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Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 11:14 AM

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1. Air Blowing
From: id <>

2. RE: Bad ignition switch or relay?
From: "John Hervey" <>

3. DMC Theme packs?
From: "supremeadmiralsenn" <>

4. Angle drive / wheel disc
From: "content22207" <>

5. Re: Bad ignition switch or relay?
From: "content22207" <>

6. Re: Anybody have the turbos? where? how much are they?
From: Louie G <>

7. Important note about the maintenance howto's
From: jordan rubin <>

8. Re: Re: air inlet valve
From: jordan rubin <>

9. Re: Dirt in the Intake
From: "Harold McElraft" <>

10. magazine funny story

11. Fw: [DMCForum] Fw: Canadian meet
From: "Marvin" <>

12. RE: Re: air inlet valve
From: "K. Creason" <>

13. RE: Anybody have the turbos? where? how much are they?
From: "Scott Gardner" <>

14. Re: Fuel injector cleaners in gas tank ----Noooooo don't do it!
From: "jamesrguk" <>

15. Ignition switch cross reference?
From: "Ken Hintz" <>

16. Engine Setup References... for Scope machine
From: <>

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 22:55:51 -0500
From: id <>
Subject: Air Blowing

I was checking my drain tube for my air box by the passenger front wheel and i noticed
air blowing out of the drain tube when the system is on, is this normal or is something



Message: 2
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 23:00:56 -0700
From: "John Hervey" <>
Subject: RE: Bad ignition switch or relay?

Ken, If the ignition switch is loosing contact as it heats up then you will
loose power to the main relay and the accessory relay which virtually power
the car. I would start by taking the switch apart and give it a cleaning and
possible re adjust contacts if you can. It's rare the main relay or
accessory relay would go out and not simultaneous.
John Hervey


Message: 3
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 04:06:54 -0000
From: "supremeadmiralsenn" <>
Subject: DMC Theme packs?

I have the DMC desktop background that somebody made a while ago 
(yes i Know, I'm captain specific) and I was wondering if anybody 
has made or found a DMC font, and icons, etc? Thanks!

Adam Stadnick
Using my computer till I get the real thing.....


Message: 4
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 04:36:34 -0000
From: "content22207" <>
Subject: Angle drive / wheel disc

Too late -- already cut (that's why I said "Oh well"). Opening was
pretty thoroughly chewed by loose cable windings spinning around in
there -- remember, broke at 80 mph. But deep inside pocket was still
OK (discovered after cut off). Oh well.

Purpose of square drive is so you can just slip disc onto cable end
yet still grip to spin. Square shape, triangular, hex, whatever -- you
just need sharp angles to grip. I will rotate my modified disc down
threads until snug, then lock in place with fan washer/nut/jamb nut
combo. Car's already been run like this. Holds excellent. That's what
broke previous attempted repair -- was having to use some of splicing
spring as cable itself (longest #8 threads in town are 2.5" bolts. Not
quite long enough to replace damaged cable -- remember, was repair #2,
so cable cut even shorter -- and still protude through wheel disc).
Snapped spring between solder joints (good news is silver solder holds
excellent to steel). Didn't help that right angle gears were re-lubed
with axle grease (too heavy. Will flush out and replace with gear
oil). 3 foot stick of #8 rod won't have that problem -- entire length
of short splicing spring will be soldered. Need to use spring for
splice because remaining cable and #8 threads are very close in
diameter, but not exact. Spring of course expands to accomodate.

Weak link in my setup will still be threaded plastic wheel disc.
Everything else is steel (I think casing is white metal). 

Bill Robertson
#5939 (tach Xref's taped to dash -- let's hit the road...)


Message: 5
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 05:07:42 -0000
From: "content22207" <>
Subject: Re: Bad ignition switch or relay?

Main and accessory relays are located under large metal bracket in
rear of relay compartment, main closest to the front. Main relay is
your biggest concern (car will run without accessories). I believe
they are identical (double check me on that John Hervey), so you can
simply swap to diagnose relay only. To double check switch, just jump
relay triggers with their own brown power lines. That's all the key
switch does (go ahead and use a fused jumper, though you'll note key
switch isn't fused! Trigger wires are supposed to have diodes, but
unplug anyway. Will make it easier to jump if nothing else). You
really only need key switch to unlock steering wheel -- rest of car
can just about be operated behind passenger seat.

Bill Robertson


Message: 6
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 22:48:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Louie G <>
Subject: Re: Anybody have the turbos? where? how much are they?

I believe the twin turbo setup (is it the Island or Turbo Manifold kit?) is the only one available anymore. If I remember right it's about $8,000. I kinda doubt that's an installed price either. Not cheap, especially since it will only give you roughly the same amount of power DMC Houston's stage 1 engines do. Remember the DMC-H upgrade is $5,000 installed. I remember seeing ads for the turbo kits in DeLorean World... I can't for the life of me remember who installs them... in fact no one may. I believe several vendors have stopped working on turbo cars as well. I'm a little weary of turbos on the DeLorean if you can't tell. The last thing this car needs is more moving parts that will require maintanence, or possibly go extinct in years to come. Not to mention the stresses turbos put on 20 year old engines. Just some things to consider!

Louie Golden
VIN 10115

--- "steve" <> wrote:
>Anybody have the turbos? where? how much are they?


Message: 7
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 00:19:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: jordan rubin <>
Subject: Important note about the maintenance howto's

Hello all:
     I will be updating the 1st howto with the corrections Ive received this week.  Sometime next week it will be updated to the dmcnews site.  Yes, an airfilter /airbox installation/removal is pretty straight forward.  If your car Is in reasonably sound condition it should look pretty much just as Ive done it.  This is not always the case , however.
     People will find (with heavy graphic content) that over the last 20+ years the delorean varies from one to another, either due to non availability of parts, aftermarket addons, or plain old bad auto shop practices.
    No howto is ever 100% accurate and should not be considered gospel.  My experience with cars deals 99% with older Ford engines.
The Delorean is a new experience for me and it must be understood that terminology and procedures might seem obscure to the more seasoned owner or weekend mechanic.
    These documents should always be considered a work in progress, and  guide.  NOT A TESTAMENT.   I am not looking at the AIR/FUEL unit as the next item.  Im still speaking with several poeple on the safety issues associated with playing with gasoline.
    For the smaller stuff like the airbox,  OIL, lambda sensors, and coolant changing and bleeding.  I will do those in intervals as they are conducted on my own car.  
i.e.   i will take the picture because i change the oil.   not change the oil to take the picture.
I do appreciate the spelling and grammar corrections too.  English is on the short list of languages that i cant correctly write or speak.
thanx alot
Jordan Rubin   11613

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Message: 8
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 00:53:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: jordan rubin <>
Subject: Re: Re: air inlet valve

Just curious.
Is there any performance gain to this.  Or is it broken and just easier to remove than replace.    How long does that thermal wax valve last before it goes.   Is there a good way to test it?
jordan 11613  

Jim Reeve <> wrote:
I just grabbed the hot air pipe with my hand and yanked her right 
off. No need to do anything else with the heat stove or remaining 
opening unless your worried about cosmetics. 


Message: 9
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:31:32 -0000
From: "Harold McElraft" <>
Subject: Re: Dirt in the Intake

A build up of dirt in the intake area is probably common because of 
the way the air intake cover is made. Over time the biggest single 
leak in the intake forms at the mounting to the fuel distributor 
intake. The o-ring seal is just not big enough to keep a seal. Also, 
I believe that over time, the plastic housing looses shape and air 
is drawn in around the seal. A fairly respectable fix is to put a 
hose clamp around the air filter box mounting horn (I don't know 
what else to call it) and after installation tighten it down easily 
to get some closure. I tightened the clamp slightly couple of times 
over a week or so and eventually got a good seal. It takes a little 
time to reform the plastic - it doesn't take much. The amount of 
dirt accumulation has dropped to nil. I noticed the last time I 
change the air filter there was virtually nothing to clean off. A 
seal with a larger thickness would probably work too but I could 
never find one that would stay in the grove.

Harold McElraft - 3354


Message: 10
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 10:12:56 EDT
Subject: magazine funny story

As you have read I am having problems with the post office getting magazines 
to some of you and end up sending them two and three time.  We want to make 
sure you get your magazine but this one takes the cake

This is what I received in todays e-mail
check the date 
Post office to its fullest competence
the letter read 

Hello Ken,

Today, I just received the second issue of the dcs magazine ! I saw that you 
posted it on april 18 !


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Message: 11
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:45:56 -0400
From: "Marvin" <>
Subject: Fw: [DMCForum] Fw: Canadian meet

 Boy, did some of you miss a great time!

 12 DeLoreans from Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, and Ron from Gullwing Magazine
(St Louis, Mo.) and his yellow customized Delorean all enjoyed fine sunny
weather, an interesting  & relaxing site seeing cruise around the area, good
 food and lots of it at a restaurant on the beach at a Lake Erie resort
town, unbelievable photo oportunities, unique Inn and pool / waterslide, and

No glitches except my car! A sharp eyed tourist noticed my a/c belt was
fraying--how embarassing! We were parked at the park relaxing after our
cruise portion. Immediately 3 belts were made available and Rick from Ohio
insisted that he put it for me!

The event was a great success by all accounts!

 2005 will be even bigger as I plan a weekend at the beach - on the shores
 Lake Huron. 1000 people live in this tourist destination, but during the
 summer the population grows to 70,000 on event weekends.

 This event is planned to be the largest DeLorean meet outside the USA. A
famous person connected to DeLorean cars will hopefully join us, a tech
session, sunshine, (see how good my connections were for this past weekend?)
beach, bikinis, DeLoreans.....does life get any better?
 # 17077> >


Message: 12
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:57:21 -0500
From: "K. Creason" <>
Subject: RE: Re: air inlet valve

It can certainly breathe a _little_ easier without it. Probably not
The valve can be tested by popping in the fridge for a bit and then warming
it with your hand.
I live in the warm part of the country and would only need a month or so a

-----Original Message-----
From: jordan rubin []
Subject: Re: [DML] Re: air inlet valve

Just curious.
Is there any performance gain to this.


Message: 13
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:50:44 -0400
From: "Scott Gardner" <>
Subject: RE: Anybody have the turbos? where? how much are they?

I spoke to Island Turbo a few months back, and they said that they
weren't currently selling any kits, since they're in the process of
re-designing it.  Seems the IHI turbochargers that they've used for 20
years are becoming a bit scarce, so they're sourcing suitable
replacements and once they find one, they'll re-design the kits to work
with the new turbos.
She didn't have a price for the new kits yet, but she said that $6-7000
was probably in the ballpark.

Scott Gardner


Message: 14
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 08:21:16 -0000
From: "jamesrguk" <>
Subject: Re: Fuel injector cleaners in gas tank ----Noooooo don't do it!


I hate this stuff, you have to remember that on a car the age of a 
DeLorean a lot of tarnish and deposits will build up beyond the 
inline fuel filter. The injector cleaner will release all of this 
crap and deposit it right in your injectors.

I put injector cleaner in my tank whilst at a friends house and then 
set of on the 100mile return trip, by the time I was home the car 
was farting around all over the place and appeared to be misfiring 
on 2/3 cylinders. On testing the injectors nearly all of them had 
crap spray patterns and leaked, you could even see the dirt in the 
top of the injectors.
They were fine before I put the cleaner in the tank.

I really wouldn't recommend using this stuff unless it has been done 
regularly in the past.

Change your fuel lines and injectors (if they are knackered) and 
forget about it, I would never use this stuff in any of my cars 

Also although you can clean these mechanical injectors, it is 
normally the spring (which ensures the pressure at which the 
injectors open) which weakens over a long time and causes the 
injectors to leak and spray different amounts of fuel leading to 
rough running.

Just MHO though

James RG

--- In, jordan rubin <nuttenschleuder_at_dml_y...> 
> Hello all:
>     Does anybody have any thoughts on using those bottled fuel 
injector cleaners when they fill up their gas?  Some say it does 
more bad than good.  
> thanx
>  rubin 11613


Message: 15
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 11:58:06 -0000
From: "Ken Hintz" <>
Subject: Ignition switch cross reference?

Seems to me that I read somewhere that a Volvo ignition switch will work in my 
Delorean. Anyone know which Volvo model, or maybe a part number?

Ken Hintz


Message: 16
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:20:11 -0400
From: <>
Subject: Engine Setup References... for Scope machine

Just wondering. I was trying to setup the D on a scope to measure the
exhaust and set the mixture.
Since the DeLorean was not in the computer.. I was stuck as to what to
setup as the car..
I know its B29 Volvo .
But does anybody have a make model and year for a Volvo that uses the
same b28 setup that I could use on the computer?
Any help is appreciated as always

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