Attached please find the instructions for repairs and re-
finishing of the front or rear facias.

The soft facias of the DE LOREAN vehicle are made of
polyurethane material which require special repair and re-
finishing methods.

The attached instructions contain the paint formula using
R-M (Rinshed - Mason) products.  Paint formulas of other
suppliers will be made available as soon as we receive them.

Please inform all personnel concerned accordingly.


Lutz Feuerabendt
Technical Service Manager



                                                 ISSUED: 9/2/81

                                                            BULLETIN ST-13-9/81



1.   Distortions:

     Facias must be installed tension free.  If necessary, the mounting
     points/surfaces of the body or facias must be reworked.

2.   Heavy Damages:

     Multiple or large tears, or torn out pieces, require the replacement
     of the facia.

3.   Cracks, Tears, Scratches, Gouges:

     a.  Cracks/Tears - Can be repaired by bonding using 3M-8101
         construction glue.

     b.  Minor Scratches/Gouges - Involving the surface paint coat only,
         can be repaired as follows:  Using 400 paper (wet), color sand
         until scratch is removed.

         If necessary, to provide a good painting surface, spray and sand
         the area using the color coat material.  (See Refinishing.)

     c.  Major Scratches/Gouges - Using coarse sandpaper, prepare the
         area to be repaired.  The area must also be free of oil/grease.
         Build up material as necessary using 3M-8101 construction glue.
         If a layered build up is required, allow approximately one hour
         between applications.

         Wet sand the repaired area starting with 200 sandpaper and then
         with 400-600 sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface.

         If necessary, to provide a good painting surface, spray and sand
         the area using the color coat material.  (See Refinishing.)


                                                            BULLETIN ST-13-9/81

                           PROCEDURES (Continued)


Depending on the size or location of the required area(s), either spot/area
painting or complete repainting of the facia may be necessary.  The following
steps apply to either approach:

1.   Thoroughly remove all greases, dirt, wax, and other contaminants
     from the area to be painted with RM 900 Precleano.

2.   Wet sand with 400 paper.

3.   Repeat Step 1.

     NOTE:  Be sure to remove all hard water residue if water sanding
            is used.

4.   Apply Alpha-Cryl Lacquer color coat.

                          RM (RINSHED MASON) FORMULA

                               PNT -  90 -  100

                                AT - 141 -  253

                                AT - 114 -  348

                                AT - 116 -  428

                                AT - 184 -  434

                                AT - 122 -  440

                                AT - 100 - 1000

                                     891 - See Label Directions (Flex Agent)

5.   Allow Alpha-Cryl color to dry a minimum of two hours (16 hours for
     maximum gloss at 70-72° F.).

     NOTE:  A minimum of two hours is required before Step 6 is performed.

6.   For the high gloss finish, apply RM 893 2K Clear / 894 2K Hardener
     per label directions.