BALL JOINTS - STABILIZER BAR MOUNTINGS - V.I.N. 560 - 6650*

DMC is initiating the above-referenced safety campaign because it has been
determined that a safety problem exists in the front suspension.

A.  The stabilizer bar is attached to the lower links and secured by a
    nut at each end.  These nuts may loosen, causing partial or complete
    detachment of the stabilizer bar from the lower link assemblies.  The
    forward mounting brackets for the stabilizer will be serviced at the
    same time.

B.  Each lower ball joint is mounted through the lower link and steering
    knuckles and secured by a nut.  These nuts may loosen, causing partial
    or complete detachment of the ball joints.  The upper ball joints will
    be serviced at the same time.

Enclosed please find:
1.  A copy of the notification letter sent to all De Lorean owners, dated
    November 13, 1981.
2.  Repair and reimbursement instructions.

Parts Supply
A supply of parts, determined by the number of cars DMC shipped to you, is
being shipped free of charge for arrival by November 20.

V.I.N. Listing
A listing of vehicles assigned to your dealership for repair and follow up
showing V.I.N. numbers, owner's names, and addresses will be mailed to you
during the week of November 16.

For further information, please refer to "Dealer Functions" in the DMC Service
Procedures Manual, Section 6, Subsection 02, Page 2.

* As of November 17, 1981, all vehicles will be modified by our Quality
  Assurance Centers prior to shipment to dealers.  However, dealers should
  verify the modification on all vehicles prior to V.I.N. 6650 during
  pre-delivery service.

It is essential to bring this campaign to a rapid conclusion.  We therefore
ask all DMC dealers to actively follow up with all owners in their area and
to repair the vehicles without delay.

Please inform all personnel accordingly.

Lutz Feuerabendt
Technical Service Manager                                     Issued 11/12/81
IMPORTANT -- SAFETY RECALL NOTICE TO ALL DE LOREAN OWNERS: This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. De Lorean Motor Company has determined that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in the front suspension of 1981 De Lorean vehicles. The nuts fastening the stabilizer bar to the lower link and the lower ball joints to the lower link may become loose, possibly resulting in detachment of the stabilizer bar or lower ball joints. If the nuts securing the stabilizer bar become loose, you may notice a pulsation in the front of the car when the brakes are applied or hear clunking noises from the front suspension. If the nuts securing the ball joints become loose, you may hear similar noises. If you notice such pulsation or hear such noises, stop the car or proceed with extreme caution to the nearest De Lorean facility. Failure to heed these warnings can result in vehicle crash or loss of control. De Lorean Motor Company will correct the defect without charge by repair of the front suspension at any authorized De Lorean dealer. The stabi- lizer bar nuts will be replaced with pairs of locking nuts, supporting brackets will be augmented, and the ball joint nuts will be secured by the installation of pins through the ball joint shafts. The estimated repair labor time is one hour. Contact your dealer immediately to arrange a repair appointment. Dealers will receive necessary parts and instructions on November 20, 1981. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, or if you no longer own your De Lorean, please notify us immediately. Call 800-854-3088, toll-free. If you believe that De Lorean Motor Company or your dealer has failed or is unable to remedy the defect without charge or within a reasonable time, you may submit a complaint to the Adminis- trator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C. 20590, or you may call the toll free Auto Safety Hotline at 800-424-9393 (Washington, D.C. area residents call 426-0123). Sincerely, DE LOREAN MOTOR COMPANY RA-0001 11/13/81
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                     SAFETY RECALL CAMPAIGN RA-0001

To perform the following operations Kit No. 109239 is provided consisting of:

       4 Nuts                  SP 10179      Ball Joints

       4 Split Pins            SP 10340      Ball Joints

       2 Plates                110678        Stabilizer Bar

       2 Nuts                  SP 10050      Stabilizer Bar Nut Thin

       2 Nuts                  SP 10330      Stabilizer Bar Nut Thick

       4 Locking Tab Washers   110686        Stabilizer Bar Bracket

                     REPAIR PROCEDURE - BALL JOINTS
FIGURE 1 NOTE: ANY WORN OR DAMAGED PARTS OBSERVED DURING THE REPAIR OPERATION MUST BE REPLACED. 1. Place the vehicle on suitable hoist. 2. Raise hoist to waist high and remove both front wheels. 3. Turn steering wheel to full right-hand lock. CAUTION: SAFETY SUPPORT LOWER CONTROL ARM BEFORE PERFORMING STEP 4. 4. Remove left-hand existing ball joint upper and lower retaining nuts and discard.
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5.  Install castellated nuts Part No. SP 10179 to upper and lower ball joint.
    Torque to 50NM (37 ft/lbs.)

6.  Using slots in nuts as a guide, drill 3.3mm hole through the ball joint's
    threaded studs.

7.  Remove metal shavings.

8.  Insert split pins Part No. SP 10340 3mm x 26mm.  Bend the pin ends - lower
    portion over nut and top portion over ball joint thread.

9.  Repeat procedure for right-hand side upper and lower ball joints.


FIGURE 2 1. Raise hoist to full height. 2. Remove (one at a time) left and right-hand stabilizer bar bracket retaining bolts. NOTE: DO NOT DISCARD BRACKETS ON FASTENERS. 3. Install reinforcement bracket Part No. 110678 over the existing bracket. 4. Install lock tab, lock washer and bolt as shown in Figure 2 (using existing lock washer and bolts). 5. Torque bolts to 35NM (26 ft/lbs). 6. Bend locking tabs as per Figure 2.
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FIGURE 3 1. Remove existing nylock nut and discard. 2. Clean stabilizer bar threads. 3. Coat stabilizer bar threads with Stud-N-Bearing Mount Loctite or Stud-N- Bearing Mount Permatex. Install thin nut Part No. SP 10050 and torque to 60NM (44 ft/lbs). 4. Recoat remainder of the thread with Stud-N-Bearing Mount Loctite or Stud-N-Bearing Mount Permatex and install thick nut Part No. SP 10330 and torque to 90NM (68 ft/lbs). When performing Step 4, ensure that the thin nut doesn't rotate. 5. With red paint, color code all areas of rework: top and bottom ball joints, right and left-hand front stabilizer bar mountings, rear stabilizer bar mountings. 6. Lower hoist to waist level, mount road wheels and torque to specification 80NM (59 ft/lbs).
FIGURE 4 7. Lower vehicle to ground. Raise engine cover and apply a red paint dot, for identification purposes, to the engine firewall, approximately 2 inches to left of engine cover stay. (See Figure 4.)
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Complete a DMC General Service Transaction for each vehicle.  (See Service
Procedures Manual, Section 4, Subsection 08, Page 1 and 2 for general

Enter Specifically

Transaction Code       Line B-1        30
Campaign Code          Line B-12       RA-0001   4   Vehicle Inspected and
Campaign Code          Line B-12       RA-0001   5   Vehicle Scrapped - Total
Campaign Code          Line B-12       RA-0001   6   Owner Does Not Comply
                                                     Dealer Follow Up

Labor Operation Number                 00510 - Time - 0.7
                                       No Entry-Supplied Free of Charge