter what happens, you should check to make sure you have adequate fuel 
flow from the pump.  check the shop manual - i think the pump puts out one 
liter of gasoline in 30 seconds.  check to be sure.  just jump the relay and 
put the return hose in a liter container and make sure it fills pretty close. 
 if that is all good, then the fuel system is probably functioning correctly.

next check the vacuum hoses.  it's very possible that the mechanic accidently 
knocked a hose loose. see your vacuum diagram and follow every hose for 
correct running.  also poke around and look for loose wires.  check your 
spark plug wires (they are easy to pull loose when working in there), check 
to make sure the cold start valve, idle motor, and CPR are plugged in. check 
all the wiring harnesses in the passenger side corner of the engine 
compatment.  also make sure your three brass screws on the throttle body are 
lightly seated down.  with the idle motor system, the brass screws are not 
needed for tuning.  they should all be closed.  speaking of the idle motor, 
make sure the brass tube that goes into the lower air meter housing is good 
and straight and tight.  this can be checked with a flashlight on the 
outside, and also if you peek down the air meter you can see the brass tube 
sticking thru.  

from here it gets a little more complicated so why don't you try all of this 
first and see where it gets you.  the next step is checking fuel pressures.  
do not try to adjust the CO screw at this point - it will only exaggerate the 
problem.  you must make sure EVERYTHING else is cherry before you mess with 

good luck (i've been there before!) - don't worry, you will get it!
1982 DeLorean DMC-12 VIN#11596
Fargo, ND 58102

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Message: 2
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 10:26:20 +0800
From: "Ian Foster" <>
Subject: Re: Triangle plate on Belfast Delorean


In N.Ireland and Britain, when a Garage/Workshop (and I guess Car Factory)
take cars on to a public road they have a special Licence Plate they hang
over the original registration plate ... this covers the driver for
Insurance, Road Tax, etc. From memory I think the plate surround and
triangle is in red with white background. I think this is what you are
referring to.

Regards,          IAN

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Subject: [DML] Triangle plate on Belfast Delorean

> In all my blank and white pictures, there is a particular picture of
> a Delorean, illustrated in Motor Trend June'81 page 95, having the
> plate number 173 01. Right above it is a small triangular plate. I
> would like to know the colors of this plate and the significance of
> it. Anybody know?? Thanks.
> John
> 10250


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