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Date: Friday, January 02, 2004 5:01 AM

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1. Re: ground effects

2. Re: Ruined engine

3. Re: Taking Delorean Out of Storage

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 18:28:29 EST
Subject: Re: ground effects

In a message dated 1/1/04 9:14:54 AM Central Standard Time, 
Anyone know where ground effects are available either new or used?

Cecil Longwisch
PJ Grady gets them made up for him.  The package i am getting is side skirts 
and rear piece.  with painting, they are $800.  More if you want the front 
piece (my car is pretty low in the front and I'm not getting the front piece 
unless it looks really stupid w/o it)


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Message: 2
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 18:35:27 EST
Subject: Re: Ruined engine

In a message dated 1/1/04 9:10:09 AM Central Standard Time, writes:
I uploaded a picture of the hole in the archieves under 
ruined engine.  I am guessing this is the case right?  Is there a 
way to fix such a hole other than complete engine replacement?,  Or 
am I just screwed.  Is there hope for my car,  can it be welded?

Joe P.
6808 17167

I did the exact same thing up the point of drilling into the water jacket.  
Once i drilled thru the old screw, i had to retap it larger and get a bolt 
custom made at a machine shop.  You should be able to get it welded closed and you 
have to get a screw in there or else you will probably lose compression in 
that back cylinder.  i would be concerned about how good a job can be done with 
the welding.  no doubt it will be tight enough, but it may cause the coolant 
to slow down in that part of the engine, causing hot spots.  the screw goes 
into the cylinder head, doesn't it?  I'm sure someone on this list can supply you 
with a used cylinder head w/o all the trimmings that you can replace with.  
surely that is cheaper than buying a new engine unless you have a ton of miles 
and other internal problems.  

that is a really tough break though!  when i had to drill my screw out, i sat 
there for about half an hour lining my drill up and eyeballing it against the 
other holes before i was confident enough to start drilling.  the water 
jacket is apparently quite thin in that spot, huh?

Good Luck!

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Message: 3
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 18:38:15 EST
Subject: Re: Taking Delorean Out of Storage

In a message dated 1/1/04 9:09:02 AM Central Standard Time, writes:
Hey Guys,

I'm going to be getting my Delorean back soon, and its been sitting 
in "storage" for over a year and a half with a full tank of gas in 
it. My question is besides the obvious step of draining the tank of 
gas, what other steps should one take to prepare a delorean before 
firing up its engines again? My other question is related to gas, I 
was informed that the Delorean only runs on 91 octane, or atleast 
should only be 91 octane, is this true? or can this car run on 
regular gas?

If you live in the US, 87 octane is the minimum.  the 91 octane is based on 
the UK method of octane calculation.

Some list members maintain that 91 octane (US) in a stock DMC is detrimental 
rather than beneficial.


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