As of V.I.N. 4188, a change was made to a one key system.  The door
locks now have the same tumbler as the ignition and storage compart-
ment.  The key used is the same as the previous ignition key with
the molded plastic head.  Key blanks are available under part num-
ber 109100.

For customers who prefer a lighted key, we have a key blank with a
light under part number A109100.  For earlier door locks (V.I.N. un-
der 4188) a key blank is now available under part number 106244.

The above key blanks can be used for copying on any key copy machine.

Cut keys can be ordered under part numbers:

C109100       Ignition key with molded head
CA109100      Ignition key with lighted head
C106244       Door key (V.I.N. under 4188)

When ordering cut keys, please submit a separate order specifying
the V.I.N. and key code number.

For your information, a key code cutter is available from Curtis
Industries that will enable you to cut the ignition keys as well
as the new door keys by code.  If you are interested in purchasing
the code cutter, the model number is Curtis 19815-15W with cam
kit number 20053.  Contact your local Curtis representative for
price and order information.

Replacement Lock Sets

Complete replacement lock sets are available as follows:

108003, Lock set including:   1 ignition lock, 2 door locks,
                              1 storage compartment lock with 2 keys
110192, Lock set including:   2 door locks with 2 keys

For V.I.N.'s under 4188, door lock sets are still available under
part number 101419, Lock Set. Door LH/RH.

                                             Continued. . . . . .

                                           ISSUED 12/4/81

To replace earlier door locks with the new type, please refer to
Technical Service Bulletin ST-31-12/81 for modification procedures.


Part Number       Description                Dlr Net     Sugg List

106244        Key Blank, illuminated           5.83         9.72
109100        Key Blank, molded head           3.29         5.49
A109100       Key Blank, illuminated           5.83         9.72
C106244       Cut Key, illuminated             8.25        13.78
C109100       Cut Key, molded head             6.25        10.42
CA109100      Cut Key, illuminated             7.92        13.20
101419        Lock Set, Door LH/RH            41.08        68.47
108003        Lock Set, Complete              67.70       112.83
110192        Lock Set, Door LH/RH            31.35        52.25

Parts Department

Leif R. Montin
National Parts Manager