CATEGORY:   Organization

ATTENTION:  Parts Managers

SUBJECT:    Parts Ordering Procedures

Until such time as the volume of parts ordered governs a chance in ordering
procedures, we will attempt to process orders for immediate or following
day shipment.

Types of Orders

Until further notice Parts Orders are classified as Emergency Order or
Non Emergency Order.

Emergency Order

Emergency Orders received by 1:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time will be
processed and shipped the same day.

Emergency Ordered received after 1:00 P.M. will be shipped the following day.

Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) must be given.

Non Emergency Order

Non Emergency Orders will normally be shipped the following day but no later
than two days after being received.


Backorders pertaining to Emergency or Non Emergency Parts Orders will be
shipped as soon as parts are received in Irvine, California.

All unreleased backorders will be listed and sent to the dealers on a
monthly basis.

Backorders may be cancelled upon request.

Released backorders are not subject to cancellation.

All Orders

Parts Orders can be submitted by telephone, TWX or mail.

Dealer is responsible for part number accuracy and dealer code accuracy.


Parts Orders must be submitted with:

Dealer Code number
Dealer Name, City and State
Method of freight (if not stated DMC will choose optimal way of shipment)

All orders are shipped FOB Irvine, California.

Phone and TWX Numbers

DMC Parts Order Office has the following phone and TWX numbers:

714 - 966-1831
800 - 854-6087 Continental U.S.
800 - 432-3545 California only
TWX - 910-595-2487

For calls other than Parts Orders:

714 - 549-4772

DMC Address

De Lorean Motor Company
2055 S.E. Main Street
Irvine, CA  92714

Attention:  Parts Order Dept.

Parts Department

Leif R. Montin
National Parts Manager                                    Issued 9/29/81