A sheepskin seatcover of top quality has been custom made
for the De Lorean seats.  The covers, made of plush one
inch wool, are tanned in a silvergray.

The sheepskin seatcovers are packed and sold as a set of
two covers.

Part Number       Description         Dlr Net     Sug List

A1000100          Sheepskin Covers     296.67      494.44

Parts Department

Leif R. Montin
National Parts Manager


                                          ISSUED 12/4/81


If you think all sheepskins look alike, look at them as we do -
through a magnifying glass.  You'll find precious few that look
like this!

Thousands of tiny coiled
springs in every square

This is the kind of wool growth we need to produce our De Lorean
Sheepskin Seatcover - dense, resilient and upright.  These plush
1" American sheepskin pelts are a rare occurrence in nature, but
well worth looking for.  Because, when you sit on them the sensa-
tion is more like floating than sitting.  Since each individual
hair acts like a tiny coiled spring, your body weight is distrib-
uted evenly over the fleece's surface.  There are no pressure
spots.  And, because air circulates freely through the fleece,
there's no heat or moisture build-up.

Why Sheep Never Get Hot Under The Collar

Our plush sheepskin seatcovers are remarkable.  They absorb
moisture 10 times faster than polyurethane foam, and 20 times
faster than polyester fiber, and they evaporate moisture even
more rapidly. Because the wool fibers are a natural insulator,
you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Quality Craftsmanship

We begin with selected sheepskin pelts which have been carefully
tanned so that the leather is soft and supple, and the wool is
dense, resilient and lustrous.  Each seatcover is crafted from
pelts which have been matched for texture, resilience, and color.
These expertly tailored covers are designed to accentuate the
styling of the De Lorean seat.  They fit snugly around the top,
sides, and bottom of the seat.  Our sheepskin seatcovers will
protect your seat from wear, but will not hide the unique design
of the seat.  A luxurious accessory for the De Lorean Motor Car.