CATEGORY:   Organization

ATTENTION:  Parts Managers

SUBJECT:    Request for Return/Credit (RFRC)

All discrepancies such as shortages, wrong part shipped, overages, wrong part
ordered or request for return for whatever reason should be submitted on
DMC Request for Return/Credit form (Part Number F-100002).

All requests covering discrepancies must be submitted within 30 days of
receipt of parts order.

Use dealer explanation field for reasons not covered in the preprinted fields.

Keep Gold copy marked Dealer (last copy) and return the other three to DMC

Authorization copy will be returned to you with DMC approval/disapproval
of return.

If return is authorized, send authorization copy of RFRC as packing list with

Parts returns without prior approval will be rejected and sent back at
dealer expense.

Parts Department

Leif R. Montin
National Parts Manager                                     Issued 9/29/81