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1a. News coverage of DCS
From: Dave Swingle

1b. Re: News coverage of DCS
From: DMCVIN6683

2a. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA
From: Bob Brandys

2b. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA

3. DCS judging of cars
From: cupsdmc

4. Re: A couple of exciting new products available at DCS 06 in Pheasan
From: cupsdmc

5. Vixen Motor Homes
From: byrondelorean

6a. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA? Why?

6b. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA? Why?
From: DMCVIN6683

6c. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA? Why?
From: Bernie

7. DCS - Who was there?
From: Kevin Abato

8. DMC show free offer
From: Marvin

9. Re: Annoying rattling sound, help!
From: Nathan Sobieralski

10. DCS06 BTTF BBQ Photos
From: Kevin Abato

11. Re: So...who won the raffle car???
From: mlick27

12. Re: The Rear View Mirror Issue (Dave Clarification)
From: Bernie

13. Re: BTTF BBQ
From: Bob Brandys

14. Re: YET another a/c thread!
From: at88mph


1a. News coverage of DCS
Posted by: "Dave Swingle" daveswingle2
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:00 pm (PDT)

Keeps coming in. I'll post more as I find it locally.

Here's a story about vanity plates showing Ken's from DCS and giving an interview with Kevin Abato.

We're expecting a large story in the Chicago Tribune within the next few days.

Here are a couple more: Chris K Matt Parker, Ron Wester, Rich W

Dave S

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1b. Re: News coverage of DCS
Posted by: "DMCVIN6683" snextime
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:25 pm (PDT)

$50,000 Delorean?

Mark V

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2a. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA
Posted by: "Bob Brandys" bob6351
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:01 pm (PDT)

For DCS-08

Ken needs to ad awards for

1. Most miles on the original engine.
2. Most miles on the original automatic transmission without rebuilding.
3. Most miles on the unrestored chassis.

We need to document how long these cars can last.


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2b. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA
Posted by: "" wingd2001
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:11 pm (PDT)

Ken K made the announcement and we now know the next DCS show in 2008 will be held in Gettysburg, PA. What Ken did NOT tell everyone, or if he did I sure missed it, is that we all need to start making room reservations NOW for this event. And there are a few good reasons to do so.
First, the Eisenhower Hotel and Resort is the place Ken has chosen for this event. It is located about 4-5 miles outside of Gettysburg on a quiet 2 lane country highway, very much different then the 6 lanes of traffic we had roaring past at PR. The entire complex is set back off the highway with a winding drive up to the main hotel unit, called Eisenhower 1. Next to the main hotel unit is a second hotel unit connected by an enclosed walkway that is called Eisenhower 2. Located on the other side of this complex is the convention center and events complex, which is about twice the size of the expo center we had at PR. It's a fantastic complex which even includes 2 very nice outdoor go-kart tracks and a lake with paddle boats. Based on what little info I have given here, you can see the Eisenhower Resort is an excellent facility for DCS-08.
Now, what Ken did NOT tell everyone was, right now the resort has agreed to block out one of the main hotel units for him/us. This equals half the resort, or about 150 rooms. They have also agreed that if Ken can get us to call and reserve 80% of the first hotel unit, they will then block out the second hotel unit for our event. What this means is if we, the Delorean community, will call and place reservations for rooms NOW for this event, Ken can end up with the entire complex, including the convention center, for DCS-08. And if we do this NOW it will assist Ken in ways none of us can imagine, including saving all of US money to attend. If Ken fills the entire complex, he is then in a much better position to work with the motel management when determining items like meal costs and entertainment expenses and even go-kart rental rates. By having the entire complex to work with, he also has a lot more flexibility when it comes to even the simplest stuff, like parking locations for our cars. It will give him the opportunity to do more for this event then he has ever had in the past, which will end up meaning more for us, the participants.
And the really simple thing is it costs us, the Delorean community, nothing to accomplish this. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call the Eisenhower at 1-800-776-8349 and make a reservation for the DCS event for June12th-14th, 2008. Your credit card will not be billed and you can cancel the room any time up to 48 hours before arrival. Heck, the credit card I gave them even expires before 2008, but they accepted the reservation with no problems. We need to fill the first unit so Ken can have access to the second motel unit and the entire complex, and all it takes is a quick call.
Ken spoke at PR about the show being just about maxed out, from the standpoint of what he could handle. This show has grown larger every time it happens, and it appears it has just about reached it's, or I should say Ken's limits.
Randal Brown spoke about the Delorean community and it's various clubs getting more involved to assist Ken with these events, and I agree this is something we need to do if we want to continue with these shows. Making a room reservation NOW is one of the biggest and best things you can do to help this process get started. And like I said, it costs you nothing but a couple minutes of your time and if, for some reason, it ends up working out you don't make it to DCS-08, all you need to do is make another phone call and cancel. But you still end up greatly helping the Delorean community out by having made the first call to make the reservations.

Eisenhower Hotel and Resort
June 12th (Thursday) thru June 14th (Saturday) 2008

Also, just an FYI - did anybody know that there were a couple of envelopes that Ken had taped to the bottom of the chairs at PR in the expo center, one with a hundred dollar bill in it ? Did anybody go home $100 richer ???

Marty Maier

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3. DCS judging of cars
Posted by: "cupsdmc" cupsdmc
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:03 pm (PDT)

I had entered my car in the standard judging class (0-10,000 mi) at DCS and was wondering if anyone knew how I could get the judging sheets for my car. This is the first show that I have ever been a participant in and I don't know what the judges look for. It would be a great help to me, if I new what I was graded on.

Also, does any one know how long the winner of the "Newest Delorean Owner" award has owned his Car?


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4. Re: A couple of exciting new products available at DCS 06 in Pheasan
Posted by: "cupsdmc" cupsdmc
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:03 pm (PDT)

I just bought the JOE COOL product at DCS. I installed it when I got home yesterday afternoon. It took about 4 minutes to do (almost too easy). I haven't drove the car yet since installing, but I did start it up and put the AC on High, and turned the blower fan on high, and watched the volt gauge, just flicker when each kicked on.
It was a drastic change to what I had been used too. I'll post my opinions later on the actual driving results. As far as the fan failing because of an open circuit, I would think that you would notice an increase in temp(from normal)and also in sound (not hearing both fans run),but that sort of warning would be nice.

Joe, you seemed very genuine and knowledgable when I met you at DCS. Thanks.

--- In, "joekuchan" <josephkuchan_at_dml_...> wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> No, unfortunately the module does not detect lack of draw. I
realize that such a failure mode is possible, and it is posible to detect that, but in the interests of lower cost, smaller size, and reduced time to design (I wanted a product ready for DCS '06) I did not include such a feature.

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5. Vixen Motor Homes
Posted by: "byrondelorean" byrondelorean
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:04 pm (PDT)

HI all, it was great meeting many of the DeLorean owners who post to
this site in person. Wow, what an experience.
I took third place in the Concourse at DCS 2006 and am extremely
proud of it. I didn't even have NCT's on, which I believe takes away
considerable points. I tried to have NCT's put on, unfortunately two
out of three leaked air. I have another set though that have 7,600
miles on them and look great. I am selling the car for $35,000
Minimum if you know anyone that is interested, I do have have 3
people interested and will be talking over the course of the week. I
do not expect the car will last, especially with the honor of an
award. It was fun cleaning the car to its fullest potential then
having the judges carefully note everything. Its hard to really
argue about the car once it has gone through this type of concourse.

Anyways, Bill Collins and I spent a considerable amount of time
talking about the production DeLoreans. At the end of the day I had
handed him my business card. I am the V.P. for diversified sales at
Peninsula Plastics in Auburn hills, MI.
He stared at the card and asked if I new Dan Ward (engineer at the
time at our facility), I never new Dan, so I said that I would check
back with him when I get back to the shop. Come to find out, we
manufactured all the plastic interior and some of the mechanical
components for all the Vixon's!!!!!!!!!!!I could't believe it when I
heard it. I have been talking with Richard Jositas(owner..
Peninsula) all morning about it. Small World. We actually had a
Vixon at our shop for years.

Again, it was amazing meeting with everyone; I hope to see you all
in two years in PA.

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6a. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA? Why?
Posted by: "" lordshill1
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:06 pm (PDT)

Ken and all: The constant ingredient to a successful reunion; car show and
gatherings is to have a solid point man. Ken is that solid individual and
should be congratulated for a job well done. There were some confusing times
and problems that occurred and that was due to a lack of volunteers. The
Delorean owners, as a whole, are fantastic individuals and I was impressed with
the spirit of humor that was present. A great time was had by all. Thanks Ken.


In a message dated 6/19/2006 2:26:07 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Robert brings up a Great point

I have tried to get others to put on shows out west to compliment DCS
As Cliff pointed out I cannot go too far because of transportation
It took 8 truckloads to do this show.

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6b. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA? Why?
Posted by: "DMCVIN6683" snextime
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:18 pm (PDT)

The best way to find out why there is no show on the west cost is to
contact Ken K. directly.

I am guessing the logistics of him moving the equipment and the DOA is
on the west coast so why cant they have a show.

Mark V

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6c. Re: DCS-08 in Gettysburg, PA? Why?
Posted by: "Bernie" bmdmc
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:19 pm (PDT)


OK, here is the way it was, water spots and road dust were not even
considered. Ken hired judges, I was there to educate them about some
flaws in the D that they would have taken points off for, and if the
flaw wasn't too bad no points off. The biggest things that really got
points taken off were, dirty wheels (10 minutes and wipe them down).
Interior, at least vacumme the car, and dirty engines (clean the
engine). Its a car SHOW, so be prepared to SHOW the car.

If your car was judged, you registered the car for judging.


--- In, Kevin Abato <delorean_at_dml_...> wrote:
> Bernie: Point on cleaning....
> 1. The hard water in the area made it difficult to keep cars clean
(and the
> sprinklers running on Friday night while we slept covering our freshly
> cleaned cars with all the hard water made it worse)
> 2. I (personally) did not know that "having your door open" means
you want
> to be judged. If I knew I was being judged, I would have cleaned my car
> MUCH more then I did.
> Kevin Abato
> Vin# 16680

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7. DCS - Who was there?
Posted by: "Kevin Abato" iguanajade
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:07 pm (PDT)

As we have already stated, there were 157 cars there at DCS06. Here is the

Please note that not every plate is shown. Some cars had left early, some
had no plates on (specialty and concourse cars), and some were not present
when I walked around to photograph them all.

More photos to come shortly!

Kevin Abato
Vin# 16680

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8. DMC show free offer
Posted by: "Marvin" marvinstein40
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:07 pm (PDT)

I echo the previous writers regarding the great DeLorean show, and super weather. The Corvette show was spectacular, and at no cost for DeLorean delegates. ( I almost bought a Vette t-shirt! )

My water pump should be fixed tomorrow with excellent correct parts from our suppliers at the show.

The drive home was rather interesting as a storm cloud hovered over my car for almost the whole drive heading east. It was the longest, hardest, lousiest rain storm, with the poorest vision, that I have ever driven in. It stayed with me until I arrived at the USA / Canada border. I guess it had no passport and it stopped raining! With pit stops it took me 9 hours for a 7 hour trip.

I have 1 Pheasant Run glass left over. Thank you for your support. It is free -- including shipping and handling, to the 1st person who emails me - to email address shown below - with the best sob story why they did not buy one, or why they did not attend the show. I will contact the winner for their address.

Your sob story may later be sent to this list.

Marv. Stein
# 17077

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9. Re: Annoying rattling sound, help!
Posted by: "Nathan Sobieralski" valleyrat12
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:08 pm (PDT)

Kevin- Even more interesting given your vin number. Mine is 2277,
perhaps this is a clue. Was anything done differently on the exhaust
in the early vins?


--- In, Kevin Heller <howdyhoho_at_dml_...> wrote:
> My DeLorean has the same sound. Always when
> accelerating. It sounds almost like a chain rattling
> across a gear (like when you neglect to lubricate your
> bike chain for over a month... not that I know what
> that's like.. =) or maybe a slightly worn bearing. I
> don't have a metal heatshield in place, it's still the
> original (and in need of replacement) so it's not
> that. I've been under the car tightening things down
> and found some hoses whose tie lines had snapped. I
> relaced those and tightened the lines down, but the
> sound still persists.
> Kind of comforting knowing I'm not the only one with
> this mystery sound, but also kind of worrisome that I
> can't figure out what it is.
> -Kevin
> VIN 2234
> __________________________________________________
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10. DCS06 BTTF BBQ Photos
Posted by: "Kevin Abato" iguanajade
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:15 pm (PDT)

I have finished my photo set from Wednesday night's BTTF BBQ and have posted
to my personal site that I use for my professional photography.

More photos to come shortly (as time permits me to edit them).

Please note that like all other photos on my professional media site, these
shots are copyrighted and may not be used in any way without my direct
permission. (Sorry...but many people want to use them, and I need to
discuss terms first before releasing photos). Please feel free however to
browse my other work if you desire.

Thank you.

Kevin Abato
Vin# 16680

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11. Re: So...who won the raffle car???
Posted by: "mlick27" mlick27
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:16 pm (PDT)


Some of you know me and some of you don't. I'm Marty, and I won the
raffle car at the DeLorean Car Show. I'd just like to give those of
you who don't know me a little background. I've been on the DML since
1998. I've mostly been a lurker with only a few posts mostly because
I'm usually a few days behind in reading it, and by the time I have
anything to say, so many other knowledgable folks have chimed in. I'm
not a much of an auto-tech type person so a lot of the discussion goes
over my head. I've been active with the DeLorean Midwest Connection
for a few years. Folks like Dave Swingle, Rich W, Marty Meier, Jim
Reeve, and many others have helped me numerous times with so many
items on my car. I've gained confidence and knowledge through them
and this list.

Unlike most of you however, the DeLorean, is not my #1 hobby and
interest. Sure, I have the Sunstar model in my living room, but it
sits across from some rare 45s from my close personal friend, "Weird
Al" Yankovic. I've been a good friend of his for over 10 years. I
run the largest fan-based website about him and his band. He has used
me in some of his projects. Go to and click on the clip
from The Weird Al Show with his imaginary friend Gilbert Gottfried to
see what I mean. If anyone is familiar with his work, the last track
on his 1999 album, "Running With Scissors", is called "Albuquerque"
which is simply him rambling for about eleven and a half minutes.
3/4ths of the way through, he tells a story about meeting a person
named Marty. While the story he tells isn't true, he said he was
thinking of me when he wrote it. I tend to be very sarcastic and
well, he took that to it's logical conclusion. Lyrics are at
Somewhere I have a photo of him, myself, and a chainsaw. A few years
ago, if you can believe it, there was the "Weird Al" community
equivalent of the DeLorean Car Show. While there, I mentioned to Al I
had driven my DeLorean and asked if he would mind posing for some
pictures. One of those featured him sitting in my trunk, and that
photo became a cover story for the DeLorean Midwest Connection
newsletter (Thank you Mark and Melissa V). If anyone found my car at
the show outside and not under a tent, it featured photos of this
event. Later that year, I took a trip to see Al perform in Orange
County, CA. While there, I stopped in Garden Grove and toured Don's
shop. He asked why I was in town. When I told him I was seeing
"Weird Al", he said "Wasn't he just on the cover of one of the club
newsletters in the trunk of someones car?" I replied, "Yep, that was

A few months ago, I drove in the Chicago St. Patricks Day parade. We
managed to get a low enough parade number (probably thanks to Rich) to
get television coverage. Well, the on air personality apparently
liked my shirt and interviewed me. You can see that here.

I'd like to thank Ken and everyone he enlisted in putting on a great
car show. Certainly for me, it will be one I won't ever forget. I
know the collection of cars and show impressed some of my non-DeLorean
friends who came or saw our cars in the parking lot of their workplace
at Fermilab. One of the best parts of the DCS is the sense of
community. I met so many folks I recognize by online name and talked
to me as if they knew me their whole lives. My girlfriend, new to the
entire DeLorean scene, has been floored with how nice, friendly and
open nearly everyone is. I won't say anything negative about 'the
Corvette people', but I walked through their show briefly and
overheard them at breakfast or in the elevator, and did not get the
same sense of 'family' that we have.

Winning the car was an incredible honor and a great thrill. It was
great to share my joy with so many friends. So, what am I going to do
with my new wheels? Right now, I'm going to drive it and give it a
good home. I'll see if I like it better than my other car that for
all it's problems, and feels like the red-headed stepchild of
DeLoreans, I've grown rather attached to. I dunno. Maybe I'll keep
it as a backup in case my other gets hit by a train when I return from
1885. I'll let everyone know what will happen.

Your friend in time,


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12. Re: The Rear View Mirror Issue (Dave Clarification)
Posted by: "Bernie" bmdmc
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:17 pm (PDT)

You answered your own question, your mirror is too heavy for the pad
that holds a stock mirror on. You will have to experiment with
mounting pads, or you could custom fabricate an arm that goes into the
head liner to hold the mirror.


--- In, "Steelwings" <steelwings_at_dml_...> wrote:
> Sorry Dave, not exactly the answer I was looking for.
I have an Auto-Dimming mirror that is just a bit too heavy
for the pad.

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13. Re: BTTF BBQ
Posted by: "Bob Brandys" bob6351
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:19 pm (PDT)

We wanted to thank everyone who came to the BTTF BBQ and those who
tried but got caught in traffic or got lost.

It was great to see 13 DeLoreans in our driveway. We will post copies
of the newspaper article as soon as we get it.

Bob, Gail, Ryan and Tiff.

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14. Re: YET another a/c thread!
Posted by: "at88mph" at88mph_1999
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:20 pm (PDT)

John and others,

Thanks for the replys! I REALLY appreciate the help! I drove the car around last night and the temp outside was about 80 degrees and while running down the innerstate, the best I could do is 65 degrees. Like I stated eariler, both fans are running and pulling air in the right direction (away from the radiator) I decided to give up on the situation and just turn it over to a local a/c shop. Knowing my luck, it'll probably be the evaporator or condenser that's bad. Everything else has been replaced so I guess those are the only things left.

Thanks again for the help everyone!


----- Original Message -----
From: John Hervey
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 11:17 AM
Subject: RE: [DML] YET another a/c thread!

  Duke, You need to bring it up off idle to have the compressor turning fast
  enough to bring the temp down.
  John Hervey 

  -----Original Message-----
  Subject: [DML] YET another a/c thread!

  Welp, I finally got the a/c installed today
  The temp today in Mobile, Al was roughly 85 degrees and
  at idle, the gauges were reading 40 and 235. However, at idle the best I could get it down to was around 68 degrees


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