Care & Feeding - What an Interested Buyer Should Examine

These cars are 15 years old, and its just like buying any used car out there today..., there are some that are falling apart, and there are some that have been well maintained. One of the biggest problem showing up today is fuel contamination in the vehicle. With people storing their cars for a long period, and the fuel sitting at the tank eating away the plastic and rubber components creates harmful ingredients to the fuel system, causing the entire system to be contaminated. The worst thing you can do to a car that has been sitting for a long time with contaminated fuel is fire up the engine and circulate the gas through your system. There are other things to look for, which I will write down in more detail when I get a chance.

The DeLorean Mailing List is a good place to get information on the problems facing current owners and to get advice for first-time buying. I believe a common faults FAQ is being produced as a result of the list traffic.