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1. Re: Minor Annoyance: Throttle lag prob.
From: "Derek" <>

2. Can we ALL come to a correct definition of these DeLorean terms?
From: <>

3. Re: New DMCH Performance Exhaust Inquiring feedback?
From: <>

Message: 1
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 21:28:09 -0000
From: "Derek" <>
Subject: Re: Minor Annoyance: Throttle lag prob.

Hi Alex,

Being that I am new to a manual car, and only had about 2 hours of 
experience driving before getting in my D and completing the 4 hour 
trip home, I think I have a good understanding of what you mean. When 
driving to work there is one street that has stop and go traffic, and 
when in second around 25mph I sometimes let off the gas quick and the 
car feels like its breaking. From how I understand a manual 
transmission, it basically is. When your at the upper range of a gear 
and let off the gas, since the gas pedal is tied exactly to engine 
speed and rotation, you are cutting the power to the car. In essence 
this would be the same if you were slowing down and downshifting. The 
car does the slowing for you. If you hop into 3rd earlier, the car 
will not give your wife a jolt when you let off the gas at 25mph. 
Although I have found if you let off the pedal gradually in second 
around 20-25mph, you cut that jolt feeling to where it is barely 
noticeable. Or as others have stated, just pop the car into neutral 
and coast. Its all up to you, eventually you will get a good feel for 
the car and find your own way to drive it. Best of luck!

-Derek #10084 

--- In, "alex morgan" <mauibarber_at_dml_h...> wrote:

>> Sorry, its a 5-speed.  Is it possible I am not the ace driver I 

think I am?  

>> My wife said it was probably my driving technique as well but I 

needed David 

>> to make me believe.  LOL
>> -Alex
>> Quote:
>> A fact you did not mention is if your car is a 5-speed or an
>> automatic. This could be a big part of the solution. If it is an
>> automatic it could be a malfunctioning shift computer. If it is a
>> 5-speed it could be your shifting technique.
>> David Teitelbaum
>> vin 10757


Message: 2
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:14:43 -0600
From: <>
Subject: Can we ALL come to a correct definition of these DeLorean terms?

As Dave says this will probably be tossed around forever but I can tell you what the various cars would have been called  when I worked for Ford. Proto1 and the destroyed Proto2 would be concept cars. The sliding window car or cars with interior trim differences would be prototypes and the early pre-production vin numbers would be pilot cars. The Fiat would be just what Dave called it, a test mule.

Bruce Benson

>>>> Bill (or the editor of SSI) can call it anything he likes, he can call
>>>> an apple an orange too. It was a Fiat with a Fiat VIN, with some other
>>>> engine. It was an engineering test mule by any other name.
>>>> This is turning into a semantics argument that won't ever resolve.
>>>> Dave


Message: 3
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:17:43 -0600
From: <>
Subject: Re: New DMCH Performance Exhaust Inquiring feedback?

I had a custom polished staineless muffler made a few .years back. It proved too loud and I looked for some way to modify it. Summit Racing sells inserts for unmuffled headers from a couple of manufacturers that offer no restriction in flow but soften the sound. I welded a pair of these, one in each tail pipe where they exited the muffler and the sound is toned down to an acceptable level and yet has a performance note.

 Bruce Benson

>>>>  Anyway, what Rob and I both agree on is that the >Flowmaster is too
>>>> noisy and I myself, I couldn't tolerate the "droning >resonance" in
>>>> cabin that was produced by the Flowmaster muffler >during the long
>>>> drives that I periodically do.  I> Kayo Ong
>>>> #5508
>>>> Lic 9D NY


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