If an abnormally high coolant water temperature is observed in
heavy traffic conditions, check for the correct installation of
the cooling fan and interior blower fan circuit breakers and for
the correct rotation of the cooling fans.

1.  Pull back the rear shelf carpet, and remove the RH electrical
    compartment access panel.

    Both circuit breakers are located as shown below:

Check to ensure that the cooling fan circuit breakers are in the position as shown (Position A). Check to ensure that the blower fan circuit breaker is in the position as shown (Position B). Continued... Issued 10/26/81

Service Bulletin
High Coolant Temperature
Page 2

     The amperage rating is stamped on the top face of each unit,
     opposite its terminal base, and may be observed after pulling
     the circuit breaker from its retaining clip with the wires
     still attached.

     If necessary, transpose the two units, and check that the wires
     are connected as in the diagram.


Take great care that no fingers or clothing are caught in the fans.
Remember that with the ignition switched on, the fans are liable to
start without warning.

2.   From beneath the car, with the cooling fans running (bypass thermal
     switch if necessary) check that both fans are drawing air from
     front to rear, i.e., air can be felt blown onto the hand held
     behind each fan.

     If either fan is found to rotate in the reverse direction, transpose
     the two wires in its connector block and retest.

Please inform all personnel accordingly.

Lutz Feuerabendt
Technical Service Manager