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Date: Saturday, December 11, 2004 1:03 AM

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1. Re: HELP: Angle Drive Installation
From: "Dave Swingle" <>

2. Re: Water on Floor on Driver's Side
From: "Dave Swingle" <>

3. Poll results for dmcnews
From: "Dave Swingle" <>

4. Re: SonnyV Question.
From: "Michael C. Babb" <>

5. Re: SonnyV Question.
From: "wayofcain" <>

Message: 1
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 01:46:36 -0000
From: "Dave Swingle" <>
Subject: Re: HELP: Angle Drive Installation

1.  1.25"

2. Take old one off. Put new one on. Keep it lubed.

3. It's in the manual, but the spindle nut is 165 ft-lb 
(alias "tighter than you can get it with an open end wrench". Since 
you can't get a torque wrench on the nut, you just go as tight as you 
can. Then hit it again. Locktite is a good idea. Caliper torques are 
lower (55F/40r), use loctite there too. 

4. Any of the DMC places. OEM pads are "dirty" but work best, 
aftermarket pads are cleaner - there are alternatives. In normal 
driving you won't notice the difference (unless you drive like 


--- In, "billeg1983" <billeg1983_at_dml_y...> wrote:
> 1. Instructions for replacement angle drive state that the wheel 
> spindle nut is a 32mm and angle drive is 1.25 (inch). What are the 
> correct sizes (38mm socket and 1.50 open end)?
> 2. Any suggestions on replacing the angle drive.
> 3. I am pulling off the calipers with brake line attached and 
> for inspection and clean-up.  What are the torque specs for spindle 
> nut and calipers ?  Should I use Locktite for assembly ?
> 4. Where is the best place to get replacement pads - front and back.
> Thanks,
> All suggestions are welcomed.
> BillG1983
> NYDCPA: 09-11-01


Message: 2
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 01:52:05 -0000
From: "Dave Swingle" <>
Subject: Re: Water on Floor on Driver's Side

It's not mine, Ken put the carpets in. And I'll never admit to using 
a crescent wrench. 

The water came from somewhere - Before you bother drying it all out, 
run around there with a hose.  Water on the driver side is pretty 
rare, usually if the A/C or heater drains leak you get a wet 
passenger floor. It could be a door leak, you'll have to use the hose 
to find it. Don't use a high pressure nozzle, that will make leaks 
where there aren't any.

Dave S

--- In, "birdwell77095" <birdwells_at_dml_u...> 
> This evening I discovered that the carpet was soaked on the 
> side. The carpet by the foot pedals were dry. I haven't been 
> the A/C or heater and I haven't driven it in the rain. Any ideas 
> where it may have come from? Tomorrow I'll have to remove the seat 
> I can dry the carpet from underneath the seat.
> One interesting discovery I found. I pulled the padding from 
> underneath the carpet. I found a crecent wrench rusted to the 
> padding. From the rusting it appears it had been there a while. It 
> was stuck to it and had to peel it off. Perhaps left over from the 
> factory? Did one of you who worked on the raffle Delorean lose a 
> wrench? :)
> Shannon
> VIN 16113


Message: 3
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:59:35 -0600
From: "Dave Swingle" <>
Subject: Poll results for dmcnews

With 0.051% of the members voting (an apparent landslide for "nobody cares"):

(Domain names removed. Voters' spam filter will thank me.)
The following dmcnews poll is now closed.  Here are the final results: 

POLL QUESTION: A major DeLorean vendor has possibly  been posing as a mere DeLorean owner on this list and the DML for months, using the false alias to promote their business and products. Should a thread on this topic be allowed on the DMCnews newsgroup to get to to bottom of this matter? Currently, the topic has been rejected by the moderators. Please choose yes if you feel it is important DeLorean owners are informed of this deception and no if you feel the DeLorean community is better off not having these details in the public domain. This will be a public poll, your name will appear beside your vote.

If this is a big deal to you, you should not be shy about it.


- Yes, 66 votes, 83.54%  
- No, 13 votes, 16.46%  


     - jsjb100_at_dml_
     - john_at_dml_
     - frvianna_at_dml_
     - steve_at_dml_
     - malevy_nj_at_dml_
     - ls_at_dml_
     - danrc30_at_dml_
     - acular_at_dml_
     - stitsien_at_dml_
     - videobob_at_dml_
     - DMC5524_at_dml_
     - yahoo_at_dml_ 
     - heese_at_dml_ 
     - dave.stragand_at_dml_
     - owen_at_dml_
     - itsmerod_at_dml_ 
     - chrisau79_at_dml_ 
     - mpolans_at_dml_ 
     - jtrealty_at_dml_
     - 5n-_at_dml_
     - copper_trace_at_dml_ 
     - jakekamp_at_dml_
     - mydmc5898_at_dml_
     - Soma576_at_dml_
     - dmcjoe_at_dml_ 
     - jhaldeman_at_dml_
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     - v-davidj_at_dml_ 


Message: 4
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 08:46:08 -0500
From: "Michael C. Babb" <>
Subject: Re: SonnyV Question.

My 2 cents worth,

First off let me start by saying that I love DeLorean Motor Company
(DMC-Texas, DMC-Houston, however you want to call them). Stephen was
very nice to me, going as far as picking me up from the airport when I
flew down years ago to look for a DeLorean.  Warren has always been
great to deal with on the phone when ordering parts, and it is
fascinating to see someone who can come up with a part number when
someone that is fairly non-mechanical tries to describe it to them.

I have also enjoyed my interactions with James Espey. Some of the
newer list members may not know of the complete history of the
DeLorean Mailing List, and that there used to NOT be a group of
moderators watching the list - there was just one moderator, and that
was the guy who created and ran the list originally: James Espey. 
Although the list has grown and times and servers have changed -the
basic premise of the DML is still basically the same as when the list
was created - to encourage communication amongst owners, share
knowledge, etc.  Originally there were no venders that were online,
and DMC-Houston was not yet in existence (I believe that they were
still one half of DeLorean One, can't remember when the Texas branch
was opened, nor when they split off from D1 and became DMC).

The other thing that I think should be stated is that James did (in my
opinion) a pretty stand up thing when he originally took at position
with DeLorean Motor Company (something like 5+ years ago I believe)
and that is he decided that he would no longer be able to unbiasedly
(not sure if that is really a word) moderate the mailing list, and
that it was time for him to turn the reins over to someone else,
(someones else it turned out as the volume of message had become a bit
more than the 2 or 3 a day from when the list started). You can see
the e-mails relating to this at

If James (now a, if not the, Vice President of DMC) was posting
messages as Sonny V, is that dishonest?  Not completely. There are a
good number of people that post using an alias, just sign their VIN
number, don't sign at all - use strange handles (DMC3472 and ScRap are
2 I use on other sites).  Even James used to go by Mikasa in the early

If he was posting messages posing as a customer of DMC in order to
help boost DMC-H's reputation, and to try and convince people that
DMC-H was great, than that I believe is completely dishonest, but from
a business standpoint, I can also understand it.  ;)

Ultimately, if this is the case, I believe that James needs to offer
the list an apology at the least - that would suit me fine.

BTW - below is a copy of the November 19th message, where "Sonny V"
signs the e-mail as "James Espey"

Michael "ScRap" Babb
[DML] Where to find DeLoreans for sale (was Re: Another DMC newbie)

    * From: "sonnyvr2000" <sonnyvr2000_at_dml_xxxxxxxxx>
    * Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 18:50:35 -0000

Another place to look for DeLoreans for sale is your favorite DeLorean
vendor. They'll usually have the history on the car, and will be able
to tell you the complete story on the car and may be able to assist
you with financing, as well.

DMC (Texas) usually has a couple cars for sale (other than the
completely refurbished, built-to-order cars) at:

Since March of 2004, we've sold about 15 "used" DeLoreans, the latest
two selling within hours of being made available.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


James Espey

DeLorean Motor Company
Vice President
15023 Eddie Drive
Humble, Texas 77396 USA
tel: 800/872-3621
fax: 281/441-2813


Message: 5
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 15:10:55 -0000
From: "wayofcain" <>
Subject: Re: SonnyV Question.

I don't want to get involved in any sort of conspiracy here, but I 
would like to add a piece of info.

I live in Springfield, MO. There are 4 Deloreans here. Mine, which I 
drive regularly and take to cruise in's and such. One that is a 
derelict. And two that never see the light of day, are never driven  
and are owned by people who are not as enthusiastic about them and 
are not involved in the community.

I have been flying a flag around here hoping to find another owner 
who is interested in them as I am. No one else is here. Especially 
not someone who would have had one at DMCH. Someone would have told 
me about it because I am sure the owner of that car would be very 
proud of it and would be showing it off.

I have never seen another Delorean on the road other than mine in 
this town. I wish there were others because it's lonely here, but 
there isn't.

Cain Grimes

--- In, Marc Levy <malevy_nj_at_dml_y...> wrote:
> [MODERATOR NOTE] - this has been held up a bit for further 
consideration and research  


To address comments privately to the moderating team, please address:

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