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Date: Friday, August 22, 2003 10:20 AM

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1. Re: New owner... relays? burned wire? Good mechanic near Philly?
From: "David Teitelbaum" <>

2. Re: Maryland DeLorean Owners Unite!!! DATE 8/24/03

3. Re: New owner... relays? burned wire? Good mechanic near Philly?
From: "Jim Reeve" <>

4. St. Louis?
From: "delorean02378" <>

5. Re: Preproduction Car On eBay--- Owner Reply
From: "saalexander2000" <>

6. #5252 For Sale
From: "Bob Thomason" <>

7. Delorean key
From: "deloreanchuck" <>

8. Re: Interesting item on eBay web site item#3622388709: Delorean Motor Corporation DMC Sign
From: "fivetwofive" <>

9. RE: New owner... relays? burned wire? Good mechanic near Philly?
From: "Scott McMullan" <>

10. Newbie DeLorean questions
From: <>

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 04:24:58 -0000
From: "David Teitelbaum" <>
Subject: Re: New owner... relays? burned wire? Good mechanic near Philly?

That white wire does not look correct. The heater fan relay wires also
look burnt. Disconnect the door lock module. Don't try to cheap out on
parts, call one of the Delorean venders up and order what you need.
Near the top of your list of parts should be the manuals, relay
update, and oil filter, and a Fanzilla. It looks like the fuse block
area needs a lot of cleaning up. It is common for mice to move in
there and make a mess out of it. Take the cover off the fuse block and
put it somewhere nearby. Pull each fuse and check it to make sure it
is the correct size for it's spot and clean up the connections and
make sure they are nice and tight and springy. Watch the DML for info
on the Fall Tour in October by Delorean Midatlantic, there will be a
lot of Delorean people there that can help and tell you who is good to
go to in the area. You are not so far away that you couldn't run over
the P J Grady if you had to. Congratulations on your new purchase! You
only have 32 items on your list? You haven't been looking hard enough!
Every time I clear 1 item off my list I usually find 2 more! It takes
a long time before you get ahead of the curve! Check your tire
pressures and replace ALL of the fluids. Make sure all of the recalls
have been done.
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In, "Scott McMullan" <mcmullan_at_dml_n...> wrote:
> I've been lurking on the list for a while, since I bought VIN# 17094
a bit
> under a month ago.  I had checked out a couple of D's within a
> driving distance, and found this one to be the best one I could both see
> before buying, and actually afford.  The prior owner had quite a bit
of work
> done on the car, and I figured I'd have a pretty light load of
repairs to


Message: 2
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 08:54:51 EDT
Subject: Re: Maryland DeLorean Owners Unite!!! DATE 8/24/03

I was half asleep when I wrote my original email.

I forgot the most important part.  The date of the show.

It is this Sunday, August 24, 2003 from 3-7.  I'm planning on arriving 
between 2:30-3:00.  

Sorry for any miscommunication.

Please reply directly.  Thanks.



Message: 3
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 21:31:45 -0000
From: "Jim Reeve" <>
Subject: Re: New owner... relays? burned wire? Good mechanic near Philly?

Scott, congrats on your D purchase.

As to your questions, I do know know anyone in the Philly area, so 
someone else will have to field that question.

As to your relays, the horizontal stripe indicates they have already 
been updated.

As to your burned white wire, probably nobody here knows what that 
is, because it isn't original.  It appears a previous owner of your 
car tapped into the 12V on the door lock breaker with this wire for 
some purpose.  Your going to have to trace it.  I also easily 
noticed the scorch marks on your cooling fan breaker.  I would be 
suspicious that this was the cause of your problems in the first 
place.  Even if the breaker had been upgraded with the relays, a 
poor spade connection will cause a tremendous amount of heat to 
build.  I suspect that is the cause of the burning on the breaker, 
the melting of the fuse box cover, and burning of the mysterious 
white wire.  I recommend a new cooling fan breaker with new, clean, 
tight connections.

One more newbie tip, remove your fuse box cover.  Since the 
connectors for the fuses are of very poor quality, they also build 
up a lot of heat.  It isn't a bad idea to remove it and let it vent, 
many owners have done this.  Of course, keep the cover in the 
compartment still so you know what fuse is what, but I would 
recommend removing it. Keep a close eye on your #7 fuse, thats the 
one that likes to melt on everybody. My car made it 60,000 miles 
before it melted, which is much longer than it usually takes. I 
always kept it clean and tight, but fate still caught up to me. Keep 
an inline fuse and some wiretaps with you at all times, just in case.

Good luck with everything.

Jim Reeve
MNDMC - Minnesota DeLorean Club

--- In, "Scott McMullan" <mcmullan_at_dml_n...> 
> - I'd appreciate any recommendations for a good mechanic near 
> The relays in my D look like they could be original, 
> - I found a severly burned wire (over 1" of blackened insulation, 
> burned through) near the relays; hopefully one of you can save me 
a bunch of
> disassembly tracking down where this goes...  Check out
> -- the 
white wire

> --Scott


Message: 4
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 00:46:51 -0000
From: "delorean02378" <>
Subject: St. Louis?

Hello All,

I'm moving from Nashville to St. Louis and I was wondering how many 
Delorean owners are in the area. Also if you could provide a good 
place to have the Delorean worked on if needed. It's running fine 
as of today but it's always nice to have a good mechanic.

Also if there are any local gatherings, please keep me informed.

If anyone can be of assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.


Kirk 02378


Message: 5
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 22:07:31 -0000
From: "saalexander2000" <>
Subject: Re: Preproduction Car On eBay--- Owner Reply

Claude repaired my car in 1987 following a big accident.  All I can say is that 
I've owned it over a year and it's still a great De 16 years later.  I've been in 
touch with Claude since regarding my car and he's been very helpful.




> If you read my last post,you WILL know that I only deal with/restore 
> for the long term realibity,as the car I restored in my last post,was 
> restored in 1987,and is STILL being driven Today(SIXTEEN YEARS AGO !!,
> (it's now in the U.K.)I will not release that vin number,as that 
> person is on this list,but if he wants to comment on my work on that 
> car,He has my blessing,as I have nothing to hide.
> Best Regards
> Claude
> 00570  


Message: 6
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:42:46 -0400
From: "Bob Thomason" <>
Subject: #5252 For Sale

Reluctantly I'm putting #5252 up for sale. This is the award winning car I bought from Rob Starling about 18 months ago. See the ad at  It's a 1981 with beautiful gray/black two tone interior and all the upgrades with many nice little touches. Email me if you're interested at rdt7(at)

Bob Thomason

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Message: 7
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 01:02:13 -0000
From: "deloreanchuck" <>
Subject: Delorean key

    My son Mike bought 10610 this past February 2003.  It came with 3 
DMC keys.  I wanted a key for me since I work on the D regularly.  I 
went to Lowes to see if they had one.  They said no.  I kept looking 
around a blank for the next 4-5 months.
    We were cleaning up the interior to get ready for the Pittsburgh 
Vintage Grand Prix on July 12-13.  Under the passenger side carpet 
was a key.  It still had the sticker attached to it that tells the 
key blank number.  I recognized the sticker "Access" as coming from 
Lowes.  The key did not match our DMC key, but it did fit in the 
lock. 10610 is a 1982 with the single key.  The blank was number 37.
    I went to Lowes to to check out blank 37.  The associate tried my 
DMC key in him 37 guide, but it did not work.  It did work in guide 
38.  So I had hin cut the key.  It works.  I now have a key of my 
own.  It make it easier to work on the D.  The cost of the key was 

P.S. We were the only Delorean to show at the Pittsburgh Vintage 
Grand Prix.  It was great to meet Dave Stragand of Project Vixen. I 
was talking to someone about where to get parts and Dave stepped up 
with a Grady tee shirt on. Thanks Dave.
                                Chuck 10610



Message: 8
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 05:52:35 -0000
From: "fivetwofive" <>
Subject: Re: Interesting item on eBay web site item#3622388709: Delorean Motor Corporation DMC Sign

LOST TREASURE??? Or where is it?
Speaking of signs,Whatever happened to the Orignal DMC Sign that was 
hanging,on(over) the Front Door(s) at the DMC Factory---Last I saw,it 
was shown on a video taken down(haphazardly)and sitting by the front 
door(s) looking real sad and forlone,Did it get trashed,or is it a 
hidden treasure,still unrecovered at the old DMC factory,or in a 
unopened crate at DMC of Texas. That WOULD be one hella prized 
Now that would LOOK great hanging above the (front)Doors at DMC of 
James E. do you know anything about it?

While I'm at it,someone posted,a while back,that the test track,was 
going to be demolished/removed,did that ever happen,is it still there 
in one piece(if you want to call it that).If it was removed what is 
there now. 


--- In, james_at_dml_u... wrote:
> Ends this afternoon, cheap price for a nice looking sign.
> James
> Title of item:	Delorean Motor Corporation DMC Sign
> Seller:	ryanthigpen
> Starts:	Aug-13-03 16:50:08 PDT
> Ends:	Aug-20-03 16:50:08 PDT
> Price:	Currently $405.55
> To bid on the item, go to:
> Item Description:		
> 	You are bidding on a beautiful Delorean Motor Corporation 
sign. This was an original DMC sign that was distributed to dealers 
throughout the country. The face has the polished DMC logo surrounded 
by brushed aluminum. The letters of the sign are white acrylic that 
could easy be boxed and backlit. The sign is approximately 11 feet 4 
inches long by 3 feet wide. Buyer can pickup in the Raleigh NC area 
or shipping can be arranged via private carrier with buyer paying 
actual shipping cost.&nbsp; Good luck and happy bidding!
> 	Visit eBay, The World's Online Marketplace TM at


Message: 9
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 06:25:53 -0400
From: "Scott McMullan" <>
Subject: RE: New owner... relays? burned wire? Good mechanic near Philly?

Let's see if I can hit a bunch of stuff in onr response here...

> how is the frame underneath the car

I haven't really had a chance to get under there and give it a good look.
That probably was a newbie mistake, too late now.  I'll have to get it up in
the air at my mechanic's and get some photos.

> Make sure all of the recalls have been done

I haven't been able to find a listing of them; can sommeone provide
pointers?  I see the fan fail relay has been replaced with wires with fuses,
and the plastic coolant tank has been replaced with a stainless one...
what's next?

> Every time I clear 1 item off my list I usually find 2 more!

Heck, every time I drive it I find more.  Just yesterday I noticed the
drivers side mirror was jiggly at high speeds, and the rear-view mirror glue
is loose.

> replace ALL of the fluids

Hmm, that emphasis seems to imply something more than a cooling system flush
and an oil change.  Clutch fluid, brake fluid, what else?

> I recommend a new cooling fan breaker

I figured I'd have to replace that.  I've seen a couple of people suggest
higher-amp breakers than original -- anyone have any thoughts on that?  I
could see the benfits of higher-amp relays, but changing breakers make me
nervous; they're supposed to be at a specific value to protect other
parts... I would be concerned about putting in a 40-amp breaker in place of
a 20 or 25, for fear of damaging something downstream or risking a fire,
since the breaker wopn't trip until there's much more load on the circuit
than was intended.

Thanks for the responses, both on-list and off.

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Message: 10
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:41:47 +0300
From: <>
Subject: Newbie DeLorean questions

I'm new to this list, hence all the questions. I have had two dream cars all the way from 80ies, one is a 3rd gen. Trans Am, the other is DeLorean. And now I have one of them, that's the Trans Am. Getting one was relatively easy, there are many of them here in Finland, I just had to wait for the one to be found that matched my criteria. It took less than 2 months. Not same with a DeLorean. As far as I know there's none in this country, so one would have to be brought from abroad (closest I've located from Sweden, 2nd closest in Germany). So before hauling one I'd really need to know that it is more than just a beautifull shell, since I have heard from two sources that it's not that good of a car, which I'm reluctant to believe.

So, on to the questions:
- Spare parts (Now this is the most important). Are the spare parts of the car (engine, fuel pumps, steering rods etc. excl. body parts and panels) compatible with another make (like Volvo's or Renault's), or must the parts be always ordered from a specialized DeLorean parts maker?)
- Performance (I do know it won't match my 5.7 liter TPI, 240 hp Trans Am, but still). How fast does it accelerate from 0 - 60 mph? Can you "burn rubber" and make the car skid by the sheer use of the gas pedal? (This one's for fun :)
- Steering. I have read somewhere that the steering ain't so light. How stiff is it? Does it have a power steering that can be adjusted?
- Engine noise. Does it make lots of noise while driving, given that it is right behind you?
- Suspension and chassis. How rigid it is? Or is it loose?
- The doors. The Trans Am has same kind of pressurized springs that keep the hood and the rear deck lid open, and it's previous owner had just replaced them. According to him they wear up quite fast. Now the DeLorean has same kind of springs that hold the doors up. Now, trunk and hood ain't used as frequently as a door. So how good they hold up, or do you neeed to change them frequently?
- General type flaws. Does the DeLorean have any general type flaws (like radiator, steering relay rods, suspension etc.)

There's all for now. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any replies...


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