As of V.I.N. 4539 DMC vehicles will come equipped with a new Motorola
Alternator Part No. 110101.

The previous Alternator Part No. 102425 will no longer be available
as a unit.  However, existing stock should be used up on vehicles up
to V.I.N. 4539.

If alternator replacement becomes necessary on vehicles prior to
V.I.N. 4539, the alternator mounting and wiring must be modified
according to the attached instructions.

Please inform your personnel accordingly.

Lutz Feuerabendt
Warranty Manager


                                                        Issued 11/24/81
                                                          Service Bulletin ST-26-11/81
                                                          Attachment - Page 1

              MOTOROLA TYPE 90A ALTERNATOR PART NO. 110101

         Fitting Instructions on Vehicles Prior to V.I.N. 4539

Required Parts

1.  Alternator               Part No. 110101
2.  Alternator Bracket       Part No. 110102
3.  Alternator Belt          Part No. 102442
4.  Six (6) Inch Vacuum Hose Part No. 102712
5.  M5 x 80 Hex Nut          Local Supply
6.  M8 x 125 Hex Nut                 "
7.  5mm Flat Washer                  "
8.  8mm Lock Washer                  "
9.  Small Crimp-on Electrical Eyelet "
Instructions 1. Disconnect battery. 2. Remove existing alternator and bracket. 3. Cut off original alternator plug. (See Figure A.) 4. Remove harness sheathing back to 1 inch before oil pressure sender break out to exposing brown wire and brown/yellow tracer wire.
                                                           Service Bulletin ST-26-11/81
                                                           Attachment - Page 2

 Motorola Type 90A Alternator
 Page 2

 Instructions (Continued)

 5.  Cut back brown wire to remaining harness sheathing.

 6.  Disconnect blue engine harness plug (Figure B.) and cut back brown wire
     to sheathing.

 7.  Drill out eyelets of brown wires to 8 mm (charging wires B+).

 8.  Using excess piece of vacuum hose Part No. 102712, cut to 6 inches in length
     and sleeve over brown/yellow wire.

 9.  Re-route brown/yellow wire with hose through aperture between muffler bracket
     and valve cover (parallel oil sending wire).

10.  Fit new eyelet to brown/yellow wire.

11.  Re-tape main harness with electrical tape.

12.  Fig the Motorola Type 90A Alternator using the modified adjusting bracket
     Part No. 110102 which is fitted in reverse position to the original bracket
     i.e., adjusting or slide portion to be bolted to the engine crankcase, fixed
     end of the bracket to the alternator end cover.

13.  Reconnect brown/yellow wire to D+ terminal of alternator.

14.  Reconnect brown charging wires to B+ terminal of alternator.

15.  Fit new alternator drive belt Part No. 102442 and adjust tension.

16.  Ensure all connections are secure at alternator.

17.  Reconnect the blue engine harness plug.

18.  Reconnect battery.

19.  Ensure that the battery is in good condition and fully charged.

20.  Start engine and perform alternator output check.

Operation Numbers and Time

R & R Alternator - O.P. #32002    Time .4
Modify Harness     O.P. #32009    Time .4 (Up to V.I.N. 4539 only)