SERVICE ACTION SA 0002

In certain geographical areas such as valleys, high buildings,
distances from stations, etc., radio reception of selected stations
may be impeded.  To improve radio reception in such areas, an
outside, fender-mounted antenna (DMC Part #A5000001) may be
installed by following the attached instructions.

To those De Lorean owners who live or travel in these areas, the
above antenna and its installation may be offered free of charge.

For reimbursement instructions, refer to the attachments.

NOTE:  The antenna installation should not be performed without
       the De Lorean owner's permission.

Please inform all personnel concerned.


Lutz Feuerabendt
Technical Service Manager


                                                     ISSUED 7/21/81


                            FENDER MOUNTED ANTENNA


1.  Raise luggage compartment cover.

2.  Using a hole saw, locate and drill a 1" diameter hole in the top
    of the right front fender approximately 4" from the rear of the
    fender.  (See figure 1).

3. After cutting through the fender, continue to cut into the composite underbody approximately 1" deep as measured from the fender. (See inset - figure 2).
4. Using the hole saw, shave off the composite underbody away from the inboard 1/3 ridge of the hole cut in step 3 to obtain necessary clearance for antenna installation. (See figure 2). To properly seal this drilled hole, coat the inside of the drilled area with Dow-Corning Sealastic Sealant/Adhesive (Dow Part #732). Also see step 8.


5.  Working inside the vehicle and using a hole saw, drill a 1" hole in
    the triangular shaped recess area located above both the carpet and
    body seam of the right kick panel.  (See figure 3).

    Notice:  Care should be exercised when drilling to avoid damaging
             the front fender.

    Caution:  This hold should be located far enough forward to avoid
              performing the exposed door jam area.
6. Route the antenna's cable into the fender (as illustrated in figure 1) and towards the direction of the hole drilled in the right kick panel. Notice: Care should be exercised when routing the cable not to "trap" the cable under the antenna's mounting braces. 7. Working inside the vehicle, guide the cable through the hole drilled in the kick panel area with an appropriate tool. Draw enough cable through the hole to eliminate excessive cable slack inside the fender area. 8. Before positioning and securing the antenna assembly on the fender, completely fill the drilled antenna hole in the composite underbody with Dow-Corning Sealastic Sealant/Adhesive (Dow Part #732). (Obtain locally).


 9.  Position the antenna's mounting braces as illustrated in figure 1
     and secure antenna as illustrated in figure 2.

10.  Working inside vehicle, route and secure cable to radio assembly.

11.  Unplug windshield antenna and plug fender-mounted antenna cable.

12.  Seal the hole in the kick panel area (with cable routed) with a
     standard 1" grommet.

13.  Test radio for AM and FM reception.

14.  Clean up vehicle as required.


Complete and submit Service Transaction General Form with entries on:

Line A     3 through 16 (self explanatory)

Line B1    Enter 30
Line B2    See general instructions - Bulletin SW-01
Line B12   Enter SA-0002

Labor      .50 time units = (30 min.)

Parts      A5000001 (Antenna) = $5.56

Parts      W-200001 (Materials) = $1.70 (sealant/grommet)