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1. Production in Cleveland?
From: Eric <>

2. Re: Battery for Delorean
From: "Bernie" <>

3. Re: Battery for Delorean
From: "Bernie" <>

4. Plug Gaps and final smog numbers
From: "valleyrat12" <>

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 17:11:26 -0600
From: Eric <>
Subject: Production in Cleveland?

Does anybody know if the tank/bomber plant at Cleveland Hopkins Airport (now known as the IX Center) was ever considered for DMC production? Perhaps when Consolidated took over?

I can't remember if this was the case, or if I'm thinking of some morning DJ's clowning around.

Eric Friedebach


Message: 2
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 23:56:56 -0000
From: "Bernie" <>
Subject: Re: Battery for Delorean

I put a cutoff switch in, just so long Houston uses it, the battery will be fine.  When I get the car back I will troubleshoot the problem.


--- In, "Dan" <djdanwilson_at_dml_y...> wrote:
> --- In, "Bernie" <bmanderville_at_dml_c...> wrote:
> >
> > I would recommend
> > the red top for the 3 year no questions asked warranty, the others 
> > are only one year.  But, I do have to say this, I have a red top in 
> > 4045 and have has to replace it 3 times so far, though the 3rd 
> > battery seems to be holding up.
> Don't know why you are having to replace you Red Tops, but if you have 
> a car that will drain it's battery while sitting, but don't have a 
> battery cut off switch installed to prevent it, perhaps an Optima 
> Yellow Top would be a better choice. Your car will still drain it to 
> the point you may need a jump, but since it's a "deep cycle" battery 
> it's actually made to be thoroughly drained and recharged over and 
> over and over again, Yellow tops are resilient in that way, and Red 
> Tops are not, so if you drain and recharge Red Tops repeatedly, it 
> shortens their life considerably. My '79 Vette chewed one up and spit 
> one out in under a year. My fault, not the fault of Optima. My 
> DeLorean has a cut off switch, so no mystery drain problems.
> Dan W.
> VIN 16192
> AZ-D


Message: 3
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 00:01:22 -0000
From: "Bernie" <>
Subject: Re: Battery for Delorean

Sorry to hear about the frame, but my battery drain down problem will have to wait until I get her back home, and just get in there and find the draw problem.


--- In, "Tom Niemczewski" <tomciodmc_at_dml_p...> wrote:
> Hi
> <SNIP>
> > My
> > DeLorean has a cut off switch, so no mystery drain problems.
> >
> > Dan W.
> Dan, you shouldn't need a battery cut off switch! Instead of
installing a 
> switch you should fix the drain. My car has been sitting untouched
for three 
> months now with the battery connected. I didn't do anything, did not 
> recharge it, did not disconnect any circuits. The car started at
first try 
> after cranking for less than a second. The voltage at the battery is
> limits. It used to drain the battery within about a month but I
rebuilt the 
> door lock module and it's all good ever since.
> BTW, it's really killing me that I can't drive the car but ever
since my 
> lower ball joint came apart the car is just sitting waiting for warmer 
> weather. Because of the ball joint I damaged the frame and now I
need to do 
> a frame restoration.
> Take care
> Tom Niemczewski
> vin 6149 (in Poland!)
> tomciodmc_at_dml_p...


Message: 4
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 00:09:12 -0000
From: "valleyrat12" <>
Subject: Plug Gaps and final smog numbers

I examined the plugs that I pulled from my car when I did a tune-up. 
They are gapped at .018! Could this have been the cause of my poor performance on the way back from Colorado?  (I gapped the new plugs to
0.30) Since the tune up I took the car over the hill on the 405 between West LA and Sherman Oaks, great performance! Even in 5th gear at lower RPM I had good power and acceleration, on target for what I thought this car would be capable of. Not awesome, but adequate.

For those of you who were following my on going CA smog crisis, here are the final numbers:

NOx 15MPH 1098
    25MPH  456



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