We are listing clubs and events below that are either directly DeLorean-related or of interest to DeLorean owners and enthusiasts. Please submit items for this page to webowner(AT)

Listed in no particular order, since they are named after states, countries, cities, regions. 

Updated 06/18/10

Stainless Wings - DeLorean Club of France


Address  France

Contact Raphael Ferdani

Free forum with technical how-to's and restaurant articles

Back To The Future Portal and DeLorean Association Italy


DeLorean Mid-Atlantic
Contact membership(at)
DeLorean Midatlantic


Serving Pennsylvania, Central and Southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Northern Maryland. Monthly events April through December. Complimentary annual door adjustment tech-social in the spring with complimentary safety check, usually by Rob Grady of P. J. Grady, Inc., PARTS INTERCHANGE LIST, Membership List (we have members from as far away as Florida, California, and Japan). Newsletter.

Dues: $15/year. Additional information and membership information available at

Ontario DeLorean Owners Club

ODOC is dedicated to keeping the dream alive for DeLorean Owners and Enthusiasts alike…

keeping Ontario and surrounding area owners and enthusiasts up to date with local meets, car shows and other points of interest! 





DeLorean Owners of Texas

Web info at
Formerly DeLorean Owners Association Chapter 9. Open to all DeLorean owners and enthusiasts worldwide, but primarily centered around Southeast Texas and Lousiana.

Interim Director
James Espey james(at)

Mid-South Delorean Motor Club MSDMC

An informal and dues-free club for owners in  TN, KY, AL, GA, NC, SC, and VA

For info email  webmaster(at) 

Web Info at

Northern California DeLorean Motor Club (NCDMC)

Email  kenm(AT)

Web Info at

The very first owners club to form for the DeLorean was the 'DeLorean Motor Club of Northern California' in 1982, while DMC was still producing cars. The NCDMC re-establishes this club for the entire Northern California area. The club currently has no dues or officers. To join, see our website and join our E-groups mail list.

Mid-State DeLorean Club (Illinois/Central states)

Email  clubinfo(AT)

Web Info at
Mid-State DeLorean Club
PO Box 3792
Bloomington, IL  61702-3792

Our group is currently centered in the South-Central Illinois area, but is open to anyone with an interest in the DeLorean automobile. We currently have members located throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Ohio.

The club is very informal, with no dues charged for membership. We do not have elected club officials, although the three people listed below are currently coordinating events and distributing information to the members.

Micah Fryman - nocoke2(AT)
Marty Maier - wingd2(AT)
Mark Noeltner - mark(AT)

AZ-D: Arizona DeLorean Club

Randal W. Brown, Pres.       Matthew P. Olans, VeeP
19420 N 61st Ave                956 South Roca Street
Glendale AZ 85308              Gilbert, AZ  85296
Phone: 623-362-1762          Phone: 480-497-7252       
FAX:   623-362-2035          FAX:   480-813-9779

Membership open to owners and enthusiasts from all over the world. Currently serving the state of Arizona (to include the Phoenix area, Tucson, Casa Grande, Prescott Valley, and Flagstaff) as well as our new members in Las Vegas.  Come join us for any of our events!

DeLorean Club of Michigan

Delorean owners and enthusiasts now have a place to meet other Delorean fans. Delorean Michigan is a very casual club.  No dues or fees required to join, just send us your e-mail address and info about your car, if you have one. Find out more at our homepage (above)

Email to Erik Geerdink at deloreanmich(AT)

DeLorean Club of Oregon
Formerly DeLorean Owners Association Chapter 41
Knut Grimsrud
48009 SW Morel Ln.
Forest Grove, OR 97116

(503) 264-8419

DeLorean Midwest Connection (Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana)
Contact Tony Swann - information on the club website

DeLorean Club Deutschland
Adrian Roth
Ahornweg 11
88637 Buchheim



Tel 0047-7777-1349

Fax 0047-7777-920950

Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club
Arnie Brandon, President
12839 SE 45th Place
Bellevue, WA 98006
(425) 746-6132

Delorean Club Netherlands
Mario Perotti, President
Tureluur 3
1722 HG Zuid Scharwoude
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)226 317577
Fax: +31 (0)226 32 00 50

Ohio DeLorean Club

Membership is open to anyone who has any interest in the DeLorean marque regardless of physical Ohio state boundaries.

Mike Substelny, President


Cleveland OH

Iowa Delorean Owners Club

Dave Sly
801 Onyx Circle
Ames, Iowa 50010

The Southeastern DeLorean Owner's Club
The Southeastern DeLorean Owners Club was formed in July of 1986 and is the largest DeLorean owners club in the southeastern United States.

President: John Jordan

SDS (Svenska Delorean Sallskapet) Sweden
Sverker Lundgren, President
+46-141-572 00 (Motala, Sweden)

DeLorean Norway

Stian Birkeland

PO Box 87

N-4401 Flekkefjord



Telephone +(47) 924 17 104

Email contact delorean(AT)

The Norwegian DeLorean Owners Association is open for both owners and enthusiasts. There is no membership fee, and anyone can join. 

The DeLorean Owners Club ( UK)

Secretary, (Contact Person)
Chris Williams, 

tel: 07915 673889 (UK)

E-mail: secretary(AT)




The DeLorean Owner's Association

DeLorean Owners Association


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